All of these are things I’ve learned about my own personal blogging journey along the way, it definitely isn’t a set of rules or guidelines that I think everyone should follow, just a friendly bit of advice and knowledge that works for me, when it comes to blogging online. I like to think that we can all help each other along the way when it comes to the internet!


It’s crucial for you to be yourself

This is my number one advice for anyone who is struggling with blogging. For me, it always has to come back to being yourself. Try not to look around and see what is popular, but instead have a think about what you feel like sharing, whether that’s a personal essay, a how-to post, or something you’re struggling with recently. I think authenticity is what makes every single persons blog stand out, and it’s personally why some of my favourite blogs are my favourite, I feel like I know their personality, and I want to hear their story.


You don’t need a fancy website

I suppose this could be argued because yes they do look great, but I really think as long as your writing and intentions are from the heart, you don’t need to spend loads of money on a ‘good-looking’ website. Obviously your blog needs to be easy to access and able to read, but I don’t see the point in spending lots of money on a layout if there’s no actual content there. I picked up my template from Etsy for about £30 and I don’t think I’ll change it anytime soon.

You, (and your content) are allowed to change

We are all on our own journeys in life, so it’s expected that there will be changes along the way. Whether that’s new boundaries you’ve set about sharing online, or altering the content you share, it’s all okay because it’s yours. For me personally, I used to share a lot of beauty content, but now that isn’t something that I’m passionate about, so I don’t bother writing it anymore. The great thing about blogging is that it’s all up to you, there’s no rules when it comes to what you want to write about.


You learn along the way

I like to think in life we are all beginners really, but I know for sure that I am always learning. I don’t think anyone sets up a blog and is a complete genius when it comes to linking, SEO (I’m still not 100% sure on this one), and how to get an audience, but you do learn along the way.

It’s okay to not know everything. Be kind to yourself and remember why you started.

What have you learnt about blogging along the way?



I’ve been spending quite a bit of time lately thinking about the things I would like to change. You know, the usual healthy habits that you still need to work on, like making sure you cook new dishes or try and use less plastic.

I find Autumn a huge season of reflection for me, and since I’ve got you here, I thought I’d tell you about them in the hope that I stick to them!


Go on more dates with Dan

Once you live together and you’re not in the honeymoon phase anymore, everything becomes a bit more adult, the bins need taking out, the dishwasher needs emptying etc etc. But we only have one life right? And I want to prioritise more fun! Especially as a couple, I think it’s really important and letting your hair down can only be a good thing. It doesn’t have to be super fancy dressed up venues either, just going out for a pizza or bowling and spending time really connecting together.


More self-care

When the days get darker, I always find that I need to up my self-care. Whether that’s long baths and face masks, or getting out for a walk for the much needed vitamin D, it’s vital for me to keep my spirits high and my general well-being feeling good. Even when you don’t feel like it at the beginning and the first step is a massive struggle, I always feel so much better for it afterwards.


Post more content

I ideally would like to post a lot more on Instagram (5x a week) and maybe one extra blog post, but thinking about it I’m not sure how easily I’ll manage it! Especially because I like to put a lot of effort into my Instagram photos, it can take quite a while to it to get from the idea to the finished picture. Everything feels quite busy in my life at it is at the moment, but maybe after working things out and establishing a better routine it might feel more manageable.

Be kinder to myself

I feel like this is definitely a life-long journey, but over the past few weeks I’ve come to realise just how negative my self-talk can be, even without me realising it. I tend to berate myself for not doing the things I think I ‘should’ or feel guilty for living life a little differently, and not the regular 9-5. I’ve bought a new book all about this by Louise Hay so I’m hoping this might help, I’ve already started reading it and I’m really finding it useful so far.


Is there anything you want to do more of?


It’s time for another happy things post! Sit down, grab a cuppa, and get cosy!


