I can’t believe I’ve done 20 happy things post now, but they are still my favourite to write and put together, so hopefully you like reading them too.

#1 Winter Wonderland. The last time I went was years ago, so I really enjoyed going back last weekend with Dan, my sister and baby nephew. It felt so festive!!

#2 Nutella crepes! Nutella is my kryptonite, I don’t even have it allowed in our house (true story), but I treated myself to a Nutella crepe at Winter Wonderland and I legit haven’t stopped thinking about it since.

#3 Watching Christmas films. I watched my first cheesy Netflix film this week and as I’m writing this, I’m currently on my second 😀

#4 My gorgeous floof, Harvey! 

#5 Looking after my nephew for the day. I’ve never looked after him for a full day before, but it was great and he was so so good! I loved it.

#6 Yin yoga.

#7 Creating Christmas images on my InstagramOnly one has gone live so far, but there’s lots and lots to come! I’ve had so much fun creating them.

#8 Good books. I’m currently reading ‘Before I Go to Sleep’ and it is SO GOOD!

#9 Advent calendars. Chocolate for breakfast every day, please and thank you.

#10 Decorating the tree! One word = obsessed.


What’s made you happy lately?


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