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You guys seem to really enjoy these ‘5 things to do this weekend’ posts (see my others here & here), so today I wanted to do an edition where if you get it done, your future self will love you for it!

  1. CHANGE THE BEDDING. Yep, I’m starting off simple. I know that it can be such a drag, but the way I see it it only takes what, 15 minutes max? And is there any better feeling than getting into bed on a night when you’ve got fresh bedding and clean pjs on? IS THERE? I pop on a Youtube video and it’s done and relatively pain-free before I know it!
  2. GET APPOINTMENTS BOOKED. When you become an adult, no-one lets you know that suddenly your mum just ups and has you make your doctors appointments yourself. Just me? Whether its a check-up, dentist appointment, or ringing the insurance company when they decide to add £200 onto your car bill, get it done and it takes all the hassle off your back.
  3. PAMPER! I’ve got to add something fun onto the list haven’t I? This is totally optional of course, but I always feel so much better when I’m all prep and primed with new nails, toes, and clean hair.
  4. GET INSPIRED. With a busy week-day, it can be hard to feel any creative juices flowing when you’re working then coming back to sort out the house. The weekend is a perfect time to order some new books on Amazon, have a switch around of the decor, start a new challenge, or do something out of your comfort zone. I really want to change up a bit of our home decor that’s around, but because we’re saving I just decided to move things around a little and it’s really done the job!
  5. DON’T STICK TO YOUR SCHEDULE. Yup, that’s right. It’s me telling you to actually throw out the rule-book and go wild. My term of ‘wild’ is deciding to watch another episode of Netflix and not go to bed and read. But in all seriousness, change can feel amazing, and reminds us that we’re alive.


Do you plan on doing any of these this weekend?


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