As I mentioned in the last post, I’ve teamed up with some fellow creatives for our own hashtag, called inspire_and_create

So you all get to know these awesome ladies a little better, I decided to ask them a few questions based on their Instagram!




What made you start your Instagram account? I started to follow my friends on IG. Soon after I bought my first proper camera and started to take pictures of my favourite subject: flowers!

Describe your account in 3 words? Flower addicted. Colourful, and sharing my seedhead love

What advice would you give to those starting on the app today? The main thing is, enjoy it! Enjoy sharing your pictures, enjoy the photos from your community, engage with your community and just have fun!


Describe your account in 3 words? Magic, whimsy, creative.

Are there any pictures that don’t make it on to your grid? Loads! Edits frequently don’t work out as well as I hoped!

What advice would you give to those starting out on Instagram? There aren’t any quick wins here, so make sure you enjoy the process. Also, remember it’s a social network, you won’t get far without getting out there and engaging with people, plus, the community you build will be the best bit!


When did you first join Instagram? September 2018

Are there any pictures that don’t make it on to your grid? All the time!

What’s your go-to editing app? I don’t use apps, I use Photoshop and Lightroom on the computer.


When did you first join Instagram? July 2014, but didn’t really do Instagram like I do now until December 2017.

Describe your account in 3 words? Fun, creative, moody.

What’s your go-to editing app? VSCO and Afterlight.


What made you start your Instagram account? I started my account when I had my first child Otis two years ago. It was a way for me to connect with other mums and I found it a really useful way to keep sane when stuck night feeding. Then I started to get more creative with my account and grew a small but mighty following.

Describe your account in 3 words? Whimsical, interiors, family

What advice would you give to those starting out on Instagram today? Do you. And be proud of your style. Instagram has a lot of goal posts that move and change and if you chase followers and likes, you won’t enjoy the experience and community as much as if you just get stuck in and make those connections and post content. There is a misunderstanding about quality over quantity too that can hold some people back posting. Because I think that the quality of a post isn’t just to do with the image, but to do with the caption. The message, the story, the connections made. Quality has a lot of facets beyond just the image.


What made you start your Instagram account? I started my account what seems like ages ago. At first, it was for me and an album of memories. After the birth of my daughter, I wanted to create beautiful photos of her. That’s how I discovered creative photography.

What’s the favourite photo you’ve ever taken? This one!

What’s your number one Instagram tip? Use hashtags properly. They can increase your visibility on this platform and it is a free tool to use to promote your work without spending money on paid ads.


Describe your account in 3 words? Philosophy, marshlands, home

What’s your go-to editing app? VSCO

What advice would you give to those starting out on Instagram today? Think about your goals. Are you aiming to form a community and connect, or for recognition and growth? I don’t believe there’s a genuine way to combine both. I would advise to make Instagram a platform to look around, and be inspired.


What’s the favourite photo you’ve ever taken? This one!

What’s your number one Instagram tip? Focus on community and connecting by getting involved in hashtag challenges and building friendships.

What made you start your account? I started my account after I became a mother because I really wanted a creative outlet. I always wanted to learn about photography but didn’t have the courage. I decided to put myself out of my comfort zone and start sharing!


When did you first join Instagram? Since 2012.

Describe your account in 3 words? Creative, whimsical, calm.

What’s your go-to editing app? Lightroom mobile, photoshop mix mobile and afterlight.


What’s the favourite photo you’ve ever taken? This one!

Are there any pictures that don’t make it on to your grid? Lots. I always struggle with making me grid cohesive but lately I’ve just been posting what my heart feels right.

What’s your number one Instagram tip? Explore. Inspire and be inspired.


What made you start your Instagram account? I joined IG because it was where most of my blogger friends were starting to hang out, I was pregnant with my second child and wanted to improve my photography.

Are there any pictures that don’t make it on to your grid? It was just at the end of last year that I started to curate my grid more. I used to document my life more but since the beginning of the year, I’ve been more consistent on sharing the type of photography I want to capture more for myself and my clients. I want to refine my photography style so I don’t share photos that don’t reflect my new found photography aesthetics.

