It’s been a tough week personally.

I’ve faced fears.

(I’ve failed.)

Theres been a lot of tears.

Now, this ISN’T a negative post.

Its a post about the sun shining again the next day. The hope of a better tomorrow, even if its only marginally. Day by day, feeling better. Feeling more ‘yourself’.

Just because you didn’t manage that particular hurdle, doesn’t discredit all the ones you’ve done before it.

Be proud of how far you’ve come.

The sun will always shine again.

You will always be okay.



I was totally inspired by a recent video from The Anna Edit, but I thought I would do my own take on it as me and the BF have completely different diets, but still buy our food and make it together!

The FIRST thing we do, is plan 5 meals for the week. These are just ‘dinner’ or ‘tea’ meals, those you have after work on an evening! We usually have a few items that we can both have (such as potatoes and fish, lol). My meals usually look like this:

Monday- Pasta with roasted vegetables
Tuesday- Jacket potato with lightly dusted haddock
Wednesday- Veggie stir fry
Thursday- Stuffed peppers and mushrooms, salad
Friday- Vegetable lasagne

As my other half doesn’t eat vegetables, I know how much of them I need to add on the food shopping list for one person. By planning out my meals and adding the ingredients onto the list, I know I have AT LEAST 5 main meals for the week (this might include leftovers). The other two nights I leave free incase we eat out or elsewhere.

I then do the same with Dan’s (he doesn’t mind me doing this BTW) and plan 5 meals for him to have. These all usually include meat, so I then add these onto the shopping list, knowing how much I need for one person. He also eats rice and other things from the freezer, so I check what we’ve got left from the week before and add any, if needed.

I also put all the things we’ve run out of for breakfast and lunches on the shopping list, such as cereals, porridge, bread, fruit etc. Of course, we go heavy on the snack section and pick up a few treats for us too! Dan’s not a huge snacker but I definitely am, so I like to make sure I have some healthy ones too (e.g., loads of fruit, nuts, medjool dates etc).

We’ve only been moved in together for a few months so this might change, but I doubt it incase either of us has a appetite transplant!


I would love to know if you and your other half have completely different eating habits or is it just us?


Even though I drink loads of water, sometimes my skin can seem SO dehydrated. Which is not a look any of us really wants, is it? On the quest to cure this, I’ve discovered some real gems that I HAVE to divulge!



I got a mini size of this in a beauty advent calendar~ although I say ‘mini’ I actually think this is a really decent amount. At first I was super wary to use this on my sensitive skin as anything with the word ‘acid’ in it makes me want to shudder. Especially when you’re applying it on your face. I think the name is kind of misleading because it doesn’t feel acidic and it also doesn’t peel??? Who knows, maybe I’m using it wrong. Anyway, I digress.. This makes your skin feel super plump and healthy looking, it isn’t at all problematic on my skin and caused no issues, you just apply, leave on for 10 mins and then wash off. I love using this once or twice a week to give my skin some hydration.



This overnight mask is by far the best in that category that I’ve used. It smells delicious (kind of like oranges), but overnight it sinks into the skin and leaves no residue in the morning, just a lovely hydration and very soft smooth skin. Its so pleasant that you kind of want to use it every day. (Although I’m not sure how that would work.) I think Origins do some of the best face masks out there.



If we are talking hydration, you may think about skipping makeup. I use this primer on a daily basis, even when I’m not applying anything else. Just so my skin looks a bit healthier. It gives a gorgeous glow, without feeling tacky or sticky on the face~ which nobody wants am I right?



Lets talk about my favourite base at the moment. Its definitely up there in my top 5 too. This is the most perfect ‘Sunday’ makeup look.. which you can always layer for a heavier coverage but I personally like a light one. It has the coverage without making you look like you have *makeup* on and just leaves me looking radiant (if I’m allowed to say that!) This would be my number one makeup recommendation to anyone <333333



Do you ever feel you need a hydration hit?


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Instagram Stories.



Bloggers (myself included), spend so much time sharing their life on social media that it is easy to feel like we’ve over-shared.

I can easily feel like I’ve over-shared just by tweeting a few more times or doing a lot of Instagram stories. (I did my makeup on there the other day and thats what brought on this blog post.. which I know is ridiculous!!)

It’s such a vulnerable, stripped back feeling that I don’t really like, even though it’s easy disproportionate. Like you’re opening yourself up to be judged. Its not like I’m telling the world my deepest darkest secrets (I don’t really have any, FYI!). I don’t go into great detail about my private life, apart from my mental health, which I am more than happy to share, as I feel I have a duty to.

I never want to seem that I’m attention seeking or thinking that I’m more important than others. The ‘ooh look at me’ kinda vibe. I’m not about that! I never want people to think ‘oh here she goes again’.

I post on Instagram twice a day, because I enjoy it and love the platform, not because I feel like I have to or that I’m sharing too much of myself.

At the moment, I’m really toying with the idea of upping my blogging ~game~ and maybe trying to post *5 days a week* instead of 3. I want to do this FOR ME. As kind of a challenge to see how long I can last. Doing the same ‘lifestyle’ type of posts as usual. I just don’t want to bombard people with content if they’re not interested!


How do you feel about over-sharing? Do you ever feel like you have? 



As someone who has suffered with severe anxiety I thought I would write this post for anyone out there, who is wondering how to help their loved one on their own journey, just incase you need it. This is only my advice.



This comes first and foremost to me, because sometimes (well, most times I think) mental health cannot be controlled. They are not acting like this ON PURPOSE. I think many who haven’t had experience in this area think some of it may be attention seeking, or wanting their own way. But trust me, there is no way ANYONE would put themselves through any of this for personal gain. So please try to leave your judgement at the door. It will make it easier for everyone.


This may differ to everyone, but I know for me, when I have had low days with anxiety I need extra attention from those around me. I need to *feel* supported and looked after. I kind of go back into baby mode (but to be fair, I’ve never left far!)  I get that this requires more of everyone, but if they love you and you explain that you this is what you need to feel a little better, they will help you. Whether thats a few more cuddles in each day, taking care of your dinner, or doing a bit more around the house, it can all add up.


In my life in general, I like to be surrounded by positive people and energy. Luckily, my mum is one of the most positive people I know. If I’ve had a panic attack, or feeling all mixed up with my emotions, we sit. We talk about it. We find a positive outcome. If its due to something that’s stressing me and making me anxious, how can we make this easier for me? If I’m in a bad mood, why am I feeling like this, have I had enough sleep? Am I taking all my vitamins etc? Creating an action plan with positive steps to move forward with, always makes me feel better. Just make sure you don’t put this across as ‘fixing’ the anxiety! Only creating small baby steps working towards a goal you both think is achievable.

I hope this may of helped you when supporting someone you know who needs it! <3