It’s only been in the last couple of months that I’ve really enjoyed listening to podcasts, I never thought they were for me and would rather read a book or watch some Youtube. However, they are the best essentials for when you’re travelling. And if you get easily bored of the 5 same songs that are constantly on the radio, give these podcasts a go..



I’m a massive fan of everything Rachel does, and a regular viewer of her Instagram stories and the grid. My sister bought me her book for Christmas when it came out a few years ago, and I loved every bit of it (so much so, I’m actually reading it again this month- just because). When I found out she did a podcast I was really intrigued, and although some of her episodes are motherhood based (she’s a new mama), I still listen to every one and find them so interesting and engaging (it’s definitely at least five-ten years until I pop any out!). I just love how honest and real she is, and that’s one of the reasons why she is such an inspiration to me. I LOVE PEOPLE WHO SHARE THE REALNESS OF DAILY LIFE!



I feel like I had to mention The Heart Of It podcast because the last episode I listened to when writing this had me feeling all the feels. It was the episode where Estee interviewed her mum, Kelly, and they had such an open and frank conversation about mental health, growing up, and the struggles that they have faced together. I immediately texted my sister telling her she needed to listen to it too. I’m not a fairly emotional person when it comes to films, books, podcasts etc. but I definitely had a few years in my eyes after that one. Every podcast episode is about something totally different but all kind of similar in terms of being a women in her twenties, definitely worth a listen to.



If you’re a blogger, I would highly recommend giving Lucy’s What She Said a listen to. Every episode is with a different creator and all share their stories about why they started a blog, what changes they’ve made, and their best tips and tricks in the blogging world. It’s like listening in on a really lovely engaging conversation between two people who really have a passion for writing, and after every episode I feel like I have more knowledge in the Blogopshere than I did before. It also makes me want to jump on the laptop and get creating which is never a bad thing is it?


What are some of your favourite podcasts? Have you listened to any of these?




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