What’s your number one Instagram tip? Be mindful. When I’m offline, I’m offline. I don’t have my phone next to me checking it every second. When I get online, I time myself. I give myself the right amount of time to be present with my insta-friends. I’m learning to post content that is motivational and spend the time making a community instead of jumping from page to page to like and never taking the time to comment. If you feel overwhelmed by what others are sharing and comparing yourself, take a break to regroup your thoughts.


What made you start your Instagram account? When I started my account several years ago, I did it mainly because it was the ‘must have’ of the moment. Lately, I’ve started to acknowledge what a great platform it was for sharing something more creative. I use it as a place to express myself visually.

Describe your account in 3 words? Creative, dreamy, and pastels!

What advice would you give to those starting out on Instagram today? Don’t be afraid to try. We may often be scared by big numbers and algorithms, but my motto is ‘quality over quantity’. Share what you would love to share, not what others would love to see. Don’t stress, it’s okay to have periods lacking of creativity. Empower and support, rather than compare. And most importantly, have fun doing it!


When did you first join Instagram? I joined around Feb 2017 but it’s only about a year ago when I found out about hashtag challenges and WHP it became a game changer for my creative pulse.

Describe your account in 3 words? Everyday life, motherhood, and creativity. If I had a 4th word, travel!

What’s your go-to editing app? Snapseed! The selection tool is pure gold.

Wow, that took quite a long time to put together but thank you so much if you managed to read it all! I hope it left you feeling inspired about the platform, and creativity in general! How do you feel about Instagram?


#1 Nephew snuggles! I’m fresh back from a few days at London with lots of nephew cuddling, the dream! He’s growing so quickly already and he is just the most scrumptious little boy.

#2 Our new hashtag. I’m teamed up with some creative ladies to start our own hashtag loop, inspire_and_create which is filling up with loads of amazing photography. I won’t talk about it too much because hopefully there’s a post coming soon all about it!

#3 Running. I’m really enjoying running again, and this time I’ve took the pressure off myself too. I’m doing it for enjoyment and me-time, so I try to get in one or two a week, and the main thing to me is that I get out there and do it.

#4 Mini hoops. Pretty random, but I’m loving mini hoop earrings! I have quite a few pairs now, and I love how they look and make me feel.

#5 Cross-stitch. I’ve started a new cross-stitch project, which is going to take me all year but it’s kind of fun to have something I can dip in and out of. It’s so relaxing too so a great thing to do on the sofa while watching Netflix.

#6 Red magazine. I’m getting really into Red magazine lately, it’s not what I usually pick up but now I’m getting a pretty devoted fan. I think it’s a great magazine that covers lots of important topics, and luckily, it comes out monthly so I don’t have to wait too long in-between.

#7 New Taylor!!!! If you know me, you’ll know I’m a massive Taylor fan, so new music definitely makes me happy. I can’t wait to hear more songs and even an album!!!

#8 Yoga girl podcast. Massive yoga girl fangirl over here. I’ve always listened to her podcast but lately I feel like I’m enjoying it even more, and looking forward to a new episode every Friday.

#9 Crisps. Yup, another random one. I’m a huge sweet tooth which I’ll never bore of, but I am loving crisps at the moment. I’m literally averaging a packet every day.. oops.

#10 Dynasty. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve mentioned it, so I’m allowed to, right? Sorry, but you have to watch this show on Netflix. It’s so so good!!! Filled to the brim with drama and every episode there’s always a great cliff hanger.


What’s made you happy lately?


  • Spend more afternoons painting.
  • Go on more dog walks.
  • Read more magazines- I’m loving them lately!
  • Bake more yummy vegan treats.
  • Read in the bath more often.
  • Discover new podcasts.
  • Fill up my Instagram feed with awesome creatives.
  • Switch up my daily makeup bag.
  • Do more face masks.
  • Prioritise meditation.
  • Talk more on Instagram stories.
  • Run a 5k.
  • Drink more green tea.
  • Have more evenings off my phone.
  • More afternoons on the sofa working on my cross stitch.
  • Get a better sleep routine.
  • Overthink less.
  • Treat myself more often.
  • More positive affirmations.


What do you want to do this month?



