If you think about why you started to blog or share on social media, it most likely wasn’t to hit a number or ‘goal’ threshold. For me it was writing about things that inspire me, and it just so happened that there are people who are on my wavelength too, which is so awesome and make the journey *even* better.

Yet these days, we often forget about why we started and we set focus on the end destination, hitting that 1k on Instagram or reaching 2,000 Twitter followers. And as soon as that happens, you instantly move onto the next goal, and so forth and so forth…

TRUTH: No number will make you happy.

The whole mindset is one I unfortunately have experienced many times, but not anymore! Its so easy to get caught up in the game of comparison and growing numbers that it instantly kills my passion that I have for my blog and social media.

There will always be someone with more or less followers than you, that is life and thankfully, the real world doesn’t really care about how many numbers you have. Being a genuine, real person will always be better, in my opinion, whether you have 10 followers or 10,000.

I won’t suddenly reach a ‘perfect’ number and be done, the goal posts will always move, and I won’t ever feel satisfied or happy at where I am at now. And that would really suck.

So now, I’m focusing on what I love sharing, engaging with others and feeling so grateful for the ones who comment and like what I do too.

Share what inspires you.

Post what you want to post.

And for the love of life, don’t constantly check and compare the numbers.

Don’t do this for the numbers. You are worth so, so much more than that.


christmas tree


I wanted to do a little life update post, so I’m sat on a Sunday morning with a cup of tea (Dan actually brought me breakfast in bed this morning, granted I did ask him but it’s appreciated nonetheless…) and ready to chat to you guys.



I’ve been blogging every other day for probably the last 6 months, and I’m still enjoying it so much. It means some weeks there are 3 posts, and others there are 4, so it feels manageable for me to maintain, although if I ever start to run out of content ideas I might have to scale it back! I can’t say I’m worried about this at the moment, but it is in the back of my mind.

I love writing about a variety of different topics, all things that I’m passionate about of course. It keeps it fresh and not boring. At least I think so anyway so hopefully you agree!



This year has been filled with a few ups and downs, and I feel like it’s been a year of challenges for me. Planning a wedding, dealing with difficult people, and having a tough summer all took a toll on me, but I’m thankful that this year has also seen some wonderful moments too such as moving in to our own place together and doing new things that I would never of dreamed of being able to do to, like going to a blogging event alone and driving (part-way) to Edinburgh.



I’m so excited for our first Christmas together in our own home. By the time you read this the tree will already be up, and that excites me majorly. I’m also documenting my December on my Youtube Channel where I’ll be uploading lots of vlogmas videos on what we get up to this month so please subscribe if that sounds interesting to you, I would really appreciate it.



This New Year we will be visiting my sister and brother in law who are staying in Aberdeen. We are going to stop overnight in Edinburgh, which I’m so excited to re-visit as it is one of my favourite places, then heading up to Aberden to ring in the New Year with family. I’m not sure of the exact things we will be doing, but I’m looking forward to spending some sister time together and also exploring a new city.


What are your Christmas and New Year plans?



Welcome back!

If you missed my last two posts of this series, I’ll link them here, here and here. And for today’s edition, since everybody is getting in the festive spirit (myself included), I thought I’d do a version on giving back this Christmas.



One of my favourite ways to spend an afternoon is going through my wardrobe, and getting rid of all the things I’ve bought but never ended up wearing (don’t tell me this isn’t a good way to spend my time!). De-cluttering always leaves you feeling *red sassy girl emoji* and I always feel a bit lighter mentally too. The charity we give to as a family even sends us a letter saying how much they’ve raised out of the clothes we’ve given them.



Whenever I’ve done a quick food shop and have lots of left-over 10 and 20p’s, I always look for a change box to pop them into it. It really annoys me when I can’t find one! The way I see it, I sure won’t miss the odd few pound here and there, and I would really like it to help out others that are in a less fortunate place than I am. This one is super easy to do, so there’s really no excuse!



Our auntie regularly looks after Harvey if we ever go on holiday or away, so I like to pick her up a bunch of flowers when I’m collecting him. I know it will really brighten her day, but if they don’t like flowers you can always send a card or a nice box of chocolates to let them know you really appreciate them and what they do for you. It’s kind to be kind.



Whenever I pop to the local shop for some bits I always see the trolley donation at the front where you can pay for a few goodies at the till, and donate them to people who really need them and food banks. This is something I really want to start doing and it’s so easy too.



Christmas is a tough time for some people who may not have the company we luckily do, and making a care package would be a lovely thing for someone to receive to let them know you’re thinking about them. This year my mum and stepdad have made care packages for children in other countries with a charity, which is definitely something I want to do myself next year and I think it’s such a lovely thing to make time for.


Will you be doing any of these this Christmas season?


I’m always thinking about beauty ideas for blog posts, and I do still enjoy writing and reading them. Today I thought I’d share what’s in my current makeup bag (I could call this the Winter edition but lets be honest, it doesn’t change that much all too often.)

I use The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA as a primer, it leaves my skin feeling super smooth and quite tacky, ready to apply a base.

The base product I’ve been using at the moment is Bourjois Healthy Mix, and I love this foundation because it’s very light but still has really good coverage that gives me a bit of confidence.

I’ve been using my Sleek Contour palette, and using the ‘contour’ shade as a bronzer, which works super well. I love this little palette and its lasted me so long. It’s very affordable too so it gets a major thumbs up from me. Then I go in with my Glossier Haloscope in Moonstone which I apply with my fingers, this stuff is dreamy. It just gives you a lit from within glow.

For eyeshadow I am obsessed with my Urban Decay Naked Heat palette. I didn’t like my Naked 3, but this palette is everything to me right now. The copper colours really suit my blue eyes and make them pop. There’s so many beautiful shades in this too, and it’s very pigmented. I’m always using my favourite ever mascara too, the Maybelline Push Up Angel.

On my lips I’m using the Glossier balm dot com in Birthday Cake, which yep, you guessed it, it’s the dream. I feel like I need 50 back-ups incase I suddenly run out. I’ve started popping the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk over the top to line my lips and it’s becoming the perfect combo.

Have you tried any of these products?

holding a mug


I know that title is maybe not what you expected me to say, after-all I am the girl who writes about her feelings constantly, and loves to share the real parts of everyday life with you lot.

But sometimes, you don’t have to write about it.

There’s certain situations in my life that I know I will never write about, for various reasons. They involve other family members that I wouldn’t see fair to divulge information about, some things just feel a bit too close to home to, and other stuff I simply haven’t worked out myself yet, so I can’t offer any words of advice or anyone else.

I had quite a triggered moment the other day, and my first thought was to write a post about it and see if that lightens the load that it brought me. But some thing just felt a little ‘off’, it didn’t feel quite right to talk about it in words on a page which will stay on my blog forever. As much as I want to share my life online, (LINK) I would never post anything that goes against my gut instinct. That’s just the way I work and my compass for what to post.

Instead, I rolled out my yoga mat, put on my favourite songs and worked it out by myself, moving my body in ways I needed and soothing my soul with words that comfort me. I let myself think and feel without judgement, and without the need for a conclusion.

I felt so much calmer afterwards, and I still had that feeling of relieve that I get when I’ve wrote something down.

Do you think theres some things you don’t have to write about, what would you do instead?