Writing these ‘5 things to do this weekend’ posts are some of my favourite to publish, and you guys always seem to like them too so I thought I’d do another, all in the hope of having a brighter Monday when it rolls around!


Have a lie-in.

Lets be honest, we need to catch up on the early mornings we’ve had throughout the week, so the weekend is the perfect time for a lazy morning in bed, guilt-free of course. I’m a big fan of having breakfast, scrolling through my phone then having another cheeky hour. Feels SO good.

Spend the day doing exactly whatever you want.

Most weekends we rush around doing the jobs we think we *should* have done on Thursday, however make sure you do the things that you actually want to this weekend. It is our own free time after-all, one where we should be able to put ourselves first a little bit more, and have much some needed freedom from the daily grind. Whether that’s a trip to the shops you’ve been looking forward to or a mid-day bath, go ahead my friend!

Get prepared.

I hate feeling unprepared and super unorganised, it only adds to the pressure of a new week. Making sure you are prepared for the week ahead will make you feel so much better, and will be a lot less stressful come the start of the week, when you already know you’ve got shizz covered.

Make plans.

The cure for a good week ahead? Make plans that you’re excited for. I work really well when I have things to look forward to, and they don’t even have to be very adventurous, just planning in a nice dinner or doing my nails one evening. Putting it in my diary means I’ll actually do it too and not end up wasting the night away!

Gratitude practice.

A great cure for the Monday blues (or Tuesday blues if that’s the way it’s going) is a gratitude practice. Simply writing down three things you are grateful for or something that’s made you smile recently is a sure-fire way to give yourself a few positive vibes and start the week off right.

Will you be doing any of these this weekend? 



  • Courtney Hardy

    These are good ideas. I like the idea of a lie-in.

  • I do love a weekend where I don’t have many plans! I swear I never used to have them but now I really try and plan them into the month. It’s just nice to potter about and do all of the relaxing things! x

    • I love them- I think they often keep us feeling topped up on our happy levels! 🙂 x

  • Amy Eade

    Ahh I wish I’d read this this morning before I sacrificed my lie in so I could get up and do everything I ‘need’ to get done haha! But I think doing that has helped with point three and I do like to feel ready for the week ahead so that’s good anyway! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend,
    Amy xx

    • Isn’t it a constant battle between doing the things you feel like you need to, and then the things you actually want to do!

  • Lie ins are the bestttt – I need to make sure I include more of those over the next few months! This weekend I’m going to try really hard to get prepared for the week ahead, it’s been a busy week so I’m super behind and want to start Monday feeling on top of things xxx

    Sophie | Sophar So Good

    • I need a good lie in this weekend, I plan one in then get up early which is SO frustrating! xx

  • These are such great tips! I always try to make the weekend super busy and sometimes i just need to realise that I need to cancel plans, relax and take it slower.
    I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend!


    • I’ve got a blog post coming up about a slow weekend so I hope that might inspire you to slow down a little 🙂

  • Aww this is a great post! I feel like I should bookmark this to remind me of these points, especially the gratitude one! xx

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