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I don’t know about you, but I know for sure that I always put my ‘best self’ online. Well, most of the time anyway. I do like to always share the behind the scenes and the reality over on my Instagram stories, and on this blog too, but more often than not I try to show up being my usual, positive, happy self. That’s just how I like to live my life on the whole.

But sometimes, it’s in sharing those more real moments that make you connect more to other people. You realise you’re not as alone as you thought you was, people do have and experience the same things you do, and that there is always support out there if you need it.

The idea of this post came to me while I was walking, and once it did I knew I couldn’t let it go. 3 mistakes I’ve made in 2020 so far.

Not listening to my gut instinct

This is┬áreally something that I try to work on all the time, letting my gut instincts guide me. But in certain instances, I’ve tried to ignore it and it didn’t do me any good. I really do think your body knows best, and it will always try to lead you on the right path. It’s probably just a normal part of life and the ups and downs we go through that sometimes, plans don’t work out exactly like you envisaged. But guess what, that’s okay. You can always try again tomorrow, I promise.

Spending too much time on my phone

We all do it don’t we? I’m trying to really put a cap on it this month and it’s going well. Some days I end up at the end of the day feeling so headachey, and just kind of urgh. That’s how I know I’ve spent too long on my phone. Sometimes I reach for it almost like a habit, for no reason whatsoever. Instead I want to read more magazines, be more productive with my time, and enjoy the company of who I’m with. I know that I’m a happier person and can create better things when I have a balanced life.

Not being mindful

I’ve rushed around the house, I’ve made clumsy mistakes, I’ve spoken out of tune and probably hurt a few feelings. Yep, I’m not perfect in any shape or form. But none of us are really. I’ve been really trying to listen more and talk less recently, which I can tell you is a lot harder than it sounds. Not making a quick judgement and try to see situations from a neutral stance. All of these things are not easy and most definitely don’t come natural to me, but I’m trying and that’s the most important thing.

What mistake have you made so far this year?


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