I promised to post on here at least once a week, and since it’s now 7 days since I last published anything, I wanted to come on today and do an honest check-in/chat about life.

As you will have noticed since my last few posts, life definitely hasn’t been easy lately. I’m very much still processing and working through grief. I don’t want to chat about that too much on todays post, because I want to write more about my journey with grief at a later date. It’s a feeling I’ve never experienced as an adult before, and I feel like I’ve had my eyes woken up to how many layers there is to it. It’s not a linear process and you can have 500 different feelings in just one day. But as I said, that’s for another time.

I’m writing this on a Monday afternoon (so you really are getting it freshly squeezed) and I’ve had a really good weekend with family celebrating my sisters birthday. Although now I am feeling super tired due to all the social occasions. I mentioned this on my Instagram last night (link here by the way if you want to follow me over there), but something I do constantly struggle with is making sure I am interacting with enough other humans and making sure I still get my alone quiet time. It’s a balance I’m yet to work out, but some days I do have it nailed which feels good. I’ve got a chilled day planned for today though which I know will do me well and I’m working tomorrow which always makes me feel nice and productive!

I’m posting less online this summer, purely for the reason that I don’t have that much to say or put out there. I feel like I’m having kind of a little summer break, and when Autumn comes I know I’ll feel refreshed and renewed, ready to post more and put myself out there (hopefully)

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, I hope you liked this honest check-in post and let me know if you’d like me to keep them coming every now and again.

How’s life with you?


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