This is the first time I’ve opened my laptop all week, so I thought I’d do a happy things post as kind of a catch-up!

#1 Spending time with my sister and nephew. I spend the last 3 days in London hanging out with my favourite people and it was so so nice. I just adore them!

#2 Being reunited with Harvey. The good thing about coming home is seeing my pooch and his face on my arrival. It’s one of the best things in the entire world.

#3 My first ever stop motion! I experienced with my first ever stop motion on Instagram last week and it went down so well which really made me happy. It’s the first time I’ve pushed out of my comfort zone creatively.

#4 The Circle. We’ve just started watching this on Channel 4 and I am legit, OBSESSED. It’s like big brother/catfished all in one program. (I’m definitely enjoying it more than Dan but oh well)

#5 The fact that I turned my day around. I was feeling super, super overwhelmed today and ended up losing my keys twice in 24 hours, just because I was rushing around like a headless chicken. I managed to recognise this behaviour and forced myself to slow down.

#6 Strictly is back! The best show!!!!

#7 Afternoon naps. Because they just turn the whole day around don’t they?

#8 Fresh pj’s.

#9 Shreddies. Yep, random. I’m loving them for my breakfast.

#10 Getting in 10,000 steps today.


What’s made you happy lately?



Happy Friday! I hope your week has been good, it feels like it’s gone pretty quick over here.

Todays my day off work (I work for a family business doing all sorts of admin/creative activities if you didn’t know already), and I’m spending it having some mother/daughter time, before I head up to London for a few days at the end of this weekend. I can’t wait to spend some time with my nephew and sister.

I’m feeling really good lately, which feels so good to say. I’ve been working on doing different yoga workouts and it’s really helped my body confidence. With my own practice I often missed out core work simply because it was challenging, but I can tell my strength has improved a lot just after a few weeks, which always feels rewarding doesn’t it?

Plus, the weather is amazing lately which always helps.

I’m feeling really creative at the moment, and I’m channeling that into my Instagram by trying new things and also, my book Instagram too. Speaking of books, I’ve been reading a LOT lately, some epic reads which I’ll fill you in on soon I’m sure.

With that, I think I’m finished! I don’t have anything else to report really. Hopefully you are feeling these positive vibes I’m sending out to you in this post.

Have a great weekend!



I really felt like doing another happy things post, so that’s exactly what todays post is going to be. I love writing them and they just ooze out the positivity inside of me, and hopefully you like reading them too. If there’s any blog posts you would be interested in, please let me know! At the moment I have no blogging routine and just sit and write whenever I feel like it and have free time, but over the next few weeks I would like to have a bit more of blog schedule.

Anyway, happy things…

#1 Vox. I just had to start with this book! I’ve very nearly finished it, so I’m hoping the ending will be what I hope, but it’s SO good!!! You must read it. Last night I literally could not put it down.

#2 Hot chocolate. Almond milk + Green & Blacks hot chocolate, yummy.

#3 Cinema trip. We went to see Downton Abbey yesterday and I loved it! I’ve never even seen the show, luckily it was easy to pick up what was happening. It was such a feel-good, heartwarming watch.

#4 Workin’ Moms. My new Netflix love.

#5 Upcoming London stay. I’m going to see my sister and nephew next weekend and really looking forward to it! I can’t wait to see them again.

#6 Early wake-ups. Not something you see me say, ever! But I’ve started working in the morning some days instead of the afternoon and I’m loving the change of routine. I feel like I get so much more done in my day which feels so good.

#7 Charity shop books. I called into the local charity shop and ended up picking two new reads for £1 each! Score.

#8 Great weather. We’ve been having some great weather recently, sunny with a nice cool breeze. Not too hot, not too cold. Just right.

#9 Feeling creative. I feel like my creativity is back and I’m posting more on Instagram!

#10 Phone free bed-time. I’ve been putting my phone away for at least an hour before I go to sleep, and it’s helping me switch off and fall to sleep much easier.


What’s made you happy lately?



It’s time for another book post! If you want more details on what I’m reading recently, be sure to follow my new book Instagram here. If you missed last month’s post about great books, it’s here for you to read!

The First Time I Saw You 4.5/5

This is just the most perfect love story. Filled to the brim with heart, sorrow, and a couple you just keep rooting for until the end. Totally not ashamed to say this book made me cry. It is beautiful! Please please read it, even if you’re not one for a chick-lit novel.

The Woman I Was Before 4/5

This book definitely has Liane Moriarty vibes, and it’s just as good as her books I’d say. I flew through this. It’s a story about three women, each chapter is about each different women, a format I always love to read. A great twist near the end of the book too.

The Truths & Triumphs of Grace Atherton- 5/5

THIS BOOK. THIS BOOK. I devoured it. A story about a women’s life that is packed full of real raw moments and the complexities of life and love. Completely loved it. I haven’t heard anything about this online so I’m not sure what the deal is there, but I’ve got nothing but good things to say about it.


What have you read recently?



Something new here, I wanted to do a mid-week check in. I thought it would be quite handy for me to write and think about, plus you might be interested in reading it (hopefully?) and it might inspire you to check in with how you are feeling mid-week.

What’s going well so far?

  • I’ve made more time for creativity this week. I’ve enjoyed some time in the afternoons working on my cross-stitch and I even got my paints out today for the first time in ages, for some playtime. It felt so good to put my phone away for a while and do something different.
  • I’ve had the motivation to blog, which I’m really happy about. I’ve took the pressure off myself and thought about what I personally wanted to write, and followed on from there. I feel like I’m slowly getting my blog motivation back, yippee!
  • I’ve made some better choices for my snacks and meals lately, and I’m really trying to eat more sources of vegan protein because as a vegetarian who eats little dairy, it’s something I feel I’m missing. Plus, as a result of that I’ve got more energy, win win.

What improvements do you want to make for the rest of the week?

  • I’d like to fall to sleep earlier. It’s something I’m working on!
  • Take these chilled vibes I’m feeling into the rest of the working week and weekend. I have a few things planned I’m really looking forward to, we have a local gala in my town and then I’m going to the cinema too.
  • I want to bake! I have my eye on a cookie recipe and I have some dark chocolate chips that need using.



How’s your week going?

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