I did this post earlier on this year about our inspire and create hashtag on Instagram. Since then, we’ve reached over 5,000 entries which is just wonderful, and we’ve expanded our own communities too. I wanted to check in with my fellow creatives and they were kind enough to answer a few questions I had to ask them!

Ghazal (herdaintydays)

  1. What is your number one app for Instagram? Snapseed is my go to app. There is not a single photo on my grid that didn’t get processed in Snapseed. A quick light fix, adjustments on selected areas only. It all got covered!
  2. Do you have any rules or posting schedules that you follow? Instagram helps you with your ideal posting time. If I’m honest, I’m irregular since I’m a mum but posting at my ‘right’ time makes a lot of difference on reach.
  3. Do you have any Instagram story tips? I like my feed cohesive but my stories are random and unfiltered. Raw and full of life. Basically everything that can’t make it on the feed will come on my stories. Highly recommend to use all Instagram’s features to interact with your followers better.

Amy (imagineamy)

  1. What inspires you and the photos you take for Instagram? For me, other creatives on Instagram inspire me. I also get inspiration from books, films, nature and music.
  2. What is your number one app for Instagram? I use Photoshop the most for my edits. I also like Snapseed, Lightroom and BokehCamFX for added magic.
  3. How do we get over creative block? I regularly have to have a break for posting because I have to fill my creative cup back up. I take the pressure off and take photos for fun not with any images in mind. I watch tutorials online and learn new skills just for fun and have a play! If I’m not in the mood just going for a walk or listening to music and doing fun creative things with Dylan my son gets me back in the creative mood. His imagination inspires me. I also scroll Pinterest for ideas too!


Ali (homewiththebuckleys)

  1. How do we get over creative block? I get creative blocks all the time. I find creativity is like a muscle, if I don’t keep using it, it gets weak. The best way to get over the creative fear is to just start. Start small. Take a photo of something simple and see where it takes me. I find that practical doing is better than planning.
  2. Christmas is coming up! Any tips for a creative photo? Christmas is the time for all things sparkle. Fairy lights and bokeh on everything in my opinion. I love adding sparkly layers to even the simplest of photos. Also, the pallet changes and becomes more dark and moody, I love that too!
  3. Do you have any Instagram story tips? Stories can be an intimidating place. And story fear is real! I tend to keep stories as true to me and my real life as possible. For me that’s what works best and resonates with my viewers. So my biggest tips are 1. Do what feels comfortable (you don’t have to talk to camera to do great stories) 2. Mix photos and videos through your day 3. Keep them dynamic with gifs, doodles, music or even use an outside app like ‘Unfold’ to create something that stands out.

    Sarah (sarah.simple.moments)

    1. What inspires you and the photos you take for Instagram? My kids inspire me. I want to create a magical world for them, even if it’s only on my photos. According to recent research, now at an earlier age children cease to believe in miracles. It’s very sad, and I want my kids to believe in magic and miracles for aslong as possible.
    2. Engagement can be up and down on Instagram. How can we not let it bother us? It’s a tough question. It’s hard not to look at those numbers, but if you find your tribe and friends here, you can always ask them to make a shoutout for you or to show some love to a post that gained less likes or comments. The creative community is very kind and supportive, so don’t hesitate to ask for help and support.
    3. Who’s your favourite person to follow on Instagram right now? I thought the second question was hard, this is even harder! I can’t choose one, all the profiles I follow I love! They are all unique and different. One of my rules that I teach and do it too is that you should only follow those people whose work really inspires you and you really love.


I hope you enjoyed this post and gained a few helpful Instagram tips along the way! If you want to follow me over on Instagram, I’m here and please have a look at the lovely ladies profiles above too.

I can’t believe I’ve done 20 happy things post now, but they are still my favourite to write and put together, so hopefully you like reading them too.

#1 Winter Wonderland. The last time I went was years ago, so I really enjoyed going back last weekend with Dan, my sister and baby nephew. It felt so festive!!

#2 Nutella crepes! Nutella is my kryptonite, I don’t even have it allowed in our house (true story), but I treated myself to a Nutella crepe at Winter Wonderland and I legit haven’t stopped thinking about it since.

#3 Watching Christmas films. I watched my first cheesy Netflix film this week and as I’m writing this, I’m currently on my second 😀

#4 My gorgeous floof, Harvey! 

#5 Looking after my nephew for the day. I’ve never looked after him for a full day before, but it was great and he was so so good! I loved it.

#6 Yin yoga.

#7 Creating Christmas images on my InstagramOnly one has gone live so far, but there’s lots and lots to come! I’ve had so much fun creating them.

#8 Good books. I’m currently reading ‘Before I Go to Sleep’ and it is SO GOOD!

#9 Advent calendars. Chocolate for breakfast every day, please and thank you.

#10 Decorating the tree! One word = obsessed.


