You guys know I love my decluttering, but I still end up with SO. MUCH. STUFF!!! If I’m being particularly disorganised, after a while our bedroom ends up looking very messy. I wanted to compile a list of a few tips that hopefully you guys might find useful, as will I! Especially now as its (sometimes) a bit warmer outside, refreshing your bedroom for summer sounds perfect!


Yorkshire Linen



Urban Outfitters



We are always so busy, so when we get home from work, or when we *need* a weekend to chill out, the last thing I want to do is wade through rubbish. I recommend doing little bits and pieces at a time, starting slowly with dusting the windowsills and removing any stuff that doesn’t need to be there. (I don’t know about you, but thats where EVERYTHING of mine seems to go). If you have a whole day to dedicate to it, then go ahead don’t let me stop you! But if you’re a busy bee, anything is better than nothing. 



Those books piled up at the side of the bed? Why don’t you actually put them on the bookshelf (telling myself here). Nail polishes left out, put them back with all the others in their storage. I find having designated places for different categories super helpful, that way my skincare collection stays in the bathroom, and doesn’t wander all over the bedroom.


Is it just me or does having new sheets make your bedroom 1000x better? Plus, they are always worthy of a new Instagram in my opinion. With that in mind, I picked out a few designs that I love from the ‘Pure Cotton’ range over at Yorkshire Linen. Let me know which is your favourite! I’m stuck choosing *just* one!

How do you guys refresh your bedroom for summer?

*This post was collaborated with Yorkshire Linen. All opinions, tips included 😉 are my own.



I wanted to write this post as I have quite a few products that I really love using, but never really hear about mentioned on the ol’ Blogosphere. Hopefully, this may give you guys a few recommendations if you like the look of any of these!


Maybelliene Push Up Angel Mascara*

always see the Falsies mascara mentioned all over the shop, which I agree is a great one! However, this one is definitely my favourite. Its got the smallest bristles that is so lengthening and seperating, plus it is always so easy for me to use. I’m gonna be repurchasing this when mine runs out!


Rosie For Autograph- Lip Glossy in ‘Supermodel Smile’ and Cream Eyeshadow Stick in ‘Almond Eyes’

I have only tried a handful of products from this line, but I really rate everything so far. Its not the cheapest, but there is definitely good products in there and the packaging is super cute too. I love this lip glossy because its not tacky or sticky, and is in the perfect everyday nude. This cream eyeshadow stick is the easiest thing ever, just one swipe all over the lids and I blend the edges with my fingers for a quick, but beautiful, champagne base on the eyes!


No7 Highlight Stick- Instant Radiance*

This is a lovely cream pearl based highlighter that I just dab with my fingers onto the desired areas. It gives off a lovely glow, and it isn’t too pricey either. I think it could potentially suit all skin tones, but you can always test in the shops first! I never hear this talked about, but I have no idea why not.


Bare Minerals Invisible Light Powder Duo*

I’ve always wanted to try the Hourglass highlighters and blushes, but they always seem a bit steep for my budget. I got this very similar kind from Bare Minerals for Christmas and have used it SO much since! I love the fact that its two products in one, which just helps me not to have TOO many products in the makeup bag. Both powders are very light and not at all chalky on the skin, just very natural looking. If this is in your budget, you should get it! It is seeming to last forever to, which is a good thing for my bank account!

(L-R) Highlight from the Bare Minerals palette, Matte powder from the BM palette, Eyeshadow stick, Lip Glossy, no7 instant radiance stick.


Have you guys ever tried any of these? Should I do a skincare version of this post?


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This title may be misleading, but hear me out! I think clothes matter. I’m not focusing on different types of trends here, just everyone’s general uniform. They are SO so attached to feeling confident and our best selves.


If you don’t feel happy in what you are wearing, you will not feel good. There are so many days I just throw on whats easy and whats there in my wardrobe, whether I 1) actually like it and 2) feel good in it. Believe it or not, it can totally change your day!


