I remember reading this post by Kat a few months ago (she has one of my favourite blogs so do be sure to go and check it out) and really resonating with the things she had mentioned.

It has only occurred to me recently that I’ve started putting things in practice in my own life, and I thought I’d jot down a few of them today in this post incase you were interested.


Firstly, I have just joined up to an Instagram e-course that I’m super excited about! I won’t mention it too much as I haven’t had the time to sit down and really spend a good hour on it, but I’m looking forward to spending my afternoons getting stuck in with a cup of tea by my side. This did cost a fair few pennies, but I viewed it as a treat to myself.

I’m also investing more time into listening to podcasts and feeling inspired, for the ones I’m loving at the minute read this post.


Not everything that you can do to invest in yourself is costly, for instance, I’ve been switching up doing different workouts each week and my body is really appreciating the mix I have going on and that I’m engaging different muscles. Plus it also means I don’t get bored doing the same thing all the time too.

I’ve also got quite a few massages this year (about every 8 weeks) and they have been fantastic! I know indulging in a massage is not for everyone and can seem a bit lavish, but for me the price is really worth it for the feeling I get afterwards and how different my body feels after some TLC.

Along with massages and a varied exercise routine, I bake a lot more these days than I ever did. I’m always in the kitchen making myself healthy snacks for the week ahead and I really enjoy the process. It also means I get yummy treats which is fine by me.



I’ve been having a lot of ‘active’ rest lately, where when I’m relaxing, I’m partly doing something else too, which stops my mind from spiralling and over-thinking.

Usually when I’m watching TV, I cross-stitch or colour. This means I’m getting a bit more ‘me-time’ in without even realising!


Not every way of ‘investing’ in yourself has to be expensive. Some can be so simple but make such a massive difference.

Other ways you can invest in yourself:

  • Treat yourself to a new work wardrobe that makes you feel confident.
  • Spend some time thinking about changes you want to make in your personal life and make a plan of action to follow through.
  • Notice when you are working too hard, and take a day off.
  • Make a list of things you want to do with the rest of the year, and book one today.


Do you ever ‘invest’ in yourself?


Being creative is one of my favourite things, and it wasn’t until I truly thought about it that I realised how creative I actually am, and how much of a big part of my life it is.

Here’s some ways you can start being more creative.

  1. Start learning a new language.
  2. Read a book.
  3. Paint!
  4. Sing and dance to your favourite song.
  5. Bake something.
  6. Go for a walk and take your camera with you.
  7. Listen to a podcast.
  8. Look for the different coloured leaves.
  9. Colour.
  10. Cross-stitch!
  11. Learn how to knit.
  12. Change your editing style.
  13. Brainstorm blog posts you want to write.
  14. Paint your nails.
  15. Experiment with todays outfit.
  16. Do yoga.
  17. Use a different running route.
  18. Walk home in a different direction.
  19. Cook something new.
  20. Discover new Instagram profiles that leave you feeling excited and inspired.
  21. Braid your hair and rock it!
  22. Buy some flowers and see how you can photograph them differently.
  23. Make something with your hands.


How many of these are you going to do today?



I’ve never been a patient person, and I’ve always found it really difficult to wait for things. Whether that’s waiting till 3pm for an afternoon biscuit, or the months it takes till you achieve one of your lusted after goals, patience is not my forte.

But, we all know the best things are the ones worth waiting for, so I’m trying to get a hold on my inner demanding child and learn to smell the roses in-between. Here’s what I’m doing to remind myself to hang in there…


What’s meant for you will never pass you by

I just LOVE this quote, and it really makes me stop in my tracks and remember to surrender to the universe, and something bigger than me and ‘my’ plans. Sometimes we like to think we are the one calling the shots, but I do like to see it the other way every now and again. It’s not helpless, it’s trusting in the process.


Take stock of where you are at 

When we are so focused on getting our goals and achievements, we often lose track of how far we’ve come to get to that point. I know I forget about this all the time.

When you’re working towards your next follower count, remember how many you started at. When you’re waiting to get promoted at work, remember your first ever day there and how many awesome skills you’ve learned along the way. YOU did this. Be proud of yourself.

