Welcome to wedding week! It feels like I’ve been waiting months to share our day with you all, but I’m so happy it’s finally arrived. Here’s what to expect…


  • 5 blogs posts covering the day from start to finish, including the makeup, dress, venue, decor, ceremony and what I did the night before/morning of the wedding.
  • Showing you the photos from our gorgeous wedding photographer who I would thoroughly recommend for any other Yorkshire ‘Bride To Be’s out there!
  • The heartfelt readings we chose two of our favourite people to read.
  • Our first dance song.
  • How I felt walking down the aisle, and who was the most nervous, me or Dan.
  • Our cake flavours- which were delicious!
  • What we ate throughout the day
  • Our wedding ‘Magic Mirror’ which went down like an absolute treat
  • ….and probably, everything else!


I would also like to give a massive thanks to Greater Skies for very kindly sending over a little wedding present for us, it was such a lovely surprise when the email popped up. It is the most gorgeous personalised print of the stars and sky, on the day we tied the knot.

If you are going to any weddings in the near future, I would highly recommend ordering one as a present for the Bride & Groom! We have ours pride of place in the kitchen and it always makes me smile when I walk past it.

I think that’s about it for today. See you tomorrow? 😉


I have to say guys, I think this month is turning out to be one of my favourites yet. Plus it hasn’t even finished yet. But before I ramble on, lets talk about what’s made me happy lately, version number three!


If its been a bit quiet here on the blog, this is why. Wedding week starts on Sunday, with a post every day up until Friday and I’ve been spending most afternoons on my laptop getting it all ready for you all. I am absolutely in love with our photos and I’m so excited to see what you all think!


Tuesday afternoon I headed down to London as me, my sister and brother in law booked tickets for YWA’s event at Alexander Palace. It was hands down one of the most special things I’ve ever done. Hearing 2,400 people clap Jai Namaste is something I won’t ever forget and Adriene is a massive inspiration, so seeing her in real life lead us through a yoga class was incredible.


The closest Pret to me is in Leeds city centre, so it’s not exactly a walk away. Heading back home from London on Wednesday I made sure to bring one back for me to eat the following day, and it was a great decision. They are so yummy. Have you tried them yet?


As I’m writing this, this afternoon I went for a full body massage and it was just what I needed to feel a bit more like myself again. I’ve come away feeling really restored and rejuvenated (albeit a little sleepy now!)


Yep, I’m obsessed with Mrs Hinch. I love watching her Instagram stories and find them so entertaining, plus she’s inspired me to get the whole house nice and clean again. The other day I washed all the worktops and counters from top to bottom with soapy water, something I haven’t even done yet and we’ve been here a year! (It’s really not as bad as it sounds!!!)


I love to re-read some of my favourite books as I think they truly are invaluable. I always learn something. I’ve been reading a lot in the bath lately with The Power Of Now and a highlighter, and it’s being somewhat of a haven for me. Time to myself and where I leave feeling calm, inspired and content. You must read it!


I’m not sure why but I’m having a real sweet potato moment. Drizzled in olive oil with salt and pepper, roast in the oven for 45 minutes and it’s soooooo good.


SCD is back this weekend and I cannot wait! We watch it every year as a family as get very involved, as always. I’m so excited to watch it with a takeaway and my dad tomorrow. I’m not sure who my favourite will be yet, but we’ll see!


I’m going through a bit of a teenage rom-com moment on Netflix. I’ve watch To All The Boys, Sienna Burgess and now I’m halfway through The Kissing Booth, which I think may be my favourite of all three so far! I’m really enjoying relaxing on the sofa and not feeling like I have to do anything when I get some spare time.


I bought us a new bedding set before we went on holiday, and the day we came back I put it on and it was a dreamy situation. Plus it’s got super cute animals on it so that’s always a plus in my book. My mum doesn’t seem too keen though but at least I like it!


Whats made you happy recently? I would love to know!



Blogging is something that is much more than a hobby to me, it’s something I’m extremely passionate about and absolutely love doing. But after a while, it’s totally normal that inspiration can start to fade.

Theres always days I’m not even *on* my laptop (sometimes the best kind of days, right?), but for the most part I have a number of certain sources I use to keep me feeling inspired to blog and share content on here for myself and any lovely people reading this!



My blog is a very personal part of me, so I use what’s happening in my life to draw on for posts. Whether that’s goals for the month or just a chat on how I’ve been feeling recently, it all goes down as something I might talk about on here. These are usually my most favourite posts to write, and I think they are my most popular too. There’s nothing quite like making yourself a cuppa and just sitting down to type what’s on your mind, it’s so therapeutic!



I often think about what I’d like to read, and that definitely comes into play when planning my blog posts.  I know I love reading anything about creativity, so I try and incorporate that into my own blog schedule too, luckily it’s something I love writing about too.

Posts with simple steps or ‘how tos’ is also something I gravitate towards, so I like to have a good brainstorm as to how I can include that in my blog aswell. If I have an idea but it’s not something I’d usually read, I take a few days to think about it, and end up leaving it in the idea bank for another time.



I have loads of blogs out there that I love reading, so sometimes a post can pop up that I really love and want to re-create or share my opinion on that particular topic. Luckily there’s people posting such amazing content on the web these days, inspiration is never short.



