cup and flowers


We are always on our phones, laptops, iPads, kindles, -whatever else there is out there-.

I don’t know about you, but I often get to 4pm when I have a banging headache (not banging in a good way.. in a literal ‘banging’ way) and I end up leaving my phone in the bedroom away from sight and mind for a few hours, just for a little break. I wanted to challenge myself to compile a lil list of 20 things we can do for OURSELVES that don’t involve screens.

  1. Have a hot bath
  2. Meditate
  3. Go shopping! If you ever need an excuse, I’m your gal…
  4. Read an *actual* book. Or magazine, if you fancy.
  5. Build a pillow fort and eat ice cream. (I seriously *NEED* to do this)
  6. Cook yourself dinner and try new ingredients
  7. Workout… but you don’t have to.
  8. Have a cup of tea chatting to a family member <3
  9. Snuggle your dog. As if you needed me to tell you!
  10. Journal.
  11. Clear your mind by making a to-do list for the week.
  12. Mani/pedi time!
  13. Have a nap. Naps are ace.
  14. Explore a place you’ve never been to.
  15. Go for a walk and leave your phone at home. You won’t have any Instagram images but you will have memories.
  16. Go to McDonalds drive through and pick up an Oreo Mcflurry (my personal fave)
  17. Do an adult colouring book, I find them so so relaxing.
  18. Reorganize your bedroom and have a declutter. It’s also an excuse to do Number 3.
  19. Do a face mask- or two.
  20. Buy yourself some flowers, and pick up another bunch for someone else too if you get the inkling! Who doesn’t love a surprise bunch? If only my BF got the hint, ey?



How do you self-care WITHOUT a screen?


  • I get pressure headaches if I’m looking at a screen for too long! So I definitely agree that it’s best to take some time out and do other things where you don’t need to use your phone or laptop! I love to bake, go out for walks and read books in the evenings. Lovely post 🙂 x

    Kayleigh | http://www.anenthusiasmfor.co.uk

  • For me, my main self care time is at the gym, whether its in a class, on the treadmill, with weights or doing some yoga or pilates. I suck at self care other than that so I need to get involved with some of these! I love reading so picking up a book, preferably in a bath and followed by a pillow fort would be perfect! xxx

    Sophie | Sophar So Good

    • Yes a workout is a good one, baths are my utilmate favourite! xx

  • Ooh thank you for this lovely list lady. The without screens bit is so important – I always feel SO drained after spending all day looking at a screen. I find that reading, baking and a yoga sesh are my favourite self care tings. I would also be partial to some sort of spa day… One of these days >:) Immy x


    • Spa days are so good! A back massage, yes please! xx

  • I definitely need to start taking time out and away from screens, and there are so many great things on this list to do! Thank you for sharing xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  • Loved this list Natalie, must say the non-literal banging headache made me chuckle!!

    I definitely find snuggling up to my dog calms me, they say you get endorphins from stroking an animal and I can definitely see that. Also can’t beat a mcflurry!

    The Makeup Directory

  • this is a great list and I can’t wait to incorporate some of them into my routine! One thing I find nice is just hanging out with older relatives that don’t naturally gravitate to their phone – being in their presence helps me calm and I sometimes forget about my device!


    • Aw that’s a good one, I love going to see my grandparents! x

  • This is such a lovely list! Lately I’ve been trying to take more time away from the internet/my phone and it’s working wonders for my brain. Most of the time has been spent reading books (and now probably craving an Oreo McFlurry…!)


  • I bloody LOVE this! I’m slowly learning to take time away from my screen more and I personally find meditating, reading and face masks (Lush, obvs) really grounding.

    Bethany | Curly and Wordy

    • I love meditating! Definitely one of my favourite parts of the day x

  • I’m actually kind of worried about me parenting (Not planning on having a kid anytime soon, haha)! Even toddlers these days are preoccupied with phones and tablets. I can understand why parents do that since it’s an easy way to distract and keep the child calm, but on the other hand I think it does more harm than good.

    I love the to-do list part – I use a bullet journal, so every week I’ll put aside 10 or 20 minutes to draw out my weekly plan and to-do’s. I’m masking right now actually! But hmmm, masking while reading sounds quite nice too!

  • Kate

    Having a hot bath is definitely one of my favourite ‘down time’ things to do! X

    Kate// itskaterose.com

  • Im all about finding new ways to self care so thanks for this list – will definitely be trying so of them 🙂 x

    Sinead | Dreaming Again

  • Hi Natalie – I LOVED this post! I found it the other day and finally tracked back to you and found your blog to follow! (sort of naughty that my lovely sunday treat time is catching up on new blogs with definite screen time!)
    Though I definitely indulged in a few of your suggestions earlier today already! Read, mask, cups of tea, mani/pedi! Now I’m off out for dinner so someone else can cook!
    Holly xxx /// https://www.mrshollycrocker.com/

  • loved this girl! Deffo all for some pampering and taking an afternoon to just read and do things for me xx