I did a skincare empties a while ago, so now I’m back with my haircare/body-care version! I thought it was best to split them up into two different posts so I don’t bombard you with that many products! Lets get into it…



This took me ages to use, but I really liked it and it left my hair SOO smooth and silky. I used it instead of using conditioner after washing as an alternative, and I like how easy it is. Especially for low maintenance gals like me.
REPURCHASE? Yes I can see myself buying this again soon!



My mum gave me this because the smell was too much for her. And I agree, I really don’t like the smell of it. Its VERY floral and quite ‘grandma’ I think. I still used it though because its probably the best hand cream that sunk into the skin I’ve ever used.
REPURCHASE? Not unless the scent changes.



I haven’t used anything from NUXE before, but I really got on with this little guy, which makes me want to try more of their products. I used it for my face, hair and body, which was SO great if you’re away on a trip and I didn’t breakout from it either. I think its also quite good value for money too at £17, it lasts a really long time and smells lovely.
REPURCHASE? Yes I would.



I got loads of these for Christmas, and I’ve enjoyed trying all the different scents from S&G. The ‘sugar crush’ scent smells so delicious, and for some reason these little tubes last FOREVER.
REPURCHASE? Definitely.



This was only like £1 and my hair was feeling quite dry, so I thought I’d treat it and use one of these, with quite low expectations I might add. I got about 2/3 uses out of this, and I loved it! It did such a perfect job at hydrating my hair.



I bought this so long ago when I saw Estee Lalonde recommend it. You use it by tapping some out on your hands and then rub into your roots to cut the grease and create volume. The texture of this is SO chalky and made my scalp feel all mucky and unclean, which was not ideal right? Most of the time I ended up washing it, instead of getting the ‘extra day’ out of it like I had hoped.
REPURCHASE? Definitely not.


Let me know if you guys liked this and I will start collecting products that I’ve emptied for another post! <3


If theres one thing I have a lot of in my makeup collection, it’s lip products! I haven’t purchased any new ones for quite a while, as I’m trying not to let my collection get too ridiculous. I’m definitely going to try and use the ones I currently have, before I buy any others.

I got the Clinique Nude Pop mini as a free gift in a magazine, and it’s a lovely lightweight nude. Its really moisturising on the lips, but pigmented too. I think its probably one of the most universal nudes thats out there. Maybe because its such a small product it gets lost in my makeup drawer?

Next up, is Tanya Burr Pink Cocoa. It took me an age to get my hands on this as it was sold out everywhere. It’s a bit more matte than I expected, and for that reason I need to make sure my lips are hydrated before applying it. When I wear this I always feel like my lips look a lot bigger and plumper, so I’m all for that! It kind of has the ‘grunge’ vibes that I love, especially teamed with a t-shirt, jeans and some messy hair.

I’m kinda cheating with the next one, the Rosie For Autograph Lip Glossy. As you would expect, this doesn’t last for ages on the lips, but it always looks so natural with a pretty shine that makes me want to wear it more often.

I wanted to include a red into this post, as I literally don’t think I’ve worn one THIS YEAR. How bad is that! The one which suits my skin tone the most (that I have) is definitely this Topshop lipstick in Rio Rio. Its not often I feel brave enough to wear a bold lip, as I think that as soon as I’m in public people are staring at me! On days when I have the confidence, I want to rock this.


Do you have a lipstick you want more wear out of?


As a beauty lover, I often tend to be experimenting with that many products, it’s super rare that I end up finishing one.

Of course when this happened with two products in the *same* week, I had to do a post on it.

First up is the Clinique Foundation Stick. This is the first time I’ve actually tried a foundation stick, and I couldn’t believe how easy to apply it was. My favourite way to use this is with a damp beauty blender, and to build up coverage with additional strokes if needed. It also goes on a lot better when you use a primer or moisturiser before, too. This makes my skin look naturally glowy and radiant. Whenever I wear it, my mum always comments on how good my skin looks! It lasted me a decent amount of time too, so was definitely worth the money.

I also finished up the Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer which has been super loved in my makeup routine. This little guy is only £8, lasts for such a long time, and really makes you look like you’ve had your 8 hours sleep the night before! (or 9 in my case). Its very popular in the beauty blogger world at the minute, and for good reason! I will be purchasing it in the future, I’m sure.


Have you finished up a beauty product lately, don’t you just love the satisfaction when you do?


When I asked you guys on Twitter whether I could do a ‘not worth the hype’ post containing 2 products, thankfully you all said yes!

I really enjoy reading these type of posts because I like to see two different opinions on a product, especially if I’m contemplating buying it! This is my first time writing one up though so be sure to let me know whether you’ve liked it.



When I first received this as a Christmas present a few years ago, I was ECSTATIC. Just look at all those pretty colours! I thought I would get SO much used out of it.

The first time I started applying it, I couldn’t get ANY colour pay-off from any of the shades. I even tried to use some of the darker colours since then, but have honestly been so unimpressed. There’s also loads of fall-out and it is so faint on the eye-lids that it might aswell not be there.

To say the palette is £40, my opinion on it is very underwhelming. I might try it again some time in the future just so it actually gets some use, but I wouldn’t recommend it to a friend.



This is another very unloved product in my collection.

It’s marketed as a full coverage foundation, but whenever I’ve worn it, it ‘sits’ on the skin and makes me look very doll-like. I’ve tried using just my hands and then a buffing brush, neither really made a difference.

It was very matte, and seemed to magnify problem areas that I had by flaking. I’m pretty sad about this because its an expensive purchase, but I can’t see myself loving it in the future either.


Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?

Since my last post ( http://natalieleanne.com/great-skincare-that-doesnt-break-the-bank/ )went down so well, I wanted to do a makeup version of it sharing all my budget buys in the beauty department.



Truth be told, I haven’t tried that many primers in the drugstore, so I’m a little biased in this area. I love this one because it makes your skin look lit from within, and isn’t greasy. It just gives a nice glow, and I always find that makeup goes on SO smoothly afterwards.



A few months ago I picked up the more ‘matte’ version of this concealer, but now I’m fully back on this lighter, brightening choice. It honestly makes you look like you’ve had so much more sleep than you actually have, and it lasts for ages too. Plus, it also blends in dreamily and doesn’t crease around my eye area at all.



These are definitely my favourite two affordable foundations, and both offer that healthy natural looking glow. They are light to medium coverage, but don’t look cakey on the skin at all. I will most definitely be repurchasing both when I’ve used them all up!



The Rimmel blushes are such a good price (£4) and they last for ages. The one I have is called ‘santa rose’ in a lovely pretty blush colour. These are so underrated in the beauty world and I rarely hear about people mentioning them. I also adore the Max Factor puff blushes (there are some gorgeous colours in this range!) and they last for a really long time too. I can’t believe mine is still going after the amount of use its had.



This is the only contour palette that I’ve used from the drugstore, but its very well loved in my collection. I have the light version and find the shades to be perfect for my skin tone, especially with the darker contour not looking ‘mucky’ as they sometimes do in these palettes. I feel like this is something that I’ve really enjoyed having, and it also has a great mirror in too if you want to take it on holiday or going away.



I won’t harp on about it, we all know this is my FAVE mascara ever. It makes you look like you have eyelash extensions, and doesn’t go clumpy. So much so, I’ve run out of it now and going to repurchase another! See you at Boots… 😉


Do you have any affordable makeup favourites? Let me know- I feel in a spendy mood for some new beauty bits!



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