Spring is the perfect time to clean up our old habits that aren’t serving us, and set new routines that make us feel like our best selves. Over the last few weeks or so, I’ve had a good think about what I’d like to change to my daily lifestyle, and they are (thankfully) all working really well so far.


Ah, sugar… the thing I love a lot that doesn’t love me that much after all. Yes it tastes amazing and I feel great while I’m eating it, but afterwards, not so much! Don’t get the wrong idea here, I’m not banishing it from my diet whatsoever, I’m just trying to stick to one sweet thing a day (which is a lot less than the last recent few months). I feel so much better already after just a week, and of course I’ll be slipping up every now and again but hopefully I’ll remember just how much better I feel after I’ve cut down on it a bit.


I love love love, skincare. I’m pretty proud of my skincare collection, and I take pride in looking after my skin. Over the last few weeks, I’ve upped my skincare routine, both morning and evening and I honestly notice such a difference. It probably looks the best it’s ever been, especially since I’ve added serums and hydration boosters. I find it a really relaxing part of my day, and it’s become a ritual that every week I do a sheet mask.


I’ve downloaded the Hormone Horoscope that I forgot about years ago, and I’ve been making notes in my phone when I notice particular symptoms crop up throughout the month. I feel like by doing this I’m learning more and more about my body and how to help manage my hormones. It’s something that’s been on my mind for ages, so I’m hoping I can continue with this and learn even more.


A few things I still want to do:

  • Not go on my phone before breakfast.
  • Do 10,000 steps a day.
  • Fall to sleep earlier.


Have you been making any positive lifestyle changes lately?


It feels like ages since I’ve sat down and chatted to you guys on here, even though it’s been barely a week! But what a week it’s been..

I turned 26 on Wednesday! Thank you if you messaged me on Instagram, it was so nice and I was so surprised by all the love on there. I had a great day and got so many amazing presents that I didn’t expect, but the best one by far was my new gorgeous nephew born in the early hours of the next day. We zipped up to London on my birthday evening and saw him the following day.

I’m obsessed with him. He’s only a few days old and I’m at home now, but I’m missing him so much already. He’s just perfection. I feel so proud of my sister that it’s quite hard to put it into words (or I’ll cry so I’ll just be quiet)

It was a crazy few days in London (especially for this home bird) so I’m just resting in this quiet time at home to recuperate a little bit. Having long baths, doing my yoga practice, meditating and reading. Plus not feeling guilty about leaving the sofa! It’s actually Dans birthday this week so I’ve booked us a surprise weekend away which will be good to spend some quality time together.

I’ve also got the week off work so I’m planning on getting back into the gym- finally, doing some stuff around the house, and I’ve got another crystal therapy session booked for this week too which I always find so beneficial. I’m currently writing this on Sunday morning where I’m hoping I’ll go for a run today, but staying in my dressing gown is rather tempting I must say. The only other thing I have on today’s agenda is to paint my nails and do a face mask- sounds pretty idyllic to me.


What’s your life been like lately?



I’m making the most of the chatty mood I’m in lately, so today I’m gonna share all the things I’ve been consuming lately (apart from food.. but maybe it should include that next time?)


  • I think I’ve mentioned Dynasty enough times recently, but it’s so good. My new guilty pleasure that I don’t actually feel guilty about at all! It’s on Netflix if you want to watch it, a bit over the top and dramatic but that’s why I love it I think.
  • Dan and I are super into Gogglebox (late to the bandwagon, I know) and we find it SO funny! It’s a real feel-good watch. Granted it’s not a new thing and it’s been going years, but we look forward to it every week.
  • I’ve also been getting back into watching The F1 which I loved years ago but then dropped off it. It’s only a few races into the season and I’m really enjoying being back into it again. Plus it’s not every single weekend so it feels managable to keep up with it!