This is something I’m currently working on. Its definitely a work in progress. I don’t have the funds to just go out and buy a whole new wardrobe, however ideal that sounds! A great tip I’m doing is when I go to throw on those ‘easy’ outfits, if I don’t like it anymore, instead of just keep regurgitating it around, I’ll bin it or add it to a charity donation pile. That way, I’m not getting rid of too many things at one.


I’m all about feeling good, so if that means spending a few more pounds on things that enforce that, I feel its justified!


Is anyone else having a wardrobe crisis right now?



My skin is fudging up.

I’m not sure if its to do with *that* time. I haven’t been eating or sleeping out of the regular, or anything else that I think will affect it. Its just kind of having a ‘eff you I’m stressed’ moment.

For the past couple of years my skin has been pretty good, so I forgot what a knock of confidence it can give you when its not looking as good. It makes you feel SO much more vulnerable. Well, it does for me anyway. I try not to cover it up with makeup either as I don’t think it helps it heal.

When it’s in one of those moods I never know whether to go IN on all the face masks, skincare products to try help it, or go minimal and only use the basics. Keep a simple routine. I usually reach for the stuff I know will not irritate it any further. One of which I’ve run out of! Oops. (It’s the Lancome Hydra Zen Anti-Stress Moisturiser BTW*). Its a bit pricey at £40, but I think I might just have to bite the bullet and make a repurchase. Its my skin I’m investing in after all.


What do you do when your skin is having a moment?


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I’m teaming up with Janina for this post, as its #NationalSmileMonth from 15th May- 15th July so it seems the perfect time to talk about all the things that are making me smile this month.. Read on to hear about the products!



These days, I feel like I’m really happy with how my blogging and social media accounts are doing! Yes, I’m putting in the work and time it takes to build growth, but seeing it pay off feels great. Hopefully one day my dreams will come true and I will be a ‘real’ blogger 😉 that would be lifeeeee goals!



Guys, not to brag, but I’m watching so many good shows at the minute. I’ll tell you my current FAVE shortlist…. Jane The Virgin, Grace and Frankie, Prison Break (I started from season 5, lol), Pretty Little Liars.. and I’ve got so many others to START! Any recs? I’m thinking maybe GirlBoss and Riverdale next! Have you watched any of those?




I’ve been trying to be a little bit easier on myself with the ol’ self talk thing lately and I feel like I’m slowly *getting there*. Of course sometimes the guilt kicks in and I feel like I shouldn’t have missed that gym session (EVEN though I didn’t have the energy!). I’m trying to be softer on myself and letting my mind and body choose the things I not only have to do, but the things I WANT to do aswell. There are no rules I have to follow. I’m in control!




I was sent a few products for Janina Ultra White range to see what I thought, and I was super excited to try some out!


I’ve been using this toothpaste for the last couple of weeks, and have definitely noticed a difference instead of using a regular (non-whitening) one that I usually reach for. You can really feel it working on the teeth, which I quite like as it actually feels like its doing what it says on the tin! Not to blow my own trumpet, but my mum did notice my teeth were looking whiter recently too 😉 I also love the fact that Janina only uses natural enzymes without any harsh abrasives. You guys know I love my natural products!



I’ve never tried any form of whitening strip before so this was a total new thing to me. I was a bit nervous to try as I have heard some can be quite painful. Well, I was definitely not to worry here! Theres a long strip for your top teeth, and a smaller one for the bottom which you apply and leave on for 30 minutes. Once you remove it, it leaves a ‘gel’ behind which you just wash off or you can rub in even more if desired. It feels so good on sensitive teeth, and hasn’t gave me any problems at all. They definitely give an extra ‘sparkle’ to your teeth and they certainly look whiter than usual. The fact that they are so easy to use too and there’s no hassle means I will definitely be using the pack up!


What’s got you smiling these days? 🙂






*This post is sponsored by Janina White Company and their hashtag #NationalSmileMonth. All opinions are my own.

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