Sometimes it’s in the journey

There are moments when you reach that destination, when you see things a little differently. You wish you could go back and enjoy the journey towards it a touch more, maybe you wish you weren’t so focused on the outcome from the get-go.

Enjoying ourselves along the way will always make us feel good, and most likely we’ll feel even better when we eventually get there too.

Embrace the struggle. Find the positives. And if all else fails, brush yourself off and  start again.

Are you a patient person? How do you practice patience in your life?


It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a sort of ‘journal entry’ in the blog, or ever really. I try to pride myself on writing things that will give at least one person out there some value (on most posts anyway).

But along the way I seem to of missed just sharing my everyday life with you all. So let me know if you liked this sort of set-up and the next time I fancy a natter, I’ll write another one!

So my other half is currently away, on his stag do (ahhhh! I can’t believe it’s only a few months until we get married. Time for a wedding update post maybe?). Him and 8 others headed off to sunny Spain, and since he was going away, I decided to join my mum and stepdad with the pooch, to the sea.

We have a small place here in a quiet town, so it’s always familiar coming back and we like to visit whenever we can. It’s so nice to be surrounded by green and a sense of peace, and the beach is also a 10 minute drive away too.


We spent Thursday chilling out on the balcony in the glorious 20 degrees sunshine and I cracked on with my cross-stitch before I enjoyed some yoga on the decking with a cup of sweet tea. Heavenly! In the late evening we played the new Elton John remix album on the speakers and just lounged around chilling. Would highly recommend that album, it’s fab.

Friday we ventured to the shops for a quick look around, I nabbed a few bargains from New Look then went pebble hunting on the beach too. In the afternoon I managed to go to the baths for a swim and enjoyed some more of the sunshine outside and talking Harvey for lots of walks.

Saturday will be spent doing more of the same, then headed home in time to catch some Saturday night TV I think.

It’s only been 2 days off but I feel like I’m coming back so refreshed and with renewed intentions. It’s so blissful to have some time away to relax and remember what’s important in life.


How did you spend your weekend?


After I wrote a post about My First Taste Of Slow-Living, I knew it was something I wanted to talk more about on my blog. It’s something that over the last year has really interested me, and I’m keen to incorporate into my daily life, as much as seemingly possible.

As a beginner, I appreciate that the whole concept can seem a bit muddled, so I thought I’d provide my own version of a guide for a slow living weekend that you could participate in if you wanted to.

Lets start at the beginning:



Hopefully by this point, work is out of the way for the weekend. Tonight’s agenda is all about relaxation, and getting you feeling calm and peaceful, ready for a lovely weekend.

  • Wash away the stress off the week in a big bubble bath
  • Make a phone call to a loved one to catch up.
  • Eat a nutritious yet hearty meal that leaves you feeling comforted, and restored.



You have a day to completely fill it with whatever you please. Here’s what I would recommend..

  • Get outside for some fresh air. If it’s cold, wrap up warm and remember you can always have a nice cup of tea to come home to.
  • Bake something. Baking is known to be very therapeutic, and you have a lovely treat to eat afterwards. It’s a win-win situation.
  • Start that hobby. Whether thats wanting to take up running, swimming, knitting or photography, today is the day to get inspired! It’s never too late to start again, especially if it brings joy.



Yesterday might of involved a few outdoor or active activities, so today we are all about chilling!

  • Have a lazy morning in bed. Bring your breakfast back to eat in bed and then have a little doze after. It’s Sunday after-all.
  • Read that book you’ve been meaning to for months, or watch a film that makes you feel happy and nostalgic.
  • Be kind to yourself. Whether that’s giving yourself a foot massage (I do this and it’s heavenly, highly recommend), doing a bit of pampering, or getting rid of some of the junk that’s been laying around the house and making you feel untidy, it’s time for it to go.



  • Try to avoid busy shopping centres or spending the weekend doing errands (it’s supposed to be YOUR free time!)
  • Spend the whole weekend mindlessly refreshing Instagram.
  • Beat yourself up about the things you haven’t done. It’s only two days off.
  • Fill your time with things that feel popular, but you’re not really in to.


Have you ever had a weekend like this?

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