I know in the past I’ve said I’m not one for blog ‘goals’, but having recently had a blog re-design and trying to take this thing a bit more seriously (not really, don’t worry), I thought I would do a little post on some stats I’m hoping to achieve!

*side note, I know that numbers aren’t everything by any means, but I do think they can be a good indication of growth



I currently have 259 followers on Bloglovin. By the latter end of this year, (ideally my original blog’s 2 year anniversary in November!) I would love to have around 350-ish followers. I’m not aiming for crazy numbers like 600 or something here, as I want this to still be realistic and feel achievable for me.

I would also love to build up more (read:one) relationships with brands and work on posts together! If anyone has any posts about tips on this, please link it below as I would find it so helpful!


I currently have 13 subscribers on my Youtube channel, and if I’m being honest I’m finding it super hard building up a following on there! I really enjoy making videos though, so that’s the main thing! Hopefully I can keep on learning new stuff with editing, and build up more on a following over there, lets aim for 50 so maybe not something *too* out of reach. Link here if you would like to subscribe, I would be so so grateful.


Link me below your recent blog ‘goals’ and I’ll have a read! 🙂



*dress is from Whistles, for anyone interested!*


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