With most blog posts ideas, they come to me whilst I’m trying to sleep. Which is a great problem to have, but a girl needs her beauty sleep right?

Today’s post is all about little ways to gain blog traffic, and granted I definitely don’t do all of these, but I hope they give you some inspiration should you need it!

  • Post regularly.
  • Join twitter chats.
  • Use catchy titles.
  • Pin your blog posts on Pinterest.
  • Comment on other blogs.
  • Post on Instagram daily.
  • Use Instagram stories.
  • Be active on social media- regularly.
  • Use good quality images.
  • Make a media kit.
  • Write about different content.
  • Support other bloggers.
  • Have a Facebook page for your blog.
  • Contact brand PR’s.
  • Use the ‘tag’ function on Instagram.
  • Change up your hashtags.
  • Use RT accounts on blog tweets.
  • Follow accounts you like and spread the love.
  • Engage in the ‘Follow Friday’ on Twitter.
  • Pay to advertise on other blogs.
  • Do a giveaway.
  • Make blog business cards.
  • Write a guest post on another blog.
  • Start a blog newsletter.

What’s your top tip to gain blog traffic?

  • I really liked this post, Natalie! I have been contemplating sharing my posts on Pinterest for awhile now. This post got my creativity flowing again! <3

    Madison from breakfastatmadisons.com

  • Amy

    Great suggestions, thanks for sharing!

    Amy – https://amyevans.co.uk

  • Great tips. I definitely think that being consistent and commenting on other blogs is a big part of getting traffic and engagement. x

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  • I really need to start using Pinterest for my blog, I’ve been saying that for ages but never seem to have the time to just get sorted and do it! xx

    Sophie | Sophar So Good

  • Thanks for sharing these great tips

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  • I still need to get a hang of Twitter – I find it so hard to figure out!

    Sharni xo
    A Girl & Grey

    • Twitter is my favourite! The blogging community is so supportive on there! x

  • This is so helpful Natalie! There are so many of these that I definitely need to do more of (like Twitter chats!) I think that supporting other bloggers and spreading the love is super important. <3 Immy x


    • It definitely is! I love twitter chats, they are so fun! x

  • This post is so helpful. Thanks for the tips

  • such great tips! wonderful share


  • So many great tips lovely I have a feeling I will be coming back and forth to this post quite a lot! I have been slacking so much with my blog recently and really want to get back into it and start building some good engagement again! Thank you for such a good read 🙂 xx

    Tash | natashatodd.co.uk

  • Nicole Hurst

    So many handy tips! I need to start contacting brands pr but I am always too scared too haha!
    Nicole x Nicoleannx

  • Kim

    These are great little tips! I don’t even know what a Twitter chat is…

    Simply Lovebirds

    • They are usually by one account and a hashtag who asks questions and everyone involved answers and chats to one another 🙂

  • Ooooh really needed this right now! Xxx

  • Kirsten Jones

    Love these tips, thank you very much. Definitely going to take these on board. x