Being creative is one of my favourite things, and it wasn’t until I truly thought about it that I realised how creative I actually am, and how much of a big part of my life it is.

Here’s some ways you can start being more creative.

  1. Start learning a new language.
  2. Read a book.
  3. Paint!
  4. Sing and dance to your favourite song.
  5. Bake something.
  6. Go for a walk and take your camera with you.
  7. Listen to a podcast.
  8. Look for the different coloured leaves.
  9. Colour.
  10. Cross-stitch!
  11. Learn how to knit.
  12. Change your editing style.
  13. Brainstorm blog posts you want to write.
  14. Paint your nails.
  15. Experiment with todays outfit.
  16. Do yoga.
  17. Use a different running route.
  18. Walk home in a different direction.
  19. Cook something new.
  20. Discover new Instagram profiles that leave you feeling excited and inspired.
  21. Braid your hair and rock it!
  22. Buy some flowers and see how you can photograph them differently.
  23. Make something with your hands.


How many of these are you going to do today?


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