I’ve definitely had a little bit of a lifestyle switch this year, and I thought I’d pop up a post today all about the things I’m making more time for. All of these things are nourishing me in different ways, and I’m so happy I make them more of a priority than they once were.



I’ve always had a pretty consistent practice, but over the recent few months I’m really making sure to tune into my body, and see what it needs on that particular day. I’ve started booking in half an hour slots in my diary for me to get on my mat, and having that time to myself feels like a luxury. To me, yoga is the gift that keeps on giving.



As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m making more of an effort to get cooking in the kitchen! I usually pop on a podcast or something in the background which stops me getting bored, because lets face it cooking can be a bit dull, and I LOVE the feeling of eating fresh, home-made food. It really satisfies me and there’s nothing quite like it.



I know, right. Who am I anymore?! But seriously, spending time with the right kind of people makes me feel uplifted and so happy! Whether that’s arranging a mid-week coffee and cake date, or going out for a meal with Dan every now and again, it feels good to socialise. Plus, it makes coming home even better after a busy day!



Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t an everyday occurence and I love nothing more than it still being mid-day and I’m in my pyjama’s, but making the effort with my new hair cut, and mixing up my make-up bag really puts a spring in my step. When I look good, I feel good too.


What are you trying to make more time for lately?



Please note, I’m typing this on a Saturday evening after a much-needed short few minutes on my yoga mat, after a super busy but great day. But I felt like I needed some time to myself to de-compress.

As with most of my slight epihanes, they pop up after a few stretches and some time to really think and see what’s bothering me. Tonight’s was the idea that I have to know all the answers.

I think I’ve always been like this, I find comfort in the finality of a decision. I like to know what’s going on, the knowledge keeps me feeling safe, secure and somewhat in control. But really, we will never know it all.

And maybe we never should.

Maybe the joy and journey and intense struggle that life can sometimes be, is teaching us that in the end, there is no perfect answer. There is nothing for us to search, cling and hold ourselves to. Life isn’t a solid structure of comfort, security and routine, and there isn’t a rulebook to follow.

Maybe after all this, there is no need to know it all, because it doesn’t exist.

There is no right answer.

There never was.

Do you ever struggle with this?


I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and I really wanted to write a little piece about it on the blog, as I’m sure someone out there has experienced something similar in regards to social media.

Lately, for me, I’m just seeing way too much of the stuff that I dislike or don’t relate to, or simply find really upsetting. So here’s what I’ve done about it because things have got to change, and being mindful in the content I consume is something that’s very important to me.



There is always a few opinions about whether it is ‘acceptable’ to unfollow, which of course I think it is, you do you. There isn’t a rule to abide by if something is affecting you negatively. But if that feels too harsh, mute is a god-send. Plus, I’m pretty sure they don’t know that they are muted either.

Sometimes I don’t want to offend or upset anyone, but their tweets are a bit too much for me to read, so I mute them and I can carry on seeing more positive stuff that inspires and uplifts me. You can also ‘ban’ particular words on Twitter which is something I’ve done recently and worked well.


Ah, this next bit is the good stuff.

Seek out the things that feel good to you. Go on a follow spree of new amazing accounts on Instagram, find some new blogs to read on your commute, and engage in people who you find motivating!

The internet can be a super positive place if we use it well. Bask in the internet inspiration you surround yourself in. Let it spur you on to keep doing your thing.


If you get mid-way down an article that’s gone viral, but you don’t like the vibe it’s giving, stop reading. And if you spend a few mornings on the Daily Mail, don’t judge yourself! But next time, try and catch yourself in the habit if it makes you feel icky.

If you want a day offline, do it.

It’s so important to look after ourselves. Have you ever thought about how many things we are reading every single day that might influence our lives without us knowing it? Lets keep it the right stuff.

What steps do you do to consume content mindfully?

This is a bit of a random blog post, so forgive me for it not being the most coherent. I was just sat outside thinking about blog posts to write, whilst enjoying the sunshine and cracking on with my embroidery, and decided I wanted to whip up a little post about a new found love of mine: being crafty!

Granted I’m not at the stage where I’m re-upholstering side tables (although that sounds dreamy) but I’m loving unleashing this creative side of me.

I’ve never been amazing at Art but painting is something I’ve been doing A LOT of, and finding it so therapeutic.

I’m not at the stage where I can draw *and* paint, so I usually pick up a few ‘painting by numbers’ (which funnily enough I loved doing as a child) and I work on them every few days so they last a decent amount of time too. I’ve shared them here on my Instagram if you would like a look.

I’m also really enjoying embroidery. I bought this set off Etsy and fell in love, so recently I decided to make my own (a family friend let me borrow their kit, thankfully) using a design I took off Pinterest. I can’t show you the full thing yet as I’m giving it away as a small gift, but I’ll post it (again to my Instagram) soon.

I think my love for it is down to how soothing and simple crafting is, but that at the end you have something that YOU did, that’s beautiful. You created it. You gave life to it. And to look at it when it’s finished feels pretty damn sweet.

So, what’s next on my list? I’m thinking some more embroiderys as gifts for my favourite people, and I’ve also been thinking about doing something to our decking area at home, I’m not sure what I actually want to do yet, but the place definitely needs jazzing up.

Do you enjoy doing crafts?


Having a blog has always been a huge part of my life, as really, it’s my passion. The more I do it, the happier I feel. Although I’m not at the point where I can take it full-time as a career yet, I use that as a goal and inspiration to work towards.

I post 3 times a week and in this post I’m going to be talking about how I fit it in my everyday schedule.


Use your commute.

If I’m not driving and a passenger, I always use this time to schedule my social media. I personally use Buffer and even though you can only schedule 10 tweets in advance, it keeps me going for a few days. You can also use this time while you’re travelling to get caught up on your latest podcast episodes. I love putting in a podcast and going for a long walk.


Always be ready. 

By this I mean always have something readily available for you to store post ideas in. Whether that’s a small notebook you carry around with you, or using the Notes app on your phone like I do. For me, inspiration always hits when I’m usually doing something else, so I make sure to type a few words about it so I can come back to it later. If not, I’ll definitely forget about it!



At some point, you’re going to have to prioritise your blog if you want to spend more time on it and build it into something substantial. We all know this of course, but sometimes it can mean missing out on a early night or using your ‘lazy afternoon’ to get ahead of your blog schedule. I really do think that the more time you put into your blog, the more it shows. And because I love doing it, I don’t see it as a chore anyway.


Stay updated.

Personally, I love using my lunch breaks at work to catch up on my favourite blogs. These include those from Sophie, Amy, Hannah, Kayte, and Sophie. I love staying up to date with what’s going on online and spending half an hour with my favourite reads always makes me feel inspired to blog myself too.


Do you do any of these things?