It’s been so long since I last did a happy things post, but I’m ready to bring them back! Sit down, grab a cuppa, let’s go..

#1 A new month! Boy am I GLAD to see the back of August. September, I’ve never been happier to be reunited.

#2 Autumns a’coming. This past week I’ve been feeling the super cosy vibes, the leaves are already falling and I’m ready to go the full hog and purchase some candles (Homesense, I’ll see you soon!)

#3 New Taylor. Need I say more?

#4 I started a new Instagram! For all book reading purposes. Nothing will change on my normal account here, but this account I’m using to share specifically books.

#5 A full body massage. My mum treated me to a full body massage today, and it was heavenly. So so needed, I think massages are so important for the body. We put them through so much, it’s always nice to reward them with some love.

#6 Return of Bake Off! The ultimate cosy program, I’m so glad it’s back. This week was biscuit week which is always one of my favourites. I wonder why..

#7 Core yoga. I realised recently that I’ve been neglecting that part of my yoga practice for so long. I’ve been working my way through the Yoga for Adriene videos and it feels great to be back in control of something I was struggling with.

#8 White jeans, new shoes, slogan tee. My outfit most days.

#9 A holiday to look forward to. We’ve got one booked for the end of the year and I can’t wait.

#10 Running. I’ve definitely improved from when I started at the beginning of the year and it really spurs me on. I love the runners high you get afterwards, it’s like magic!


What’s made you happy lately?


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