You all seem to really like ‘Happy Things’ post, and I really enjoy writing them so I’m back today with another one!

#1 Running. It always feel good when you put the work in, and you start noticing the rewards. Compared to the start of the year I’m a lot faster and just saying that makes me SO happy. I’m still not a natural runner but maybe one day I will be.

#2 Noticing the leaves change.

#3 Saturday night Strictly. I LOVE strictly! We’ve watched it for years and every year I’m obsessed.

#4 A weekend away. We are going away this weekend for a few days (in the UK) and I’m feeling super excited. I’ve never been there before either.

#5 Aromatherapy. I’ve been using an aromatherapy rollerball a lot these days, and I think they really do work and make you feel so much calmer.

#6 Feeling organised. 

#7 Deliciously Ella chocolate cups. Such a good afternoon snack.

#8 Smoothies. I’m back on the smoothie train and hopefully I’m there to stay!

#9 Habit tracker. I’ve just downloaded this after seeing a lot of good reviews on Instagram and I’m INTO IT.

#10 You guys who read my blog! The fact that even one person comes back to my little ol website everyday makes me so happy and my heart so full. Thank you!


What’s made you happy today?


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