Skincare is something I don’t mind investing in, however when there’s great options available on the drugstore, I don’t see the need to over-spend. Especially as I can save some money and get a product that’s just as good but half the price!

Here are some of the things I’ve used from the drugstore, that I would recommend to you guys..



I know a lot of people rave about the Garnier one, Bioderma etc. I have tried the Bioderma but found it was too drying on my skin, I’m scared to use the Garnier one because I love the Simple one SO SO much. Its my holy grail. I got my sister hooked on it too. I like to use this to get rid of the dirt and makeup, before giving my skin a proper cleanse.


I wrote a post on this cleanser a few months ago, because its THEE perfect dupe for the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, but less than half the price! Its hasn’t got the most luxurious feeling, but I wouldn’t expect it to for under £6.00. The most important thing is that it cleans my skin without breaking me out, which is always my main concern. If you want to read more about this, link is here.


I got this from the Body Shop’s beauty advent calendar, which was a pleasant surprise. The bigger and best surprise though, was how lovely it is to use! It doesn’t sting or irritate the eyes at all. Second mention also goes to the Simple Eye Makeup Remover, and the Nivea one is great too. There are such good options out there!


Being honest, I’m not a regular user of face washes. I much prefer cleansing, then either applying a mask or using an exfoliator. The reason I like this one is because it leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh, without being drying or tight. It actually has tiny exfoliants in it, but they don’t do much if I’m honest. Once again, I love it because it also didn’t break me out. (I’m boring myself with that one.)


I’m all about glowy skin, so when a CLAY face mask promises to do this, I’m intrigued! And the best part, it actually WORKS! Once you’ve removed it with a damp flannel, it leaves your skin glowing and lasts for the next few days too. I’ve had mine for quite a while now, and I still have a reasonable amount left, so definitely value for money.


This is still under £10, so I’m gonna class it as ‘budget’. This little guy also lasts for SOOOO long and is a cult classic for a great reason. I’ve had mine since last summer and only just used it up (I use it pretty much everyday too!) The fact that toner comes in a spray can it also so much easier, just spritz and go. I’ve heard people use this as a facial mist, I only use mine after cleanser, pre moisturiser.


This is another one I got in my beauty advent calendar. I don’t tend to use that much moisturiser, its kind of a morning only routine as I use a face oil at night. This one is very calming and soothing on the skin, and you don’t need to use a lot to get the hydration, which I like. I want to try the Garnier Moisture Bomb range as I’ve heard great things about them, so I think when I’ve run out of this one, that’s where I’m headed next.

EYE CREAM- SIMPLE (can’t find a link, sorry!)

I love this little roller ball. Its so nice and gentle under the eyes, and provides a nice cooling sensation too. Its so easy to use, and I’ve had no problems or irritations with it at all. Plus, it was also SUPER cheap like £3!


All the ones I’ve tried to link, are expensive. I ordered mine off Amazon, because I’d heard great things about it, but didn’t want to pay over the odds (I think it came out around £10-15). Rosehip oil is well known for a good reason. I would probably put this down to saving my skin a year or two ago when I bought it, I haven’t had results like it before. These days I tend to not reach for it every day, as I like changing up my skincare to get the most benefits and to not get stagnant.

Woah, that was quite a post! Let me know if you enjoyed this down below in the comments, and would you like a higher-end expensive version in the future? x




















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Its great that theres so many beauty blogs out there these days. However, you only need to go on your Bloglovin feed to see an abudance of expensive products, that may not be in your budget! Especially if you’re saving for something (like a wedding!) With all this in mind I had a brain-wave and wanted to compile a few tips…



If theres one particular product you’re lusting after, I think its totally fine to treat yo’self! I just try not to buy too much ‘meaningless’ stuff that I really DON’T need, then when I treat myself I feel like I’ve actually earned it, and deserve it. Plus, when you buy a luxury product it always feels so good! That packaging though, right?! Even if you can save £5 a week, in only a few weeks or so you’ll have enough to buy what your after. It will feel SO good when you get it too, and definitely be worth the wait.


I don’t think just because your a blogger, that means you have to buy new stuff ALL THE TIME. We have SO many products that we love, but because we’ve had them for ages, we have never spoken about them on our blogs before. As long as they are still available for other people to buy when they read your post, I think its such a good idea!


If you think you’ve got a good dupe for an expensive product that seems to be everywhere right now, why not blog about it? If you see certain trends that seem to be cropping up, see what you’ve already got in your stash to create your own version of the post. And of course, you could always mix it up with lifestyle and skincare posts too! I love writing about ALL sorts on my blog, as I see it as an extension of myself, which isn’t ALL about dreamy makeup 🙂 as pretty as they may be!

I really hope you liked this post guys! I would love to know how you blog if you’re on a budget?

This isn’t a post on about to be positive DURING tough times. I don’t think such a thing exists, well not for me anyway! This is meant to be for when the dust has settled, and you feel like you might be able to get back to your old self in the not so distant future.


