If you know me, you know I love decluttering. I don’t know what it is about me that just loves getting rid of shizz. I think it may be due to the after feeling of feeling lighter, I’m not really a hoarder. It’s even got to the point where I’m running out of categories to de-clutter.



This for me, is definitely swimming. I always say how much I want to get back into it, then never drag myself to the baths. Recently though while we were away, I packed our swimming stuff and we went to the pool. It was so nice to do some lengths and I really remembered why I missed it. Plus: it is an awesome workout! My arms haven’t felt that burn in such a long time, AND I’m a regular gym go-ger.



I always like to be somewhat productive on weekends. It means my week might not be as busy and I can still have some relaxation time for myself then too. Even if it means planning blog posts on a Saturday morning or finally texting that person back.. It always makes you feel better.



This could be as simple as discovering a new Youtube channel to watch, or picking up a book you have liked the look of for ages. If you’re more adventurous, venture out to a new place you’ve always wanted to go and make a day (or even two) of it!



Sometimes there is nothing better than not looking at your phone for a few hours. (First world problem am I right?). We (myself included) are so glued to screens for such a large part of our day, that going phone-free for an afternoons feels like SUCH a luxury. Unusually, it also helps to not use social media if I’m not feeling that great either. Not sure why, but less complications= more simplicity.


Are you going to try any of these this weekend? Let me know which you pick! 🙂 xx


I was super happy to receive these products from Sukin! As you guys know, I am all about testing out new products and the fact that they are made from natural ingredients is even better. Read on to see how it all went…


Body Wash

My skin is a little sensitive (like me, haha) but I find the more natural based products I use, the less it reacts. This body wash has a nice, fresh scent to it, foams well, and does the job it says! I always love new bathroom additions and was not disappointed by this one! The fact that is also has a pump is a thumbs up too.



I think people are quite sceptial about natural deodorants and if they actually work. I usually just use a rock salt daily so I was very interested to try something different in spray form. It has a lovely, clean lavender scent and I find it does actually work better than what I previously used and lasts SO much longer. I’m going to be super sad when this finishes up but I think I’ll go repurchase 😉


I’m looking forward to trying a lot more from this brand! Have you tried anything from it before? If you have any recommendations, let me know! 🙂 xx




When I recently did a post all about my anxiety, a few people asked if I would go into further detail about my experience with private therapy. So here’s that post!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I really count counselling as a major part of making me feel better. I did go to the free service that is on the NHS, but I was only offered a quick 6 week course, and although it kind of touched the basics and gave me certain exercises to do, I didn’t get that personal one-to-one feeling and support that I truly needed. I kind of felt that I was just a number.


We, (me and my mum) decided to look for a private counsellor near us and we found one, thanks to Google. We of course throughly checked this person out and made sure she had the correct qualifications etc. Let me just state: They are not cheap. It was from memory just over £50 an hour. Which I know is so expensive, but if it works for your recovery, is there any better thing to invest in than your mind? I don’t think so.

The first session I was literally a bag of nerves. Opening up your innermost feelings to a complete (albeit qualified) stranger is terrifying. It’s very ironic getting anxious to see somebody who is helping you with your anxiety! After the first session I warmed up very easily, and we began working through what led to my anxiety, thought patterns behind this, what was realistic or what my mind had exaggerated etc.


This was also what sparked my love for self-care books as her room was full of them! She let me borrow some too to read in my own time which was lovely. I learnt so much about myself in these sessions that I’m not sure I would of discovered at this stage in my life, if I hadn’t of had them.


There are so so many different techniques that I learned from my time with her, that I couldn’t possibly recite every single one here, nor do them justice. We worked together for about 3 months every week or so, until we both felt that I could manage my anxiety by myself with the tips and knowledge I had learned.

But if you read this wondering if it was worth all the time and money? ABSOLUTELY. Would I go back in the future if needs be? DEFINITELY. 


I truly believe just as there are doctors out there to help our bodies, there is also people out there which can help our minds. 


If you are suffering with anxiety or any other mental health issues, please speak to a professional or someone close to you. They really do help!




I always find reading is the perfect way for me to switch off and stop scrolling into the late hours. I obviously prefer to read in book form, I’ve just finished Big Little Lies which was awesome! Seriously recommend a read. I do also read on the kindle app on my iPhone which is not as good for relaxation but I try to go on airplane mode to avoid any social media temptation!


I write in my journal every night, whether that’s what I’ve been doing today, what I’m feeling, or simply listing things I’m grateful for. I find this really ‘finishes’ the day off and sets a great tone to go to bed thinking positively, and not getting wound up over all the things you need to do the next day.


The thing that makes me totally nod off, is this sleep spray by Neom. It also literally zonks my boyfriend off to sleep too, not that he complains! I’m pretty sensitive to scent, but I find two sprays totally fine and doesn’t give me a headache. Fortunately for us I also have a back up of this as its nearly out!

What makes you go zzzz?


I thought it was about time I did a little favourites post, as I haven’t done one in *quite* a while and there’s lots I’m loving!



I treated my self to the new iPhone 7 plus with some of my birthday money and I have been obsessed ever since. Its so nice to have a working camera again (how I managed, I’ll never know 😉 ). The portrait mode is INSANE too. Like literally, DSMR camera good! In my opinion anyway. That combined with making an Instagram account are my top favourites of the month. If you want to follow me on Insta, link here. I can’t believe how lovely all the blogging guys are on there! <3


I’ve been focusing on using a lot of my beauty stash up recently and been discovering old favourites that I had long forgotten about. The smashbox primer water took FOREVER to use up but I’ve really enjoyed it and tend to always spritz for that extra hydration, even on no makeup days.


I feel like with my self-care kinda books, I always like to read them more than once just to  squeeeeeze the best out of em! I’ve been re-reading the Untethered Soul and I’ve definitely enjoyed it even more the second time round.




I got this bag as a birthday present (I know, spoilt right?!!!!) so I have literally *no* idea what its called etc. but I wanted to give it a little mention because I’m in L.O.V.E with it. It fits in allll the stuff I like to house, and its my first proper designer bag. Heart eye emojis all round.



Tell me one thing you’ve been loving this month? I would love to know!

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