There’s a bunch of books on my TBR list, so today I thought I’d share them with you! I actually haven’t been reading as much I as have been, but I’m sure that will get back on track soon.

I’ve got this one setting on my bookshelf for the last few weeks. It’s apparently quite heavy but a fascinating read, so I haven’t reached for it quite yet as I prefer light reads at the moment, but I want to start it soon!

I loved Emily’s first novel, Beach Read (I actually gave it 4 stars but in hindsight it was definitely 5) that much last year that I really want to re-read it, so I’m highly anticipating her next book.

I’m a massive fan of Beth O Learys! I really enjoyed The Flatshare, but I absolutely LOVED The Switch (her second novel). This one sounds just as good as the other ones, so I’m hoping it lives up to my high expectations!

I’ve heard such amazing things about this book that I know it’s going to just be great. Again, it sounds like quite a heavy and emotional read so I haven’t downloaded it just yet. I think it’s going to be fascinating though.

I love Taylor as an author, and I’m pretty sure I’ve read every single one of her books baring maybe one. I love the way she writes and makes every novel a real page-turner. This book is described as the perfect beach read, with the emotional depth of the ocean- sounds incredible to me!

Have you read any of these?


I love the month of April. I mean, it’s partly because it involves my birthday and actually a lot of other family members too, but also because Spring is well and truly in the air, and we usually have some gorgeous sunny days too to enjoy.


Embrace the local area. To be honest, this isn’t really something I’ve done *that* much of, because I have been busy with other things which I’m about to tell you shortly. Although I have been trying to mix it up with my dog walks and try little different routes. I’m sure when everything fully opens back up I can venture somewhere different.

Try new things. I’ve made ways in starting a new career this last month, which has been a massive life change for me, but something I’m so passionate and happy about! This month I’ve also been doing lots of punch needling, embroidery, knitting, running, and zooms too.

Get a broader range of meals. I’d say another tick in the bag for this one. Being vegan and not living in a large city my options sometimes feel somewhat limited, but where I can I’ve been discovering new snacks (hello loveraw cream wafers, basically a vegan kinder bueno) and I also had a go at an Hello Fresh meal which *newsflash* I actually really enjoyed cooking. Maybe I’ll have to look into it for another month…


Launch my newsletter. Incase you missed the last post, I’m launching a monthly newsletter! It will be like a blog post, Instagram grid, Instagram story and youtube vlog all rolled into one… with me in it of course. If you’d like to sign up before I send out the first months, theres a box for you to pop your email in at the bottom of the page (just make sure you scroll down to the bottom!)

Celebrate my birthday. With it only being a week away today, I’m starting to think and plan about what I want to do with my day, especially because restrictions are still in place at the moment. I’m thinking a morning run, a takeaway evening from a restaurant, a zoom craft date with my sister and maybe a movie afternoon with my mum!

Keeping up the good work. I’ve made some really great changes this past month and you know what, I’m proud of myself!!! Building good habits and foundations has really helped me stay positive, such as being organised, booking in fun things to look forward to, and doing things I want to do that might seem scary (see: potential new job, newsletter, etsy shop). This month all I want to do is keep going at it!

Do you have any goals for April?


This year seems to involve lots of changes for me, both personally and creatively.

You might of noticed the change online if you follow me on Instagram, I’m really focusing my energies lately into my prints and somewhat, trying to level up everything a little bit. This is something that is really special to me, and it’s important that I take it seriously because I truly do believe in it.

I believe in my art, and I want to share it with the world.

What this blog post is actually about though, is my new newsletter!

I’ve always loved reading newsletters from my favourite creators, and I had the idea to create one probably about a year ago, but I couldn’t decide how or what I wanted to include into it.

After lots of brainstorming, researching and thinking, I’ve decided on a format that feels right to me.