  1. Gilmore Girls revival. Even though I’ve only just finished watching the series, I still wanted to watch the revival immediately! I was kinda gutted to find out there’s only four episodes, but because they are 90 minutes, they kind of make up for it. I’ve heard mixed reviews, I’ve only watched one ‘season’ so far but I’m loving it, it’s so fun to see everyone 10 years later too!
  2. Getting our wedding video! It’s been a long time coming, but we finally received our wedding video last weekend and it is so dreamy! It’s so so nice to watch the day back and relieve all the magic again.
  3. Alpha H liquid gold. This stuff is golden, I swear, it’s not just a brand fluke. Unfortunately it is pricey, but luckily for me my sister had loads that she acquired in her beauty advent calendar, and they don’t work for her skin so she’s passed them onto me. I use it every other night and it’s magic.
  4. Still getting my walks in. When the weather gets grey, I tend to avoid getting outside more, even though I know it works wonders for me. I’ve set myself a goal to go on at least a 20-30 minute walk a day, and I’m proud of myself for keeping it up so far. Fresh air is the best cure!
  5. I’m going to have a nephew! My sister and brother in law found out the gender of their baby the other day, and it’s a boy! So, so exciting.
  6. Blogging event. I finally went to my second ever blogging event, hosted by Moonpig. It was such a great way to spend a Saturday, we whipped up Christmas wreaths, Santa Sacks and I even learnt how to make a mocktail! I always feel quite nervous beforehand, but once I’m in there I tend to settle in quite quickly, and it’s nice to chat to different people and socialise. To see what we got up to, have a look here.
  7. Doing lots of reading. If you’ve seen my recent reads post, you’ll know that I’ve been spending quite a lot of time reading recently and I’m loving it. Reading is super relaxing to me and picking up new books makes me so happy!
  8. Learning the piano. I made it one of my November goals to practice learning the piano, and I’m really proud of how it’s coming along. I find it really therapeutic and rewarding too.
  9. Spending valuable time, resting. As I mentioned in one of my latest posts, I’m in a season of rest right now, and I’m loving spending time at home all cosy and snuggled up! It feels so refreshing to not be going 100mph, and I’m trying to focus on seeing the bigger picture. There’s no rush.
  10. Dr Who. I’ve never really watched Dr Who previously, but seeing as it’s female lead this year, I decided to give it a go and I’m so glad! It’s really good and the episode with Rosa Parks was just incredible. Highly recommend!


What things are making you happy lately?


When I think back to last Autumn/Winter, I was running around frantic all over the place to fill my time with exciting weekend plans, putting all my eggs in making content and trying to be liked and be the same as everyone else. If she’s going to a Christmas market, I must go to one! If they’re uploading every day, should I do that too?

Now, I feel like I can reflect back on that time with a greater sense of peace. Don’t get me wrong, I still have my days (sometimes weeks) but on the whole, this year has been a massive learning curve for me. I’ve learned what I need to do more of (have a routine, not too much time by myself or I feel down) and what I need to do less of (pushing myself to do things I don’t want to). That’s also not to say that I’ll never feel overwhelmed again, but I know the things I need to do to get myself back on track- see my well-being toolkit post for that one.

Instead of desperately trying to jam-pack every day with things I should be doing, and then feel burned out afterwards, I’m having a season of rest.

This doesn’t mean that I sometimes don’t worry that I’m not being productive enough (I definitely do) or that I’m being lazy compared to everyone else, but I know at this moment in time, it’s what I’m craving the most, both physically and emotionally. I’m not sat on the sofa all day everyday, but I also don’t have any busy weekends planned, and that’s A-Okay by me.

After a wonderful, magical and extremely busy summer, I know that I now need time to focus on myself a little more, and to rest and recuperate doing things that fill my cup back up.

For me that means lots of walking and making the most of this daylight, stretchy and gentle yoga, afternoon runs followed by pyjama evenings, and doing all the creative hobbies that I adore like painting, taking photos for Instagram, and embroidery. Eating hearty food. Spending time with family and cosy candle-lit reading. Some days that might end up in me being bored and wishing we had adventures to go on, but for right now, rest looks good to me.


Are you in a season of rest like me too? 

Before this little blog was born, I had a ‘very similar but not under my name’ blog for a good ol’ while, so I feel qualified at this point to look back at my blogging journey and see how it’s evolved over the past years.

When I look back, I feel pretty proud of all the stuff I’ve put out there, consistency is something, for the most part that I’ve kept up to. Obviously, not everything will still be as appropriate as it once was, but I’ve always tried to speak from the heart and be genuine along the way.

Blogging is something I’ve always wanted to do, and I’m sure I’ll continue at it for many years to come, but that’s not to say that it’s always felt super easy. There’s vulnerability hangovers, a comparison to the rest of the blogging market, and niggling thoughts at the back of my mind that maybe I should follow a different path.

Above all that, has been my passion for writing and a willingness to share and connect to others.

When times feel tough, or I crave comfort and light, I turn to typing on an empty page and things always feel a tiny bit better.

I sometimes worry that I don’t have a blogging ‘niche’, a go-to USP that I could use to describe what I want to achieve online, but I guess in the end, it’s just me. Sharing my story in my own, individual way. Whether that’s talking about what’s made me happy lately, life-stuff I want to work towards, or a bit of a heart-to-heart.

In the past I’ve tried to follow other’s lead, giving tips or advice that I don’t feel quite qualified to publish, or writing up things that I find labouring to talk about. I definitely feel like I’m over that part now, and I really do enjoy putting out these blog posts twice a week for you all, and well, for me really.

Who knows what will happen in the next few years, but one things for sure, if you need me, I’ll be here.


How has your blog evolved over the years?