I really enjoyed putting together part one of behind the Instagram, so today I’m back with part two. In this version, I’m going to show you the before and afters too, aswell as all the behind the scenes stuff!

Lets start with the above picture, one of my most recent ones. I really love the effect of making things out of book pages, and it’s something I’ve done a few times before. I had the idea to try and make snowflakes, so I spent my Saturday morning watching Youtube tutorials and luckily, it was very easy to pick up! I couldn’t find any string to tie them together, so I used a gold necklace instead which you can’t really see. I actually asked Dan to take a picture of this with me outside, but it didn’t turn out how I wanted (plus I find getting other people to take them really stressful, anyone else?). I added some further detail in the Bokeh app, one of my go-to’s at the moment! I really love the finished look and the handmade feel of this picture.


I found the idea behind this ‘book tree’ on Pinterest, a place which I find so useful when you’re struggling for creative inspiration! I borrowed some of my stepdad’s books because I didn’t have many of the same size, added some fairy lights around them and laid on the kitchen floor, Dan stood over me to take it. The things you do for Instagram, eh? I edited it the same way I do with all my pictures, using Lightroom, and again the Bokeh app.


I love the playfulness feel of this picture! It’s one of my favourite I think, plus you can’t beat a candyfloss cloud can you? I added that in afterwards aswell as some mini marshmallows (which you can’t really see unfortunately), and some little snowflakes to add to the festive feel. I came up with this idea the same way I usually do with the others, when I’m trying to go to sleep!

Probably the most extreme of the before and afters, my book shoes! I did some leaf shoes, that you can see in my first post of this series, so I wanted to try something of the same vein again. I spent the morning trying to draw a decent pair of shoes on an old book page (one I didn’t love that much, obviously) and then added them in using Photoshop, aswell as the stacks of books which I’ve used on previous pictures before. This was one of my most popular photos I think.



I’d love to know which picture is your favourite? x




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