I always like to set the scene before a happy things post. So, that’s exactly what I’m going to do! I’m typing this on a Saturday afternoon, a sleeping doggy beside me and Workin Mom’s on in the background. The sun is shining and it’s not rained yet today, thank goodness! After this we’re off to see my Grandma for a cup of tea.

Now that’s done, let’s go shall we?

#1 Knitting. Guys, let the news know because I FINALLY learned how to knit! Thanks to my mum for teaching me. I can’t wait to work on a scarf for myself.

#2 Bagels with peanut butter + banana. This is my new lunch since I had it in a cafe in London the other week. So so good!!

#3 Monday night yoga classes. A full hour where I can stretch and switch- off.

#4 The fact that it’s not raining right now. I like a good rainy day, but when thats ALL there is for the foreseeable future, it feels a bit meh. Thankfully it’s a gorgeous day here today! I’m totally appreciating it.

#5 New trainers. My dad treated me to some new running trainers and I can’t wait to try them out tomorrow. It’s long overdue because my current ones make me feel like I’m running in slippers!

#6 Not being too hard on myself. I’ve been trying to be kinder to myself lately and changing my self-talk to be much more positive. It feels really nice to be honest.

#7 Phone- free afternoon. I had a couple of hours without being tied to my phone yesterday and it was oh so refreshing. Exactly what I needed! Definitely want to do more of them in the future.

#8 Spending time at home. I’m relishing being at home lately and just loving pottering around.

#9 Catching up on podcasts.

#10 Autumn. I do love this season!

What’s made you happy lately?


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