What’s made you happy lately?

It only feels like two minutes ago I wrote my November goals so I can’t believe we’re here already! The last month of 2019, wow. I definitely want to do some reflection posts so they will be coming soon I’m sure, but for todays post lets see how I did with last months goals.


Practice piano. I’ve really enjoyed spending lots of time on the piano this month. I want to finish the book I’m on and start the second one. I find it so rewarding seeing improvement in something you’ve been practising, and it’s a hobby I really enjoy! When I think of when I first started to learn, I’ve come a long way!

Appreciate free time when it comes. This time of year always feels more busy than the rest, but I’ve definitely appreciated the free time when I had it. I’ve stayed indoors, read my book and I even watched a Netflix movie the other weekend too! (I had the attention span of a fish so I don’t watch loads of movies!)

Start shopping (and be more mindful with it!) I’ve nearly finished my Christmas shopping and that feels SO GOOD to say! I’ve definitely tried to be more mindful, and when I’ve struggled for ideas, I’ve asked people what they might like- that way they aren’t getting stuff they won’t like or need!



Keep calm. This time of year can sometimes feel very overwhelming, so I definitely want to keep calm, and do lots more slow yoga and meditation. Keep checking in on myself, more journalling, and lots of positive affirmations.

Embrace the festivities! We will be on holiday for a week so I hope I still feel as festive as I normally do! I want to read some Christmas books, and watch all the movies. Operation Christmas, commence 🙂

Think about exciting plans for 2020. I’ve a few ideas of the things I’d like to do in 2020 (bedroom re-decoration, Instagram plans, holidays) so I want to brainstorm a little with Dan and see what we can come up with! I’d love a city break in the Spring/Summer next year.


Do you have any goals for December?

I’ve realised I haven’t done a book post in ages, and even though if you follow my book Instagram account you will of probably seen many of these before, but I wanted to chat a bit more in depth on here than I can in a short caption.

THE BONE CLOCKS- Woah, this was a super long read and quite a difficult one to get your head around too. Even now, I’m not fully sure I understand the whole thing. It was very complex! That being said, I did enjoy it and especially the second half I was really into and I was totally rooting for the main character.

THE DAY WE MEET AGAIN- This book completely broke me! Oosh, I wish I could go back and read it again for the first time. It was just beautiful. If you like romantic novels, please read it! It’s definitely one of the best ones I’ve read in that genre.

THE KEEPER OF LOST THINGS- I completely adored this book! It had a similar vein to The Cactus (another one I loved) and it’s now one of my 5 star reads. It’s a gorgeous story so I’d definitely recommend picking it up. It kind of made me feel really nostalgic in a good way too.

ONE  HUNDRED NAMES- I was totally drawn to this book by the blurb, and it didn’t disappoint! A story about one journalist on the hunt for an unknown story involving 100 people, I was hooked the whole way through and now I want to read lots more from Cecilia Ahern.

HOW TO STOP TIME- I’m new to Matt Haig’s book, but I loved the sound of this one. Now, there were definitely parts I liked and others not so much, but I did find the overall vibe of this really a bit depressing? Maybe it’s just me, but I think it kind of went into a bit too much detail, although maybe I’m just particularly sensitive right now. I’m going to pass it on to my dad because it is a very clever story, I just wished it was a bit more heavier on the magic, and less on the emotional side of things.


Have you read any of these?

I can’t believe we’re at the last week of November, I’m sure everyone says that but it’s true. This year has gone so fast and even though this post isn’t really a ‘reflection’ post, it’s definitely had its good and bad moments that’s for sure. Anyway, before I get all reflective we still have about 6 weeks left of 2019, so here’s how I’m planning on spending it..


We’re going on holiday at the beginning of December and I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE SOME SUNSHINE (hopefully!). We last went away in February, which feels approx 92716 years ago, so I’m really looking forward to it. 5 days on the sun-lounger, reading my books, and just generally chilling out. We don’t have any holidays booked for 2020, but I’d love to go somewhere new we haven’t been before, even if it’s just a city break.


The festive period is always kinda stressful, but this year I’m planning on doing a lot more resting and recouping, ready for the new year to start with a bang. I do love this cosy season, and that you feel less guilty when it’s 5pm and you have no more plans for the evening! I always say time spent at home is my favourite, and that’s true.


I’ve had a real offline weekend this past weekend and I didn’t know just how much I needed it! I spent lots of time with family and it was so nice to not be constantly staring at my phone. Definitely want more of those in these next 6 weeks and counting!


We are going to London next weekend for some festive fun, and I can’t wait to feel in the Christmas spirit! It’s slowly creeping up on me and we will be putting our tree up soon- I want it up for a while before we go away! I can’t wait to get stuck into those cheesy Christmas films on Netflix too. Bring it on!


How’s the rest of the year looking for you?