As I’m writing this, we just got back from holiday the previous evening, and I wanted to pop on here to have a little chat. It’s been a fantastic 5 days, and I would sum it up by saying it was the perfect break away to create space.

I created space in my mind with lots of reading, and relaxing. I created some space in my body with daily yoga practices, and lots of walking. We created space for us as a couple by spending some much-needed quality time together. Everything just flowed by easy breezy, and it was blissful. I was able to daydream, think, manifest goals for the future with no time pressures or restraints.

It isn’t until you go away and aren’t doing the same daily routines do you realise how much you needed an interval. A change in the ordinary.

I’m hoping to hold onto this feeling a little bit longer, and hopefully remember this as a great lesson and reminder to just breathe, and let things be. I definitely need to take parts of this holiday back into my day to day life, such as walking more, spending more time offline, and not rushing around as much.

I’m sure you are all reading how zen I am feeling right now, so I’ll leave it at that!

Are you going away on holiday this year?


For today’s post, I thought it would be fun to chat about a few things that I’m totally over hearing, or talking/thinking about myself. Plus I also feel in quite a feisty mood, so I’m embracing that here. What better place to get my thoughts out there than my old blog hey?

Feminism being a dirty word.

Sorry but, are we still in 1992? It’s about time people realised that women are in fact equal to men, and that’s how it should always of been. I just do not have the time for small-minded opinions and pitting women against women anymore! Women are badass okay?

Moaning about my Instagram engagement

If you catch me doing this, then be sure to let me know of this post I wrote previously! But in all serious, if I like the photos which I’m posting (which I do) then I don’t care whether they get 100 likes or a 1,000. Truthfully! It’s time to start posting for ourselves again. Although the follow/unfollow game is another thing…


Sorry but I’m just so not into Twitter anymore! I’m not sure when this came around and I think a lot of people feel the same, but I’m not itching to refresh the app anymore. It’s a bit too negative or ‘samey’ for me over there at the minute. Maybe I need to follow some new people? The day seems to fly by and I forget that I haven’t even been on it!

Feeling bad about food

This could be a whole post in itself, but my attitude to food has really developed, and these days I just focus on what my body wants and needs. Yes I’ve just finished off a bag of crisps that were delicious whilst writing this, but I’m also having a stir-fry for dinner. Balance is key.


I know, it’s disgraceful. I just can’t stomach them anymore…


Are you ‘over’ any of these things too?


I don’t want this post to come across preachy at all, but I really wanted to talk about something that is a new interest of mine, and that’s the environment.

Previously I was very unaware about what you could do to live more sustainably (and maybe I just didn’t really want to educate myself back then), but over the recent months it’s something that I just keep returning to. I always feel like I could do more, so if you have any more tips that I could do, please let me know in the comments!

Now the most obvious thing that I did was become vegetarian. I’m not sure when I actually cut meat out, but it was probably over a year ago if I had to guess. Why did I do it? It was a mixture of reasons, but a big one being that I just didn’t want to eat an animal, I didn’t like the texture and the whole thing didn’t sit too well with me, plus I was never a big meat-eater anyway. I would never judge those who do as everyone’s lifestyle needs different things and I respect people having different opinions.

A few months ago, I bought myself a glass bottle from TK Maxx, as I drunk so much water and was fed up with buying plastic bottles, especially when I heard about how bad they are for the environment. It works really well, but sometimes I do slip up and pick up the odd bottle every now and then, which I don’t beat myself up about. Plastic consumption is something I want to do even more research on, and I really want to try and avoid it as much as possible in terms of food shopping too.

Plastic bags is another thing I always try to remember when food shopping, and the ones I have now I re-use until they fall apart and try really hard to not buy another. I would definitely recommend popping a tote or 5p bag in your daily hand-bag so you don’t get caught short!


What else should I do to live more sustainably? 




Once again, I’m in a chatty mood. So I turn to the blog in the hopes someone might find this vaguely interesting (or is a bit nosey, like me) and talk about my fitness routine at the moment.