  • I did a book blog post a few weeks ago so if you’ve already read that one, I won’t repeat myself here! I’ve finished Conservations with Friends which I actually didn’t enjoy, I found the whole plot line a bit weird and the characters unrelatable. I picked it up because I’d seen it a lot on social media, but it definitely wasn’t for me unfortunately.
  • I’ve also been reading Playing Big which I’m loving and is a book definitely worth the hype! I’d recommend it if you struggle with negative self-talk or want to live life being braver, and playing bigger in the world.
  • I’m currently reading The Husbands Secret by Liane Moriarty, it’s a bit darker than I thought it would be and it doesn’t quite live up to my favourite book of hers, Big Little Lies, which I’d suggest picking up instead.
  • If you’ve read any great books recently I’d love to hear about them, I’m always on the lookout for recommedations!



  • I love Jess & Kayte’s podcast, The Little Chapters. They discuss really interesting topics and are super open and honest in their conversations. I always look forward to tuning in every week.
  • I love Charlotte Jacklin’s and Liv Purvis’ podcast The Fringe of It! It feels like catching up with friends over a cuppa, so much so that I always save the episodes until last because I enjoy them the most. I really enjoyed one of their recent ones with Lucy Sheridan, who I’m a new follower to but I love her!



What have you been into lately? Any recommendations?


As I’m writing this, I’m not having the best weekend of my life. Struck down with a virus is not fun, and it’s making me realise that actually, I’m not as good at sick days as I thought as a teenager (who didn’t love a duvet day when you could cosy up at home instead of school?)

In my head, I like to think I can use that time at home to read, meditate, and get lots of self-care time in. However, it’s never quite that poetic is it?

I’ve realised how bad I am at slowing down. And I don’t mean this as I’m a super busy girl boss, because realistically, I’m not. But I do do enough for myself and my life, needs, wants, etc. And I like it that way.

But when it comes to doing NOTHING? Nope, not down for that.

Especially when you’re stuck at home. I want to get fresh air. I need to clean the worktops (or so I think). And even though it makes me feel productive when I’m sick, it doesn’t help heal me back to full health.

Just today I’m yoga-ed, meditated, took the dog out for a walk, ironed, cleaned the floors, done the washing, took and edited 2 instagram photos and wrote this blog post. Whilst feeling super guilty that I don’t have the energy to do as much as I think I should.

Tonight I’m going to try doing nothing.

Have a hot bath, scroll on my phone and enjoy it, maybe read some of my magazine if I want to. And just CHILL.

Why is doing nothing so hard? Why does it make us feel guilty? I’m sure there’s a lot of digging I need to do here, but at least realising it is in some way making progress to untying these beliefs!

Was it just me or did March go nice and slowly, I feel like I really got a lot of things done this month- although not so much goals wise, as you’ll see in a minute. April is gonna be a super exciting month as we have lots of birthdays in the family (including my own) and as I’m typing this, my nephew is due to be born any minute now!



Put together our wedding album. I’m ticking this one off as a goal achieved, because it’s neaaaarly finished! I have to print off a few more photos so we fill the book up completely, so the next day off I have I’ll get to it and make sure it’s fully done. It looks so beautiful, I’m really happy with the one I ordered from Not On The Highstreet, it wasn’t too expensive but looks super luxury.

Re-do Bloom & Grow, Instagram e-course. Nope, not done. As I’m writing this I’m actually about to start it, but I did read Sara’s book Hashtag Authentic throughout this month and it was so helpful. It’s packed full of Instagram and photography tips and gorgeous images so I’d definitely recommend it.

Finish the Kikki K, Dream Life book. Now this one I definitely did achieve! I found the whole experience of reading this book and doing the tasks required such a positive experience and quite extraordinary really. I’m yet to know if it works- but I’m working on it!



Get back in the gym, eeeek. It’s probably been about six months since I went to the gym. I just completely fell out of love with it, and found different forms of exercise that I enjoyed so much more. But now, I think I’m just about ready to get back in there! I’ve been quite motivated by the people I follow online so maybe that’s helped. I’m definitely going to start small though and work on not pushing myself too hard.

Slow down, and savour the little moments more. Even though March was a good month, it also felt a bit mentally, busy- if that makes sense! A bit like being on a hamster wheel and not knowing how to get off. That’s why for April I want to slow down more, and appreciate the little things that I love, with added gratitude.

Home decor update! I really want to buy some plants for the house, (we had one last year that we killed by accident) but I love the look of them and the positive affect they have on your surroundings. We also need to touch up the paint around the house so it looks a bit fresher too.



What are your goals for April?