There’s loads of books out recently that I really fancy reading, and some that I’ve had on my list for years but still not bought. I know, I need to get my act together. I have always loved reading since I was little, but I think I’m more into it now than ever, and I love the escapism you get with a really good book, there’s nothing quite like it. Plus, having a super great read to get into bed with at the end of the day is really exciting to me! Anyway, here’s the list of books I really want to read..

Period Power- I’ve been massively interested in learning as much as I can about periods and hormones these last few months, and I’ve heard great things about this book. I know that it will really deepen my knowledge of the subject, and hopefully I’ll start to understand it even more after. I’d love to get to a place where I know exactly what’s happening in my menstrual cycle, so I can take better care of myself.

City of Girls- Eat Pray Love is my favourite book of all-time, so I’m really excited to read Elizabeth Gilbert’s new novel. I’m a huge fan of hers so I do have pretty high hopes for this one!

The Alchemist- I swear I’ve wanted to read this book for about 5 years but still haven’t bought it. This summer I’m gonna get my act together I promise! It’s supposed to be amazing.

An Edited Life- I’m a big fan of Anna online, and I love feeling organised and like I have my shit together. So I’m pretty sure this book will totally help with that!

Just Eat It- I mentioned this in a post the other week, but you guessed it! Still not ordered it. I think this will really be helpful in terms of my relationship with food but I suppose I’ve been putting it off a little because it’s quite intimidating.


What books do you want to read?




If it’s ever stops raining..

  • Spend as much time outside as possible. Dinner outside, afternoons sat drinking tea and reading a book in the sunshine, dog walks. Everything!
  • Celebrate our first wedding anniversary. We’re not too sure what we’re doing yet, but I’m really looking forward to it. I can’t believe it’s nearly been a year.
  • Go to the cinema. A bit of a random one, but there’s loads of films out I want to see and it’s been ages since I last went.
  • Have a BBQ. It’s been way too long and it is Summer after all.
  • Quality family time. The best kind of time in my opinion!
  • Challenge myself creatively. I love spending time exploring my creativity.
  • Do more ‘short diary style check ins’ on the blog. I think they’d be easier to do for me too, so would mean I blog a little bit more. What do you think?


What do you want to do this summer?



If I’m being honest.. I’d tell you that this month has been quite a tough one so far. But things are looking brighter, which is good.

If I’m being honest.. I’d say that yes, the highlight of most days is 9pm when Love Island is on.

If I’m being honest.. I’d let you know that when I’m typing this right now, the sun is finally shining again and it feels so so good.

If I’m being honest.. I’d tell you that due to not feeling great I haven’t been on a run this week and I’m really missing it!

If I’m being honest.. I’d say that my creativity has not been high lately which kinda sucks.

If I’m being honest.. I’d let you know that my last ‘time of the month’ was so painful it was hard to get out of bed.

If I’m being honest.. I’d speak about the fact that I haven’t had much time to blog lately and I don’t like it one bit!

If I’m being honest.. I’d tell you that sometimes life is overwhelming, and staying at home in my cosy space is where I’m craving.


What would you say if you were being honest, right now?




I’m having one of those weeks where everything feels a bit overwhelming. The to-do list seems never-ending, so I thought it was probably a good time to chat about some happy things. Because they really are always there if you look close enough.

#1 Love Island is back! Yep, I’m obsessed and I don’t care who knows it! I literally look forward to 9pm every night now.

#2 My nephew. Elliot is 9 weeks old now and I feel like he’s starting to really recognise me and smile at me. It is the cutest thing!! I’ve spent lots of time with him lately and for some reason I really enjoy nappy changing.

#3 Harvey Geoff is turning 5! My gorgeous doggy, the bestest boy in the entire world is turning 5 in a few weeks! I can’t believe it. I absolutely adore him, he makes my life so much sweeter and every single day he makes me smile. <3

#4 The pink roses I bought myself this weekend. Enough said, right?

#5 The fact that I’m writing this home alone in complete silence. When life gets busy, I crave solitude in my safe haven.

#6 Deliciously Ella podcast. I really enjoyed the mindful episode inparticuarly, and I just listened to the period power one and feel like I actually learnt so much. It never comes across in a preachy way either which I really appreciate.

#7 To have a day where it doesn’t rain. The weather lately has just been terrible, and it definitely affects my mood, which I’m sure it does to everyone.

#8 New Taylor music. I love You Need To Calm Down even more than ME!

#9 The fact that I live in a world where chocolate exists. Says it all really.

#10 Making time to mediate. Just 5 minutes a day makes a difference. I’m even about to do it now after writing this post!


What has made you happy lately?



It’s pretty crazy to think we’re 6 months into the year don’t you think? New Years feels like only a few weeks ago, yet in terms of my lifestyle, I feel like I’ve grown a lot these past months. Let’s sit down and talk about it..



I’ve always been someone who advocates self-care, but after looking at my own habits, I can see where I’ve been slipping up a little bit. I can easily spend my days off work cleaning the entire house and dashing back and forth around town to see family, but that isn’t necessarily what I always need. Sometimes I just need to sit on the sofa for a few hours, WITHOUT scheduling tweets or editing photos. I never thought I was one of those people that were always ‘on’ but I struggle with switching off a lot more than I thought. I think because I enjoy sharing my life online through Instagram and this blog so much, that sometimes I don’t realise how much energy it takes up. I’ve learnt that the only person who can put yourself first, is you.



There’s forever been a part of me that lacks confidence slightly, I can get lost in a hole of overthinking and doubting myself, without giving myself credit for how far I’ve come. I can worry that I’ve over-estimated my capabilities, and that there’s no way I can do this or that. These past six months I’ve realised that I am so much stronger and much more capable than I give myself credit for. And that feels pretty damn awesome if I say so myself. I have to say, positive affirmations really do help a lot with this.



This is one I’m still working on. After a lifetime of bad eating habits, I’ve been working on my mindset when it comes to food and nutrition. I think we’re all brought up to believe certain foods are ‘good’ and ‘bad’ when really, it’s all just food. Sure, some makes you feel better than others, but let’s not put so much gravitas on it. I really want to get Laura Thomas’ book ‘Just Eat It’ which I know is going to help my journey with this. It’s definitely not a quick, easy journey to change thoughts that have practically been ingrained, but slowly I can feel the cracks starting to slip and it feels so good. Now I can happily eat chocolate when I crave it, without feeling guilty about it (well, nearly).


How’s your first six months of the year gone, have you learnt anything?

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