Photo from my Instagram

Dear Diary, I’ve had a realisation.

The things about realisations is that they usually hit you completely out of the blue. Kind of like a veil you’ve had over your eyes suddenly falls away. And that’s exactly what happened to me the other day.

I’ve been feeling for ages now, that I’ve been juggling everything I do online badly. Trying to blog multiple times a week, upload on Instagram every other day, post on stories constantly and be somewhat interesting. It was all just getting a bit too much, to be honest. I also think it’s important to note here that these are all things that I enjoy and do for fun, I don’t have any ties that mean I have to do these things because it’s my job or it makes me income.

…And then I realised. I was doing lots of things averagely, instead of just doing a few things well.

It was SUCH a lightbulb moment. And that’s why I’ve been making the changes lately to find a new routine, like I mentioned in my last post talking about my blogging routine.  I’m posting less on Instagram BUT I’m posting images that I love and am so happy with. I’m blogging less BUT I’m putting in so much more effort than I did previously and I think it shows in my content. I’m not on stories every hour of the day BUT when I am, I’m enjoying it a lot more.

It’s just little changes, but they feel so, so good. If it means I don’t publish a blog post that week because I’m working on a super challenging photo edit, then that’s okay. I want to create using my full imagination and not hold back to save the scraps for another platform.

Whatever I do, I want to put my heart and soul into it. And be proud of how it stands when it’s completed… and I hope you enjoy following me along the way.

How do you feel about the amount of platforms you manage these days? Do you prioritise one over the other?