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The last few years, I’ve really tuned into what has made me feel good. Certain habits and mindful activities that I could do, which I know would benefit both my physical and mental wellbeing. Plus, the fact that I actually enjoy them means I can stick to them more easily too. For todays post, I thought I’d share them with you and give you more of an insight into my daily life.


For me, thats in the form of yoga, HIIT workouts and running. I mix them up throughout the week depending on how I’m feeling or what goals I’m working towards. Doing some form of exercise everyday though is important for me, unless I’m having a rest day, in which case I’ll do some gentle walks and short yin-yoga routines instead.


Carrying on from the last point, making sure I at least get out for a walk once a day, in nature is crucial. I know it always makes me feel better no matter what kind of day I’m having. Obviously it’s a bit harder to motivate yourself when it’s pouring it down outside, but popping on a podcast helps!


Something I’ve learnt since having my own home, is that it’s true what my mums always said, a tidy home equals a tidy mind. I do most of my cleaning while catching up on Youtube, which I must say makes the time pass a lot quicker too! My trick is little and often everyday, so I don’t have to go full steam ahead every weekend.


I don’t talk much about diet or food on here, one because it’s so individual to every person, and two because lord knows I’ve been on such a journey with it myself. But I try to make sure every single day I’m having a few portions of fruit and vegetables, and that way I don’t mind treating myself to some vegan ice cream at the end of the day either.


I like to try and do something creative most days. Whether that’s working on a new photo edit, writing a blog post, or even giving myself a new manicure. Sometimes you need a creative break, which is totally okay, but I’ve found other times that creativity does breed more of the same.


My family are my best friends, so I need to check in with them multiple times a day. That can be a quick Facetime call with my nephew, going to see my grandma or ringing my dad while I’m on a walk.


Baths are one of my favourite things ever, and I can say that I love every single one I take. I’m a water baby, I need it! Follow that with another favourite of mine- skincare, and I’m a happy girl.


I’m a big reader, and I like to end every evening reading my book. I always choose fiction before bed, because it makes me switch off more and is more of an escape, I’ve found. I try to cap it to an hour maximum, but sometimes a book is just so good you don’t want to stop reading it! I’m currently reading Girl, Woman, Other and it’s really great so far. I’ve been thinking of doing a ‘reading tips’ post on how to read more, so let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in seeing on here.

Do you do any of these everyday, to make sure you feel good?


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