Sometimes something as simple as a tweet or a particular podcast episode I enjoyed recently can spark a blog post idea! When that happens, I usually make a note of it on my phone or write it down in my journal so I can go back to it at a later date.

I also find that when I’m immersed in something I love, painting, baking, or doing yoga, blog post ideas pop up out of nowhere into my mind. I’m not quite sure why that is, but I’ll happily take it!

Taking a step back from even thinking about blogging inspiration can work wonders. Walk your dog, chat to a friend, have a day off and you’ll come back feeling better than before, I promise!


Where do you get your blogging inspiration from?


Now that we’re back from holiday, I’m ready to start getting myself prepared for Autumnal and all the cosy weather it brings. It definitely is the homiest season of all I think, so I’ve made myself a little bunch of notes about how I want to make the most of it going forward.


I’m sure that I’m not the only one obsessed with Mrs Hinch’s Instagram stories, and it’s definitely made me want to start thoroughly cleaning everywhere. I’d like to think I’m a pretty clean person and I can’t live in a messy house, but there’s also those jobs you avoid because you know you can’t be bothered with it. Like the back of the cabinets, eeesh. We’re actually headed to B&M this weekend to stock up on supplies which I’m excited about. Is this what it means being an adult? Plus, cleaning always makes me feel better for some reason, I pop on a podcast and find it really therapeutic (don’t tell Dan this or he’ll never clean anything again!)


I’m planning on doing another slow living post soon, because it’s something that’s been on my mind lately, but this Autumn I really want to embrace rest and a slow lifestyle. That doesn’t mean I don’t have any plans and stay at home all day, but more that the plans I do have, making the most of them and approaching them with a sense of calm. Not rushing from destinations, and using that 2 hour train journey as a place for some ‘me-time’ where I read and rest, instead of it just being another commute.


Christmas is my favourite holiday, and as it will be our first as a married couple, it’s got me thinking about different options that we can do. Last Christmas was far too stressful for me personally, and I’m learning that seeing 4 different families in one day is just a bit too much, so this year I want to do it a bit differently, and enjoy the day as much as possible. I also really want to start sending out personalised Christmas cards as a little tradition!

I think around this time of year it’s always a good option to have a sit down and a good think about how far you’ve come, and what goals you still want to achieve. Maybe I’ll do another post on this talking about mine?


Yep, I’m going there! In my opinion, we never treat ourselves enough. Whether that’s picking ourselves up a bunch of flowers and not feeling lame about it, or giving ourselves the pleasure of an early night or a restful morning. Autumn is the perfect season to incorporate an extra bit of self-care.

I’m booking myself a massage which I like to try and get every 3 months, and I treated myself to my nails doing on holiday which was lovely too. I also want to get a few cosy things for the house to embrace this Autumnal period, like new candles, new loungewear, and maybe a throw for the sofa. My bank balance won’t be happy but I definitely will be!

How are you embracing Autumn?

It’s been a few weeks since I did my first 10 things so I decided I’d do another one, as I love writing them and hopefully you like reading them too! They always feel like chatting to a friend, you know?



Whenever I head anywhere with a decent magazine range (i.e not in my neighbourhood) I make sure to pick up a bunch of my favourite mags, including Breathe and Planet Mindful. They are filled to the brim with such important articles and it’s always such a joy to relax on an evening with one and a cup of tea.


I’m a massive fan of everything Deliciously Ella is about, so when she announced they were launching a podcast, I couldn’t wait to download it! It definitely hasn’t disappointed, and I feel like I’m learning more about health & wellness without the preachyness you sometimes get with other people.

#3 COUCH TO 5k

I’m about to start week 4 of Couch to 5k and I’ve surprised myself with just how much I’ve enjoyed it! We go as a family round the neighbourhood so we get some fresh air in at the same time too which is a bonus. My stamina has really improved and it’s the perfect amount of challenging but not too outrageous at the same time.


It’s only been 2 weeks, but I am thoroughly loving the return of the Bake Off. By complete coincidence I always happen to bake on the same day too so I can enjoy a little treat whilst I settle down to watch it. I’ve made flapjacks and brownies so far, so stay tuned for what else is to come!


After being off for the Summer, my local yoga class is back and it feels glorious to switch off for a full hour every Monday evening.


I can’t share a lot about this as it’s a secret at the minute, but something so exciting is happening family related, and I’m sure when I’m able to, I will be sharing a lot more about it!


It’s our first full day here on holiday as I write this, but I wanted to have a little blog session before I head off to bed and snooze the night away. 10 of us have all come and it’s so nice to be away together. Plus I’m always so proud of myself whenever I’ve had a successful flight too which is a great feeling.


This past week I’ve been doing Annie Clark’s yoga challenge on Youtube, and I’m really enjoying it. Some days are meditations, a journal prompt, or 30 minute yoga sessions. I always love trying new things in my yoga practice as a little change in routine and it makes me fall in love with it all over again.


I’m not officially on the Autumn hype until we get back from holiday, but I’ve got a whole bunch of ideas in my head of how I’m getting all prepared for the fall season. Expect a blog post about this soon!


I know, I feel about 5 writing this, but after ages I’ve finally bought a paint palette (so I don’t have to use our plates, sorry Dan) and a painting pad, and I had the best afternoon! It is hands down, the most theraeputic thing, even if I’m not amazing at it. Who cares, right?


What has made you happy lately?