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I’ve always classed myself as not a creative person. I’ve never been great at art and crafts, and the last thing I DIY’ED was probably something paper mache after watching Art Attack.

Recently, I’ve been realising that just because I can’t make anything worthy of a Pinterest tutorial, I am still creative, in just a different way that I didn’t realise.

I write this blog. I do my own yoga routines. I journal. I meditate. I workout. I take pictures.

All of these things come from my brain and I follow my own routine, I don’t have anyone who guides me or tells me how to do it. I just do what seems natural to me in that moment.

I’ve always had a very vivid imagination and I loved writing stories in English classes at school, so I’ve definitely had a creative gene in me that I never really paid much attention to, just because I couldn’t draw or paint or mould.

My creativity is now something that I really love about myself, and whenever I’m lacking in it all it usually takes is having a walk outside, popping on a podcast, and my brain gets back into thinking of ideas for blog posts, pictures I want to take etc.

Ways to be more creative every day:

  • Doodle.
  • Take your camera outside and snap some pictures at things that interest you.
  • Read a different style of book than you usually would.
  • Mix your home decor around and put things in different places.
  • Try on a outfit you wouldn’t normally wear.
  • Cook!
  • Get some mindful colouring books and have a go.
  • Try a different makeup look.
  • Put on some music and move in a way that feels good to your body.


Are you creative?



berries on a bush


Today, I had a self-care day. I had nothing that I had planned to do, no places to go and no blog posts to write. The day was free for me to do whatever I wanted.

The night before involved many tears from my sensitive self (I’m ok!) and it wasn’t until I was laying in bed this morning did I realise how much I needed a little rest.

I’m definitely guilty of feeling like I’m wasting time when I don’t do anything, and to be honest doing ‘nothing’ can sometimes be a struggle, there is always tweets to schedule, worktops to clean. You get so ingrained into the daily grind that you forget, most of what you do on a daily basis is a choice you’re making. It is not necessarily ‘needed’ for you to function. Guaranteed we all need to work to live (and if you don’t, share me your secret) but the things we add to our lists are usually tasks we’ve created for ourselves. And lets not even mention when you don’t manage to get it all done.

Anyway, back to my day. I spent the morning consuming all my favourite Youtube videos and reading favourite blog posts while eating breakfast. I did a yoga video to wake my body up a little. I had a lovely lunch and then went for a long walk with the pup and finished off listening to two podcast episodes.

It was so nice to go at a lower pace, and really make the most of the day, which is something we all struggle with I think. Weeks fly by and before we know it its the end of November and Christmas is coming up. I think back to the New Year and it’s gone so quickly.

I really want to plan some more of these days in my diary as I really truly felt like I was living life, not just rushing by in a daze until its 7pm and I can get in cosy pyjamas.


Have you had a day to do nothing recently?


books on a shelf


Self-care and self-developement books are my favourite thing to read, so narrowing it down for this post was so tough! I kind of stuck to a ‘positivity’ theme for this post, but let me know if you liked it and I’ll do a different version in a few weeks sharing some more favourites.


Read this if: you need a boost of positivity.

The Secret is all about the law of attraction, and how if you think and more importantly, live positively, you will attract even more positive things to come. I’ve tested this out, and guys, it does actually work. If you talk negatively, you will experience even more negativity than before. You know how when you’re having a bad day everything seems to go wrong? That’s a prime example of attracting what you are thinking about. You are so focused on the ‘bad day’ you’re having, you’re manifesting more of the same without even realising. Of course life isn’t always a bed of roses but The Secret is about appreciating and never taking for granted the good in your life. I really would say that this can be a life-changing decision if you are serious about it.


Read this when: you seem to be constantly ‘fed up’ or in a funk, and you want to something to bring back the happier you.

This is the most recent read, and I’m just devouring up this book. IT IS SO GOOD. Every page makes you want to hunt out the highlighters so you never forget these nuggets of wisdom. This isn’t a ‘stick your head in the sand and never let anything negative affect you’ book, it’s actually very realistic and acknowledges the fact that it’s impossible to be happy all the time. I’m currently reading one of the last chapters of the book all about being friendly with all of your emotions, not just the good ones. It’s one I’m going to keep on my bookshelf and read again in the future, after I’ve made my mum have a read of it of course!