No-one has asked for this post, so I’ll keep it relatively short and sweet so as to not bore the socks off you and the dog.

Basically, I’m really enjoying the exercise routine I have now.

It’s flexible, but structured. Meaning I don’t get bored as I’m always doing something different, but also that if I need a day off, I can easily have one.

So what does it look like?

Monday nights, we have my yoga class, probably my favourite part of the week. It’s set in a little local Church meaning the vibe is SO calm and relaxing, plus it’s only a 2 minute walk away for me too.

On Wednesday evenings I hit the gym doing around 30 minutes of cardio, then spending some time doing different exercises with light weights, and mat body work such as planks, squats etc.

Fridays is swimming day! It makes me so happy that I now go every week, because there’s nothing quite like being in the water, for me anyway. I usually spend a good half hour in there, and let me tell you, swimming is NO JOKE. It makes me feel pretty damn tired afterwards and also, so so hungry that I must eat everything in sight.

For the rest of the week I either do a Yoga with Adriene video, or make up my own yoga practice on the mat. I always try to get on there daily as it does a great job of balancing me out, both physically and mentally. This routine really works for me, and doesn’t feel too little, or too much.

So there we have it! Loving this routine at the moment and long may it continue.


What’s your fitness routine looking like lately? I would be super interested to hear!


It’s time for another diary entry blog post! This time about my second hen weekend, which if you haven’t seen on my social media was just the best thing ever. I had no idea what we were doing or where we were going, but my mum and sister completely nailed it!

So, let’s start from the beginning, shall we? (This post is going to be rather long and picture heavy, FYI!)


We stayed at the cottages at Raithwaite Hall, in Whitby which was about an hour and half drive away. The views on the way there are beautiful too!

Our cottage was called the Pheasant Cottage, and it was absolutely gorgeous! It had three bedrooms with one en-suite, so we all had our own bedrooms to sleep in. Everything worked perfectly and it felt so cosy and very homely in there. I would love to go back!



It was a gorgeous sunny day on the Friday we arrived, so after a nice cuppa in the cottage we had a walk around the beautiful gardens and had drinks in the sunshine.

The flower gardens are just dreamy, such a peaceful place to relax and enjoy the weather in.


We all then had a private yoga session with a teacher who came to our cottage, and we spent an hour doing some Yin Yoga, which was exactly what we all needed to start the weekend off!

In the evening we had pizza in our cosy abode, and I sat in my pyjamas and veil all night 😉


Saturday morning started with making our own flower crowns, which was the perfect activity for me. They were surprisingly easy to do, and I would highly recommend having a go yourself. I took mine down to the beach, and me and my sister dipped our feet in the cold sea, which was refreshing to say the least!

Saturday afternoon we had our spa treatments, a 30min facial, plus a 30min back and shoulder massage! It was divine. We had afternoon tea in the hotel in our robes which was such a lovely treat 🙂 I’m becoming more obsessed with scones than ever this month!

We went back to the cottage to have a few hours doing our own thing, then got all dressed up for a meal at The Keep, another part of the hotel. We were so full at the end but we just *had* to share an apple and blackberry crumble.

We ended the evening watching My Best Friends Wedding, which most of you guessed correctly on my Instagram stories! The best film.

Sunday started off with another private yoga session, this time it was an hour’s vinyasa flow, which got us all sweaty and was a fab workout.

After that we headed off for another walk in the gardens, before a yummy veggie roast at the hotel.

We spent the evening paddle boarding on River Est with an instructor at 6pm for two hours, which was hands down one of the best (if not, the best) thing I’ve ever done. The views were incredible and so unforgettable, it was like a scene from blue planet!

It’s hard to explain just how beautiful and picturesque it was. Safe to say we both felt it in our bodies the next morning! Even as I’m writing this a few days after, I can still feel the aches! It was definitely a work-out, but such a fun one at that.

And that’s a wrap! What a weekend. Thank you to my lovely mum and amazing sister for all the amazing thought that went into it <3