I’m definitely an introvert.

I get my energy back by spending time alone.
I get extremely tired being around people constantly.
I like to spend a lot of time looking inward, thinking about my life.

Over the past couple of years I’ve clung to the introvert myth that I dislike a majority of people and their company- well, to a certain degree. I took my alone time into over-drive, and didn’t want to socialise or chat. I wanted to do my own thing. I wouldn’t say yes to a lot of things. In the end, I ended up extremely lonely and quite isolated, all from my own doing with only myself to blame. I pushed people away.

What I’ve been realising recently is that I do like people and their company, but it’s got to be the right kind of person. They have to be genuine and uplifting. A radiator, not a drain. I don’t like to be around people who thrive on drama or negativity. Luckily I have lots of people in my life who provide me with great chats, a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen. That’s not to say I wouldn’t like a great set of mates, but I’m hoping I’ll get there some day. Is there anyway we can all just meet up and hang out in real life, tea and cake included?

It’s crazy to me that once I’ve spent time with the people I love who are positive influences, I don’t need three hours by myself to de-stress, I feel happy. I feel inspired.

I’m learning new things about myself all the time, and I’m really happy that I like to socialise and get myself out there a bit more. I honestly felt like I was quite a people-hater, and now I love spreading the love to everyone! It’s super cheesy, but I hope you can tell how happier I feel about this whilst I’m typing these words.

With spending a lot of my time working from home, something that I really struggle with is loneliness. I’m starting to really crave social interaction and getting ‘out and about’ so if you have any tips for me, I would love to hear them and very much appreciate them.


Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Can you relate to any of my previous feelings?


  • I’m so stuck in the middle on this one and I don’t know if it’s just down to my anxiety, but I love being around people and socialising, but it has to be a close knit of people I’m used to. If it’s around people I’m not familiar with, I crumble and it’s exhausting having to keep it up. I’d much rather be alone and spend time by myself. But then again, I do get really lonely and hate being alone for very long, so then cling to people again. Ahh so confusing, but a great post lovely x

    Lauren |

    • You’re totally not close! I get very lonely too, but I always love being around my family! xx

  • I can so relate to this as I’ve pretty much always been quite an introverted person. A few years back before I left school I went through a tough time with my anxiety and pushed everyone away and I too ended up feeling so lonely. But I so agree that you have to be with the right people who you love to spend chatty moments with and who really are genuine! There definitely needs to be a day where we all meet up for tea and cake! Great post Natalie 🙂 xx

    Kayleigh |

    • Thank you so much, its so easy to push people away isn’t it? I’m so happy I’ve found a few people who I can spend time with and leave feeling inspired and happy! xx

  • I am definitely an introvert. I get most of my energy from being alone and had clung to that for a long time until about 2 years ago when I moved out. I came to realise that yes, being around people all the time can be tiring, but you can also learn to get energy from them. I have learned to say yes more often and I must say it really enriched my life. So I totally relate to your post, perfectly written!

    x Annabelle

    • I totally agree! I’m never too good at being on my own for a very long period of time, but I think that’s just human. Thank you so much, I’m so happy you could relate xxx

  • Kate

    I’d say I’m in the middle of introvert and extrovert. As I’ve got older I think I’ve become more extroverted as I’ve become more confident. X


  • This is lovely to read. I feel very much the same way and it’s so encouraging to hear you tell parts of your story. We definitely share a lot in common! It’s lovely to read experiences of people you know truthfully understand. I’m sure you’d host a really lovely get together! I hope you get the chance to meet your new friends someday. I find it very tough to meet up with people outside of my comfort zones – aka – usually my stables! But some days I get there. I empathise with your journey very much. Xxx best wishes xx

    Keep Calm and start writing ~

    • Thank you so much Milly, I’m sure we would get on so well if we ever met! xxx

      • I quite agree! Maybe one day we will. Have a lovely week ahead. Take good care. Xx

  • I can relate to so much of what you’ve said – especially the fact that in order for me to enjoy social interaction, I have to be with the right type of person who doesn’t drain all of my energy, and being able to find someone with whom I can chat for hours is a true blessing. Sometimes, simply being around people without engaging with them (e.g. by doing my work in a cafe) can help with loneliness without putting me out of my comfort zone. Loved this post – thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

    Maria |

    • It really is, once you find someone who you can connect with it’s incredible! That’s a great idea, I really enjoy the cafe environment too! xx

  • This is so me. I find that I get drained easily when I’m in social situations + then need time after to recharge otherwise my brain feels frazzled and exhausted. Then again, the right person that gives me time, listens and understands me is so valuable and makes me feel energised. But these people are hard to find. Thank you for sharing 💛 xx

    Bexa |

    • I definitely need that too! Thank you for reading xxx

  • I feel really identified with this post as I too am an introvert. On thing that hurts me is when people call you antisocial just because you are not like them. Love this post!

    Vanessa x |

    • I can totally agree, we are all different and just because we enjoy our own company doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy others too! xxx

  • I can relate to this post so much! I’m 100% an introvert and find that I’m at my best in social situations when I’ve had a good amount of time to myself to recharge. Sometimes I feel like a bore for wanting to stay in over going out on a Saturday night but I know that’s best for me and keeps me feeling balanced. I think there’s lots of myths about us introverts but at least we all understand each other! Xx

    • Me too, I think once we find out what keeps us in balance its important to stick with it for our own health! xx

  • Amy Eade

    I’m definitely an introvert and you’re so right – it just has to be the right type of person! I love the expression radiator not a drain haha. I do wish all my internet friends lived closer together!
    Amy xx

  • I completely agree with you! I can relate to this post so much. I’m an introvert too and I LOVE being around people, but I do need a good amount of time to recharge afterwards. I do feel drained if I’m around people who are ‘too emotional’ or just negative. I feel like I’m sounding harsh by saying that, but otherwise I just end up drained and spiral for days. I’ve made a point to only surround myself with people who lift me up and leave me feeling happier than when I arrived. There’s so many myths and stereotypes about introverts, but at least we can talk to each other!

    xo, Victoria
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