When I couldn’t sleep the other night, I went on a little rant (in my own head, standard). It started with one small thing and snowballed into stuff that’s really been annoying me lately. Yes this is quite a negative post which I definitely don’t do many of, but I want to sit down and talk real with you guys, and be honest about how I’m feeling. So here goes, hopefully none of you will judge me for this!


What started this whole post off, was my weekend run. Now I really don’t want this to come across as me being big-headed and vain, but for some reason the male species can’t fathom a woman running on her own in broad daylight. A guy in the park walking his dog literally stopped, stood and stared at me for two minutes straight, not even breaking eye contact when I gave him my unimpressed face. (I should have given him the V really). It annoys me that this doesn’t happen to a man, that I doubt woman ogle men running past on their jog, and why men think they have the right to stare and make someone uncomfortable. Yeah, I regret not flipping him the bird.


You know those travel bucket lists that people put on their Instagram stories and tick off the popular sights of the world? Paris, Bali, Thailand, New Zealand. Casual aren’t they? No, they’re ANNOYING. This is more a view on me because it makes me feel bad, that as someone who is homebird is made to feel like I’m missing out because I don’t want to travel every inch of the world and tick off these places. Not to mention how unrealistic they are, unless you’re rolling in the money.  I just feel like it’s an unachievable goal to put out there for people. Of course there’s many places I want to visit that look incredible, but I just find it annoying that unless you’ve been to these places, you feel like you’ve failed.


Okay, now the big guy. This may be because we’ve been married nearly a year now, or most likely the fact that my sister has just had her first baby. But people, STOP ASKING WOMEN WHEN THEY’RE GOING TO HAVE A BABY. I just find it so rude, and extremely nosy too. I’m sorry Susan but unless you’re pushing the thing out for me, it’s none of your bloody business. The meaning well (but still nosy) comments I don’t mind as much, they’re nothing compared to when people act like at 26 my ovaries are a ticking time bomb (cue ‘in my day we had them when we were 22 and that was old’) and they go all sad eyed that they feel they have to wait until I decide. Shocking huh? My brain cannot even fathom the words for a response. In conclusion, if you’re not going to any of the hard work such as actually giving birth or raising a baby, you’re not allowed to ask.



Anything you want to get off your chest? I’m here to listen!


April is over, so it’s time for a new monthly goals post and to recap what last month’s were too!



Get back in the gym. Nope, didn’t go there. I’ve actually realised this month that I don’t really want to go back, not at this moment anyway. It’s not something I get enjoyment from anymore, so why should I dedicate time to it? I get my fitness from my daily yoga practice and go for a run often too which is good enough for me.

Home decor update. This one is a little sketchy because it was a super vague goal, but we did buy two plants and have put a few things in motion for the next few months.

Slow down and savour the little moments. I feel like I did do this one. As you’ll know if you’ve read my previous posts that it’s been a massively hectic month, but wherever I can I’ve really tried to take memory snapshots and take it all in. Meeting my nephew for the first time, sitting in the sunshine or enjoying an afternoon nap, I’ve embraced it.



Be creative, just for me. A big part of my creativity is to put it online on my Instagram. But that’s really not ALL of it. This month I want to take ownership of it back, and create just for me. I’ve started doing it a little already and I’m loving painting just for fun, as well as a big creative project I’ve started too! I just need to remind myself not everything has to be shared online. Some things you can document purely for you.

Be proud of how far I’ve come.  If you would of told me last year I’d be making twice a month visits to London (going on the tube included which has always been something I’ve fretted about) and done a long haul holiday, I would never have believed you. It’s only when you have silence, and space and time to look back can you think about how far I’ve come. This month I really want to acknowledge my achievements and be more open about them. Maybe that’s sharing more personal stuff online (quite the opposite of the last goal), or just simply making a list of what I’ve achieved.

Have more evenings away from my phone (although not entirely give it up all together). I feel like I spend quite a large amount of my evenings on my phone. Whether that’s scrolling, sharing or just consuming other peoples content and it can feel overwhelming sometimes. I want to instead spend more time reading a magazine I love or giving a TV show my actual FULL attention. Painting my nails, reading my book in the bath, just stuff that chills me out without looking at a screen as much.


What are your goals for May?