I’ve made myself a green tea, got super comfy on the sofa and since I’m feeing really chatty, I thought I’d do another happy things post! I always enjoy these because they feel like mini catch-ups with you guys, whilst also telling you about some things I’m really loving lately.

#1 A new Netflix obssession. I started watching Dynasty this weekend, and now I’m 5 episodes deep and fully hooked. Guys, it’s SO good. It’s about a rich family in America who own a family business, and all the scandal that follows it. Ignore the first crude 5 minutes into the first episode though!

#2 Lighter Spring days. We’ve arrived fully in Spring and the lighter evenings are finally here. It feels so good to have lots of daylight hours after work before the evening arrives, it always makes me feel productive too.

#3 Headband love.
After buying one as a fluke from New Look and really enjoying the little hair change, I ordered a bunch of more hair accessories online and I love the little touch they add to outfits. They make me feel nice and confident too which is always a bonus 🙂

#4 Hashtag Authentic. 
I’ve been waiting a while to read Sara’s new book, Hashtag Authentic, and over the last week or so I’ve thoroughly enjoyed sitting down on the sofa with it and an afternoon cup of tea. I feel like I’ve learnt so much and it’s really inspired me with my photography too.

#5 Fresh flowers. With the arrival of Spring, it’s time to bring some more gorgeous fresh flowers into the house. I’m making it a ritual to pick some up every week or so, plus they make pretty photo props so it’s a win win, right?

#6 Weekend sheet masks. I’ve been treating myself to a sheet mask every weekend and I’m loving them! The last one I used was the Hydralon shot from Garnier and it was great, highly recommend!

#7 Getting my hair done! A little trim and a root touch-up always makes me feel so much better, especially because it also means I get to sit there and read my book for two hours, which always feels like a little slice of me-time in a busy week.

#8 Estee’s podcast ‘On The Line’ My current podcast obsession. Especially loved the episodes with Gel cream and Callie Thorpe.

#9 Peanut butter flapjack. I’m back in my baking flow and this past weekend I cooked up some damn good flapjack. That good in fact, I finished the whole thing in 2 days straight!

#10 Getting my blogging mojo back. A post to come on this, but I feel like my passion for blogging has finally come back and it makes me so happy to be invested again on here.


What’s made you happy lately?



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