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I really wanted to create a lovely new blog series where I can chat to you guys about great moments that have happened in my life lately. Instead of making it weekly and putting pressure on myself, I decided to do ‘5 Moments Of The Month’! Let me know if you like this, I can’t wait to look back on it in the future and remember the wonderful moments.



I haven’t been to Knaresborough since I was a teenager on a school trip, and Dan had never been. Seeing as it was only 30 minutes away from us, we decided to take a trip one hazy Saturday morning, and we loved it. We had an explore all along the waterside and the little town, and went up to see the castle too. Standing at the castle edge and looking out over the town and river was so incredible, and it was a moment for me when I remember thinking how incredible this world is.



We have a local lady who does great affordable full body massages, and my lovely mum booked me one for a Friday evening as a treat. It was so relaxing I even fell asleep twice, and just what I needed for a bit of ‘me’ time. Linda’s room is always very calming with gorgeous crystals on the windowsill, so it’s always a pleasure to go.



This past weekend, my sister came over from London and we spent the day going to a local wedding fair, shopping around and having lunch out. It was so nice to spend time together, as always. There were a lot of laughs, as is usual with us two. Definitely a day to remember!



October brought a big step in my Accounting business, in meeting a brand new client before in a place I’ve never been (anxious people here might understand me more) and I got the job! I won’t lie and say it wasn’t nerve-wracking, but I felt so proud of myself after. It was such a big step for me and my confidence, that I know I won’t feel as nervous when I get another new client.




I’ve got a post coming up about this topic in a few weeks so I won’t harp on about it too much, but I feel like October has been the month where I’ve really appreciated having no set plans on a weekend, and not rushing around trying to fill the days up with different activities. It’s been so nice and refreshing to wake up and have the whole day ahead of us with no routine or have to’s and I’m really enjoying going at a slower pace and appreciating the slower moments on our weekends.


How’s October been for you? A good month?




If, like me, you are super impatient and when you want something, you want it now, this post is for you. Sure I don’t mind working hard for things, but I really do need to work on having the patience that all good things come in due course. Read this when you need reminding that everything is as it should be, for now.

If you’re hurting after a break-up… remember it takes time.

If you’re working hard for that promotion and a better income.. remember it takes time.

If you’re trying to be more mindful..remember  it takes time.

If you’re trying to adopt healthier eating habits and exercise more.. remember it takes time.

If you’re trying to build up you’re blog following.. remember it takes time.

If you’re trying to be a better person everyday.. remember it takes time.

If you’re trying to be more positive.. remember it takes time.

If you’re trying to save up for something special.. remember it takes time.

If you’re trying to be kinder to yourself.. remember it takes time.

It’s great in life to have goals, but don’t get too focused on the outcome. Remember that there is beauty in the journey. It’s definitely something I forget, but I always have that lightbulb moment when I remember that the happiness is a journey, not a destination.

Are you working on anything at the moment that you know will take time?



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I chatted to you guys about my favourite moisturisers in this post, so I wanted to give a little shout-out to my favourite face-masks too! I’m really enjoying this format of choosing favourite products and waffling on about them.

First up is the Origins Charcoal Mask, which is the one I always reach for when my skin is having a bad break-out. It’s effective, but not too harsh on my sensitive skin and really helps when I’m having a poor skin day/week. Charcoal masks tend to be a bit more drying for your face so I always make sure I follow this up with something super hydrating.

The L’oreal Pure Glow Mask  is the most affordable of the bunch, and whenever my skin is looking lacklustre, this is the guy I go to. It’s lasted me so long which I’m very happy about, and it has a scrubby feel on your face that can sometimes feel strange to just leave be. Once it’s been removed, my skin is always looking SO much more glow-y, definitely one to add to your Superdrug trip.

My Origins Drink Up Overnight Mask is definitely the least fussy of the lot. As its an overnight treatment, I use it straight before bed and I can *always* tell the difference in the morning. My skin looks a lot plumper and healthier, and it also smells sooo good! I feel like this would suit every skin type.

