I’m back this Monday morning with a new happy things list! Let’s dive in..

#1 My new hair cut (ironically not shown in the above picture!) I’ve had a good old 4 inches chopped off my hair and it feels so much better! I go in different phases whether I like long or short hair on me, but since it grows super fast I don’t mind switching it up every now and again. It feels super light and fresh for summer now.

#2 Good books. I’ve read some super good books lately! I’m sure I’ll mention them in a post soon so look out for that if you’re interested.

#3 Love Island podcast. If you’re obsessed with the show like I am, you need to download this immediately.

#4 Baby giggles! I made my nephew really giggle for the first time last week, and it was joy!!

#5 Ice-cream weather. I have a white chocolate Magnum the other day and it was DIVINE.

#6 Booking a trip to Lincoln for our first wedding anniversary. I’m so excited! The place we’ve booked overnight looks incredible.

#7 Spending some sister time together. She’s the best.

#8 Summer clothes. I like to wear as less clothes as possible (I have a super hot body temperate, so I’m always warm) so I’m all for summer dressing.

#9 A great weekend. I had a movie night and a takeaway with my dad on Saturday, and yesterday has just been a lovely chilled one.

#10 Gel manicures. Because to have polish on my nails that doesn’t chip for at least a week guaranteed? Yes please.


What’s made you happy lately?


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