#1 Nephew snuggles! I’m fresh back from a few days at London with lots of nephew cuddling, the dream! He’s growing so quickly already and he is just the most scrumptious little boy.

#2 Our new hashtag. I’m teamed up with some creative ladies to start our own hashtag loop, inspire_and_create which is filling up with loads of amazing photography. I won’t talk about it too much because hopefully there’s a post coming soon all about it!

#3 Running. I’m really enjoying running again, and this time I’ve took the pressure off myself too. I’m doing it for enjoyment and me-time, so I try to get in one or two a week, and the main thing to me is that I get out there and do it.

#4 Mini hoops. Pretty random, but I’m loving mini hoop earrings! I have quite a few pairs now, and I love how they look and make me feel.

#5 Cross-stitch. I’ve started a new cross-stitch project, which is going to take me all year but it’s kind of fun to have something I can dip in and out of. It’s so relaxing too so a great thing to do on the sofa while watching Netflix.

#6 Red magazine. I’m getting really into Red magazine lately, it’s not what I usually pick up but now I’m getting a pretty devoted fan. I think it’s a great magazine that covers lots of important topics, and luckily, it comes out monthly so I don’t have to wait too long in-between.

#7 New Taylor!!!! If you know me, you’ll know I’m a massive Taylor fan, so new music definitely makes me happy. I can’t wait to hear more songs and even an album!!!

#8 Yoga girl podcast. Massive yoga girl fangirl over here. I’ve always listened to her podcast but lately I feel like I’m enjoying it even more, and looking forward to a new episode every Friday.

#9 Crisps. Yup, another random one. I’m a huge sweet tooth which I’ll never bore of, but I am loving crisps at the moment. I’m literally averaging a packet every day.. oops.

#10 Dynasty. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve mentioned it, so I’m allowed to, right? Sorry, but you have to watch this show on Netflix. It’s so so good!!! Filled to the brim with drama and every episode there’s always a great cliff hanger.


What’s made you happy lately?


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