When I still don’t feel 100% after a hard time, I crave comfort. I let myself have it in any form I desire. Whether thats ditching my usual healthy food choices for extra chocolate, or indulging in heartier dishes, if it comforts me, I’m gonna have it. If its reading in bed for a few hours on an evening to take your mind off things, do it. Anything that makes you feel like a warm hug from the inside, is SO worth it.


I think that sometimes people expect us to be back to our best selves, much quicker than is actually realistic. Don’t try to complete everything you used to do in one day like your best self, its okay to have a few ‘off’ hours and let yourself digest that down time to recuperate. Take it easy. Your body (and your mind!) will most likely be a bit frazzled and not working on full steam, so try to be a bit gentler than you would usually be to yourself.


If treating yourself to some new beauty bits brings back that feeling of excitement, I 100% recommend. (This definitely works for me 🙂 ) Maybe you want to plan a day trip to somewhere new with your friend, or arrange a cinema date with the BF, having little plans to look forward to are so great and makes you feel a lot more positive.

I hope this helped you if you needed it! Love <3 xxx


Clarin’s Daily Energiser Lovely Lip Balm- LIMITED EDITION 

I needed a new lip balm, and always find bullet form the best choice as they are so easy to apply. This is a lovely peach scent that isn’t too sickening, and smells of summer! Its in super cute packaging that does however feel a bit cheap as its ‘cardboard-y’, but I picked it up for only £12 so I can’t hold it against it too much. It leaves a nice moisturising balm on the lips that isn’t greasy, at all.


Clinique Moisture Surge Gel Cream *

I remember using a tester of this from a monthly mag soo long ago, but I knew from the get-go that this wouldn’t irritate my skin or cause any breakouts. It reminds me of my FAVOURITE (Lancome Hydra-Zen) as it’s a very similar formula. I really rate Clinique skincare and do think its worth the investment. But of course, testers are great to try out too as you know what your spending your pennies on!


Benefit Ka-Brow! in Blonde *

After finishing up my Soap & Glory Archery pencil (which lasted SO long by the way!) I wanted to pick up a higher end version to see if it compared. At first, I thought this was actually an extremely light colour, but with more use I’ve realised that its just because the others have practically been brown. After the second using, I am loving this! It is the most perfect ‘lazy girl’ brow product. And it doesn’t take me as long to do as I had thought, with it being in a pot and everything. Just a few quick sweeps (I’m not very precise with it) and I’m done.



Elemis Cleansing Balm *

I’m always on the look-out for cleansers and haven’t tried *that* many high end versions. I picked up this mini to give it a whirl, however the full size is very pricey and I’m not sure I would ever spend that much on something I wash away every day. I suppose price per use might make it better? Anyway, I digress, this is a lovely cleanser that reminds me of the Emma Hardie Cleansing balm, SOOO much! It feels luxury to use too, if that even makes sense?


Have you tried any of these products?




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Be warned: this post is going to be very picture heavy! But as well as looking at the pics, I wanted to share a few of my tips and tricks about our trip to Edinburgh so be sure to check them out below!



We kind of went to Edinburgh on a whim, so we didn’t have any ‘proper’ time to actually plan out our visit and decide what we wanted to do on each day. That being said, we did manage to do a fair few things. The lovely people over at my Instagram recommended a few places and things to do which was uuuuber helpful!

Places we visited and loved:

-Camera Obscura (worth the £15 each, definitely!)
-Calton Hill (the view is amazing!)
-Mamma Roma (italian)
-Hadrain’s (this place is expensive, but it was a nice treat just to eat in a mega fancy restaurant where they actually put the napkin on your lap for you!)
-Princes Street (this is where all the shops are!)

We stayed at Cairns hotel which was the most perfect location, about a 5 minute walk from the bustling city centre, but not noisy or loud at all and was off a lovely side street. Sidenote: it had free wifi which ACTUALLY WORKED! That’s a thumbs up in my book, fo’ sure.


Get the weather app! Pronto. (Spoiler, but theres like a 50% chance of rain). I ended up bringing about 4 different coats with me, because we packed in a hurry. Also, with expensive restaurants like Hadrian’s mentioned above, it is worth booking in a reservation as it is quite popular. We ended up driving there which was around 4 hours, but it was so much cheaper than getting the train!


Like I said earlier, make sure you bring the right attire. Edinburgh is very hilly if you want to get the best views, so trainers are DEFINITELY advised! It doesn’t take long to get your bearings around the place, so we didn’t really need to use any maps. I also panicked before we got there thinking we needed Scottish money.. alas, we didn’t. LOL. With it being a very rainy place, make sure you plan a few things to do that are indoor. We ended up watching Wonder Women at the local cinema (side note: loved it), because it was torrential rain that day!

Have you guys ever been to Edinburgh? If not, is it on your list of places to go?