It’s time for another happy things post! Sit down, grab a cuppa, and get cosy!


  1. Gilmore Girls revival. Even though I’ve only just finished watching the series, I still wanted to watch the revival immediately! I was kinda gutted to find out there’s only four episodes, but because they are 90 minutes, they kind of make up for it. I’ve heard mixed reviews, I’ve only watched one ‘season’ so far but I’m loving it, it’s so fun to see everyone 10 years later too!
  2. Getting our wedding video! It’s been a long time coming, but we finally received our wedding video last weekend and it is so dreamy! It’s so so nice to watch the day back and relieve all the magic again.
  3. Alpha H liquid gold. This stuff is golden, I swear, it’s not just a brand fluke. Unfortunately it is pricey, but luckily for me my sister had loads that she acquired in her beauty advent calendar, and they don’t work for her skin so she’s passed them onto me. I use it every other night and it’s magic.
  4. Still getting my walks in. When the weather gets grey, I tend to avoid getting outside more, even though I know it works wonders for me. I’ve set myself a goal to go on at least a 20-30 minute walk a day, and I’m proud of myself for keeping it up so far. Fresh air is the best cure!
  5. I’m going to have a nephew! My sister and brother in law found out the gender of their baby the other day, and it’s a boy! So, so exciting.
  6. Blogging event. I finally went to my second ever blogging event, hosted by Moonpig. It was such a great way to spend a Saturday, we whipped up Christmas wreaths, Santa Sacks and I even learnt how to make a mocktail! I always feel quite nervous beforehand, but once I’m in there I tend to settle in quite quickly, and it’s nice to chat to different people and socialise. To see what we got up to, have a look here.
  7. Doing lots of reading. If you’ve seen my recent reads post, you’ll know that I’ve been spending quite a lot of time reading recently and I’m loving it. Reading is super relaxing to me and picking up new books makes me so happy!
  8. Learning the piano. I made it one of my November goals to practice learning the piano, and I’m really proud of how it’s coming along. I find it really therapeutic and rewarding too.
  9. Spending valuable time, resting. As I mentioned in one of my latest posts, I’m in a season of rest right now, and I’m loving spending time at home all cosy and snuggled up! It feels so refreshing to not be going 100mph, and I’m trying to focus on seeing the bigger picture. There’s no rush.
  10. Dr Who. I’ve never really watched Dr Who previously, but seeing as it’s female lead this year, I decided to give it a go and I’m so glad! It’s really good and the episode with Rosa Parks was just incredible. Highly recommend!


What things are making you happy lately?


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