I always love reading these posts by other people, so I’ve really wanted to do my own version for ages! I’m thinking of maybe making them monthly, so do let me know if you like them too 🙂


1) getting married!

Of course that’s got to be top of the list hasn’t it? We had the most magical day and I can’t wait to share it with you all soon here on the blog, stay tuned for wedding week coming in September when we get our photos back!


2) mamma mia 2

Me and my mum recently took my grandma to see Mamma Mia 2 in the cinemas, and it was so amazing! I smiled the whole way through the film, and we loved it that much we might be going again this week for round two.


3) harry potter

I’ve mentioned a few times that I’ve started re-reading the good ol’ HP a few weeks ago, and I’m on book 5 already! I’ve been flying threw them and I’m loving being immersed in the land of Hogwarts! They are providing to be a great escape every evening.


4) yoga with adriene meditations

I’ve always been a massive Yoga With Adriene fan, and they are usually my go-to video’s for a yoga practice. However this past week or so I’ve been doing her meditations which are usually about 10 minutes long, and I’m obsessed. I really felt like I needed a bit of a change up of my meditation practice and this has definitely delivered.


5) baths

Unfortunately, now that the weather isn’t as beautifully sunny and gloriously hot anymore, it does mean I can make the most out of having my baths again. I’ve been using my Aromatherapy Associates bath oils and staying in the tub for prolonged periods and it’s blissful.


6) avocado on toast

I know I said a few months ago I was totally over avocado, but I’m brave enough to admit when I’ve made a mistake. I wanted something different to take for lunch so I thought I’d try them out again on freshly baked bread with salt and pepper, and I’ve been having it nearly every day since!


7) photoshop

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed that I’ve been using Photoshop lately for my creative images. Granted, it’s definitely still a work in progress but it is SO much fun. Every new picture I make is a new favourite and thankfully, you guys seem to love them too which makes me v v happy.


8) anthropologie

I don’t online shop that often, but when I saw Anthropologie was having a sale and I ran out of candles in the house, I made a little order to pick up another two and some new mugs aswell. Why is everything they do in that store so pretty? It’s such a dangerous thing for my bank balance!


9) afternoon naps

The week before my wedding I developed a new relationship with afternoon naps, and although I don’t have one every day anymore, I’m still sneaking in the odd one every now and then! I think sleep is so important, so I’m basically using the fact that it’s good for me as an excuse to have a quick 30 minutes if I need it. You only live once!


10) crash bandicoot

Dan bought crash bandicoot for his Xbox, and over the last few months I’ve basically taken over and played it every single day! It totally brings me back to my childhood, it is extremely addictive, and I usually mute the TV and pop on a podcast in the background.


What have you been loving lately?


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