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It’s been ages since my last Happy things post, and I haven’t actually blogged all week! Last week I was knocked out with a cold situation, and this week I’ve been in London so I haven’t had time to get my laptop out. I truly missed it though, so I thought I’d ease back in today with a standard positive post..

#1 A nephew and me day. My sister went back to work for a day on Tuesday, so me and my mum spent the day with my nephew going on walks, taking him to music class and lots of playing! He is such a joy to be around, and such a special little boy!

#2 Love Island. I’m obsessed already. I know a lot of people aren’t watching it this winter, but you know where I’m going to be at 9pm that’s for sure.

#3 Good books. The last two books I’ve read were so good. For more book chat, head over to my book account on Instagram.

#4 Excited Harvey. Harvey was so happy to see me yesterday he was actually squealing! <3

#5 You on Netflix. We’re a few episodes into Season 2 at the minute. Totally creepy, but so good.

#6 Vegan finds. I’m doing Veganuary this month, so I’ve been finding lots of yummy vegan alternatives! I’ve actually got some Pain au chocolat’s to try which look amazing.

#7 Yoga with Adriene HOME. Speaking of January habits, I’m doing yoga with adriene’s home practice every day this month. I have to say, I think I’m enjoying it the most out of all the years so far.

#8 New pjs. When I have actual matching pjs on, I feel like I have my sh*t together!

#9 My new planner. I got the circle planner for 2020 and yes it was more than I’d usually spend on such things (£30) but it’s got everything in it I need and it’s making me feel super organised.

#10 Clean and tidy house. Now that Christmas is completely gone, the house is feeling more spacious and a lot cleaner and less cluttered too. For me it’s definitely a tidy house equals a tidy mind.


What’s made you happy lately?


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