If you’ve followed me for a while on Instagram, this summer you might have noticed that the style of my photos have changed slightly. Now, they are much more focused on creativity, playfulness, and a touch of imaginative/whimsical fun too. That’s not to say I didn’t think my other photo’s were good enough, I just found my passion in a place I didn’t even know existed at the time.

Instagram is a platform I’ve always felt like I used to struggle with if I’m being honest, I was never totally happy with what I shared, and my pictures didn’t make me joyful, or fufilled. I kind of just did it, because I thought I had to share something. It all felt lacklustre and empty.

When I discovered Kika’s instagram, thats when my eyes started to brighten a little. I realised that there was a creativity that I had which I wasn’t using, I wasn’t letting my imagination flourish in my photos, and more importantly, I wasn’t being myself. A while later, I signed up for Sara Tasker’s Instagram course, Bloom & Grow. I absolutely loved the whole course, and it made me feel refreshed and renewed about how I could use Instagram to express my individuality.

Fast forward, 5 or 6 months and I feel happier with what I’m posting on there, than ever.

I’ve also received such great feedback, and after putting in the effort, it seems that now my account is starting to grow too- but I’m trying not to focus on the numbers as much, and just focus on great feedback and posting pictures that excite me.

Of course there are times when I don’t feel creative, or have any photo ideas, and I’m working on those moments to not resist them, and stay grounded in the knowledge that it will always come back. There are also things I still want to work on and pictures I don’t feel I’m able to do justice right now, either because I don’t have a tripod/high ceiling, or ways of photoshop that I’m not great at yet. But that’s okay.

It feels so good to feel positive about the Instagram platform. Once I started posting what I loved on there, it changed my outlook on it completely. I hardly find myself moaning about it (or a lot less anyway), and I actually enjoy logging on and using it.

Who knew? Maybe social media can be good for us afterall.



How do you feel about Instagram? Do you have your own style on there?



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