tea and toast


We all know we should be proud of ourselves but sometimes, it takes thinking about certain situations you’ve handled or what you’re working on that can make you realise how good you should be feeling right now. I hope this blog post makes you realise how awesome you already are.

  1. For the work-out you did this morning. Nobody forced you to do it, but you did.
  2. That promotion you recently got at work. You worked hard for that girl!
  3. For holding up a blog, even if you can’t do it as a job yet. You do it because you love it.
  4. You have a body that you’ve looked after for however many years, it breathes every day thanks to how you treat it.
  5. You have great relationships in your life. Okay, some aren’t all great, but you have some awesome people around you.
  6. You know how to look after yourself, and more importantly, what not to do.
  7. You manage to face the day however bad you’re feeling.
  8. You fit in the time to do things that make you feel good.
  9. Being self-sufficient.
  10. Reading books even though you don’t technically have to.
  11. For always working towards your goals, and not giving up.
  12. Getting the jobs done that you need to do, every single day.
  13. The anxieties you constantly overcome.
  14. For brushing your teeth and getting dressed. Simple things matter.
  15. Not spending all your wage on ASOS. Just 50%.
  16. For smiling at mean people, and killing it with kindness.
  17. For knowing that mental health is important.
  18. Setting boundaries, whether that’s with yourself or others.
  19. Eating a diet that isn’t just cereal bars and cups of tea.
  20. For coming out of that bad time you went through feeling stronger than ever.

What are you proud of yourself for today?