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I’ve had several ups and downs on my ‘body journey’ but without going into too much detail, I’ve had long periods of time going from binge-eating for comfort, to really restricted eating and lots of over-exercising. I really do think this part of my life is somewhat finished now and it makes me so sad to think how I treated my body.

Over the past year I’ve really developed a balance with my relationship to food and exercise- and that’s mostly down to yoga. I practice it in some form almost daily, and it reminds me to be kind to myself, to know when to push harder and to know when to slow down. It makes me a more happier person. There’s so many yoga and fitness/balance inspirations out there that help to guide me on my way, so I’ll be sure to link them all down below.

Yoga isn’t just about doing stretches in lycra, its much more than that. Its kind of like a lifestyle. Being kind to your body, and treating it well in all ways.

I recently read a tweet that says the famous motto ‘you never regret a workout’ which personally, I find so triggering. I might be the only one here, but when I hear that it brings back old thoughts and unhealthy patterns. The way I see it, if you’re denying your body rest and the nutrients/fats it needs to function, then working out on top of that is so dangerous. I just wanted to add this in here incase anyone else out there feels the same, your not alone! Rest days are also key, never feel guilty for letting your body recuperate.

I’m so much more kinder to my body now, and whenever I see one of my family members over-doing it in general life, I always like to remind them that you only have one body. Its so so important to cherish, nourish and look after it.

I hope if your reading this after you haven’t worked out all week and just ate a Mcdonalds, girl thats totally fine. We allĀ deserve treats. Never feel guilty about food. I’ve been down that road, and I know its just not worth it.



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