Me and my gal, Goddess Clay Mask haven’t had the best track record. I got it as a Christmas present and was so excited, but it always seemed to either break me out a little/or do naff all. I decided to give it another go and I found that before I was applying WAY too much product. It even says on the packaging a thin layer *silly me*. Now, I’ve obsessed with it! It’s become a firm favourite and probably the one I’m currently reaching for the most. Its pricey, but it’s going to last a really long time. Add it to your Christmas list immediately!


What’s your favourite face mask?


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I previously mentioned in this post all the reasons why I loved private therapy and would 100% recommend it, but of course there was a little journey to get there.

(Just to do a short disclaimer, getting professional help and seeing a doctor is something I would always urge others to do if they need to. I’m not trying to bash that with this post, just simply sharing my experience.)

My mum convinced me to go to the doctors as my anxiety was really starting to be debilitating, I was about 17 at this point. Anxiety was starting to affect all parts of my everyday life and my confidence was slowly slipping away.

We went to a local doctors and saw a very old, male doctor. After both me and my mum telling his our concerns, he suggested that we get a dog and go outside more. It was safe to say that we were heartbroken with this ‘advice’ that we received, and to this day my mum still gets so angry that we got treated that way.

We weren’t giving up and decided to see a different doctor at the same place. Unfortunately, we received the same poor treatment and she said it would just be something I would have to manage, and given shoddy leaflets and sent our way.

After a few more low months where I felt like I wouldn’t ever feel any better, we changed routes and registered myself at a different doctors that wasn’t as local but still fairly easy to get to. I remember going in the room with my parents and seeing THE kindest ever lady who was listening to my every word, and wanted more than anything to help me. She gave me so many different advice options such as medication, CBT, local counselling and information about private therapy. I was so relieved that I had finally had a positive experience and I could get the help I so desperately needed.

Those first two appointments were not what I had wished, but I’m so glad we kept on going and stayed strong.


  • Don’t give up. You deserve the help and you will eventually get it. Please stay strong and if you have a really bad experience, complain about it to a management figure (we really should of done this looking back)
  • Don’t be too nervous when you go, they really are there to listen and help, a good doctor will never judge you.
  • Write down your feelings. I did this as I didn’t know if I would be able to remember what I wanted to say, and it was so helpful and took the pressure off.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable going alone, take a loved one for support.


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We’re a self-deprecating generation.

If we ever get praise we instantly reply with ‘yeah I did okay I suppose’. We try to belittle the achievement, like its not ‘that’ good or ‘that’ important. Even if its taken years to accomplish, we always think maybe next time, I’ll do it better.  I’m definitely not the type of person to say YEAH I DID BLOODY GREAT AND I’M PROUD, *high five me girl*

Putting ourselves down is our favourite past-time. And not only does the lack of confidence take it’s toll on our mental health, it’s also basically telling people that they have the wrong opinion of us, especially if its a positive one. That we don’t deserve their kind words.

It definitely feels a bit American to be your own cheerleader, but if we aren’t, who the heck is going to be?

Whether it’s giving yourself credit for coming back to life after a really bad time, or that you managed to squeeze in an extra gym session when all you wanted to do was get home and watch Gilmore Girls, make sure you reward your efforts and that they do not go unnoticed. I find treating myself to a bit of chocolate (the books say you shouldn’t reward yourself with food, but alas I do not care) or having a pamper night, it makes you feel so good and keeps you on the whole positive mind-track thing.

Even if its a Friday night and you’ve been dealing with a shitty colleague all week, give yourself praise for keeping your head high, sometimes it can feel like such a hard thing to do.

I’m starting to believe the kinder we are to ourselves, and the more credit we can give us, the more likely we are to keep on doing good things for others too. Which in reality, isn’t that what this whole life thang is about?

Do you find it hard to give yourself praise?


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