It will go out every month, and heres what it will include;

  • a short personal letter from me
  • behind the images
  • before and after’s
  • monthly recommendations
  • pictures of my prints in customers homes
  • the first month will have an EXCLUSIVE Etsy discount code…
  • ….and each month will have something secret in it too which I haven’t mentioned anywhere yet! (if you remember my vlogs on youtube years ago you might like it- hint hint)

If you’d like to sign up before the first one goes live, theres a little box at the bottom of this website where you can pop your email. See you there!


Now that Spring is here, the end of lockdown is nigh, I’m really starting to look ahead at things I can look forward to again. With everything hopefully opening back up, the possibilities suddenly seem bright again, and everything feels that much more hopeful. For today’s post, heres a bunch of things I’m excited to do…

  • Joining a gym. I really want to take some gym classes now the evenings are getting lighter, and mix up my workout routine. With that also comes..
  • Swimming! Me and my dad can. not. wait to be able to be back in the pool again, this water baby is so ready for it.
  • Keep crafting. I’m really into punch needling at the moment and I’ve got a few kits on the way to do as gifts for people too.
  • Canvas art. I’ve got a particular image in my head of something I want to create on canvas, and hopefully we can put it in our home afterwards.
  • Meeting new people. I’ve been chatting to a few lovely ladies on the Bumble BFF app, so I’m hoping that when lockdown is over we can meet up for a dog walk or a coffee.
  • Growing my Etsy store. I’m thinking of adding a few more prints to my store, and I really want to learn more about the marketing of Etsy as it’s so new to me.
  • Longer runs. I haven’t done more than a 5k run for months now, as I feel like I haven’t really had the stamina for longer distance at the moment, but I want to get back into it because I do love that type of running in particular.
  • Family time. Hopefully we can start celebrate birthdays again as a family and planning in some fun things to do together when lockdown is over.
  • New job opportunity. In my personal life, I’m in the middle of changing careers, with a new job change which could be happening in Autumn. It’s been nerve-wracking as it’s so new to me, but extremely fufilling.

What are you looking forward to?


As the title suggests, I’ve posted Every. Single. Day. on Instagram this year. A few months ago I probably wouldn’t of believed you, I used to post 3-4 times a week MAXIMUM. So, whats changed?

The planning of my content is *key*. It’s a personal thing, but for me I like to make sure I’m 8-9 images ahead of myself. (Yep, that much!). If I posted everyday and only had 1 or 2 images ready in the background, I would get super stressed out and most likely, end up posting something I wasn’t happy with. This is just what works for me, but it means that I’m able to keep ahead of my schedule and take time to create images I’m really proud of.

For one of the days every week, I post a reel. So *technically* that isn’t a photo. Something I also do is re-post some of my older images that I still like. (Although I’m running out of those now!)

After I posted everyday in December up until Christmas, I noticed immediately how much it helped my account grow, and more importantly, just how much I enjoyed it. I felt like I was truly a part of the app and it wasn’t just something I did on an evening whilst watching TV. I really started to grow my own little community on there, and I loved having something to focus on throughout the day that I can work on that’s for myself and my creativity. When December’s challenge was up, I created #100creative squares. 100 posts in a row. I’m currently (as I’m typing this) on day 69, so we’re coming into the home-stretch now.

I’m unsure what I’ll do after my 100 day project, but I would say I am erring on the side of continuing to post. It’s a great thing for me that I really benefit from. But I’m not definite on that just yet!

Instagram can be quite tiring, but I’m not on it all day everyday. I check it about 3-4 times a day for a longer period of time, rather than popping in and out every hour. The most exhausting part is making sure I keep on schedule and that means I usually have to create a post every other day at least, and sometimes when I don’t have any ideas that day it can be tricky.

I have certain things that I know work for me when I’m not feeling creative. So I either go one or two ways, the first is having a little break. Usually for a day or two and I find that my creative juices soon come back and I get inspiration for new ideas. Other ways that help my creative block is finding other people online who inspire me, and lots of Pinterest scrolling. I also like going back to look at previous ideas and how I can make them better.

Okaaaay guys, that turned into quite a long post! Turns out I must have had a lot to say on the subject, which hopefully you enjoyed reading.

Do you post everyday on Instagram?

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