Read this: if the little annoying things in life keep dragging you down.

This book is so popular, and for such a good reason. It’s the perfect read to dip in and out of every time you need a boost of motivation or inspiration. Every page is a different topic, such as great ways to start your day and focusing on the little moments of the day, which also means you don’t get a migraine trying to understand and remember all the information and advice, which can happen in some of these type of books. It really reminds you of the bigger picture, and that the fact that they didn’t text back shouldn’t ruin your whole day, you are worth so much more than that.


Have you read any of these?



laptop on a bed


Social media is such a huge part of my life, and I’m sure yours too, that it’s bound to have it’s good and bad moments, like everything in life does. Today I’m talking about by far the most positive thing I love about it, and the side that affects me negatively too.


Connecting with others…

As I touched on in this post, connecting with other people is definitely my absolute FAVOURITE thing about social media. I feel like I would be pretty lonely without Instagram and Twitter as its where I share my thoughts (aside from the blog) and read about the lives of my favourite online people too. It never fails to make me smile when I write a lengthy caption and someone lets me know that they relate in some way. I love it when I see pretty pictures that inspire me and make me want to re-create with my own version, and I love hearing about peoples everyday life in their captions. Instagram is the best platform to connect with others on, in my opinion.

For someone who works at home a lot and doesn’t have many real-life friends, its a lifeline for me that I never want to break.

The comparison trap…

I think the word ‘trap’ is so appropriate here, because once you fall down the comparison loophole, it can feel like you’re not getting out for a while.

This is something I think practically everyone suffers with on a weekly basis. I know I do. I think it’s just human nature to have a look around and see what others are doing, but when we start comparing OUR numbers to theirs, how many comments we get vs how many they do is becomes so debilitating to our mental health. We never see the bad parts of their days, how long they’ve been blogging, or what other life drama they have going on at the minute. I’m pretty sure they will be comparing themselves to others too.

To try and get out of comparing I think its important to not focus on any numbers, even on your own. Focus on the people who show you their support, post whatever feels right to you, and remember there’s also a life offline to be living too.

How do you feel about social media?


charlotte tilbury flatlay

The day I received this package from the lovely team at Charlotte Tilbury I literally screamed, no word of a lie here people! Immediately I wanted to dig in and get trying *everything* out, but of course I wanted to share it with you guys too and do a review on the blog. So that’s what you’re getting today!

I also wanted to get this post out before Christmas, as I honestly think it would be the perfect gift for any beauty lovers in your life. The Beauty Icons Makeup Set contains all of the most popular CT products that come with rave reviews.

Firstly, I tried the Full Fat Lashes. This comes in a mini sample, and I can say that while I haven’t tried that many high end mascaras, this is incredible! I don’t like clumpy lashes, but I do like them to be as long and fluttery looking as possible, and this definitely hit the nail on the head. One to repurchase in full size? Definitely.

The mini Wonderglow that is included had me very excited to try, as I love lighter coverage bases that promise you a bit of that J Lo hue. I used this under a BB cream when I first applied it, but I don’t think I’d bother with any other base next time. It’s going to be my ‘go-to’ base for when I want to wear a little something, but not anything heavy on the skin, a day at home or running errands.

There is also the cutest size of mini K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick in Penelope Pink, which is a gorgeous creamy nude that even looked good on my pale skin-tone. I struggle with lighter lip colours as some can wash me out, but I loved it! I can’t wait to get more wear out of it in the next few months too.

I’ve heard so many good things about the Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk (which comes full-size by the way, how fab?) and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s like my perfect lip colour that I can just use for a little bit more definition, and it may be one for the wedding day! It’s worth the hype.

The only product I haven’t tried yet but I am SO excited to is the Magic Cream. I’ve seriously been wanting to try this for years, so I can’t wait to test it out. I’ll be sure to let you know on my social media what I think, so stay tuned if you’re after a new luxury skincare product.

Plus, I must add all the packaging is absolutely gorgeous on these products, and they really do feel luxurious.

So guys, are you tempted? And what are your favourite Charlotte Tilbury products I need to try next?

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