I love my blog.

It sounds quite a bold, self-assured statement to put out there doesn’t it? But really, why would we continue writing one if we didn’t? I’m sure most of us do this to fufill something inside of ourselves, so it’s natural that we should love and care about what we publish.

In the days of everyone rebranding and losing blog motivation, I wanted to share why I love my little space on the internet, why I’m HAPPY with it, and not planning on changing it anytime soon.

It might sound silly to say, but my site is truly ME. Of course it’s not perfect and there will for sure be a few mistakes here and there (like myself, might I add) but it reflects my personality, the fact that I don’t have a topic schedule and post about whatever is in my brain, is exactly how I am in real life too. I’m always thinking about something, the topic varies every time. Some days I want to write something more heartfelt, others I like to write a list about things I’m happy about. I feel no restrictions here and I love that.

I don’t have amazing photography, which is something I’m still learning, but the words is what I’m passionate about sharing. Connecting with others from what my hands are typing to your eyes reading, that’s important to me and I think I’m doing myself justice. Well, even if you don’t agree I don’t ever publish something I’m not happy with, but hopefully you like it too!

In the future the lay-out might get more stream-lined and look a bit more professional, but in the background I’ll always be here, the same girl. I’ll never be anyone else or try to pretend to (no matter how successful they may be), and I promise to always be as honest and open and encouraging as I am today.

I started Natalie Leanne in April 2016 and it was the best decision ever.

Lets continue enjoying the ride together


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There’s endless reasons why you may want to start a blog, but I wanted to highlight a few good ones incase you haven’t plucked up the courage to hit publish… yet.


You have something to say

I wouldn’t advise to start a blog just because they seem to be ‘popular’ and you want to hop on the bandwagon. I mean, you do you, but if you have something to say, that’s a great reason to join the Blogosphere in my opinion. If you are passionate about a certain topic, whether that be makeup, books, or mental health, a blog is the perfect opportunity for you to share that with other people, and a space where your passion will thrive to even greater lengths.


You want to connect with others

Absolutely my favourite thing about blogging and social media in general is connecting with other like-minded people. There is nothing better. It’s not always applicable to meet online friends in real-life if you don’t live close to one another, but having an online space to come together and share your journey is a really beautiful thing in my eyes. Especially if like me, you often can feel lonely, it’s lovely to chat to people out there that can offer you encouragement and support when you need it.


You want something of your ‘own’

I totally get why you might want to start a blog for a place of your own. It was definitely one of the reasons behind why I started mine. Maybe that’s why I loved having a secret diary as a child, that feeling of having something that is only yours and doesn’t affect anybody else. A place to write your thoughts and feelings that only you can see (or you can post for the internet, like I do now). It’s feels so nourishing to me that I have an outlet for my creativity and mind, I must say I don’t know what I would do now without if I didn’t have blogging in my life!


Why did you start your blog? Or do you want to start one but haven’t done it yet?

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You guys just see the finished product -the new post-, so I thought it would be a cool idea to show a behind the scenes from the getting the idea, scheduling, promoting, and everything else that goes along with blogging!



I feel like inspiration happens in the most random of times for me. It’s very rare I sit down and brainstorm blog post ideas, they usually spring into my mind when I’m trying to fall asleep (of which I just hope I remember it in the morning, like this one) or when I’m walking the dog. I read my favourite blogs regularly so I would definitely suggest seeing what else is out there and it may lead to a post idea for you! Try not to duplicate though, I’m all for getting inspiration from someone, but make it your own.


I always write before pictures, which I know may seem strange, but most of my posts aren’t talking about specific products, so I find it easier for me to get all the words out first, whilst I’m feeling chatty! I’m much more of a writer than photographer. I use the YOAST plug-in on WordPress in blog posts to check the SEO and readability of the post.


To be honest, I’m pretty lazy with my blog photography. I usually just use a picture that I’ve taken on my iPhone that sits well within the post. For example, if its a lifestyle post I’ll add a photo I’ve taken of a sunset or a pretty scene. I definitely would like to up my blog photography game in the near future.


I work a few posts in advance, so I schedule the post when I have a free gap at 8am on the day I’ve chosen. I find it important to put some kind of routine in my post order, so if I’ve done a ‘blogging’ post, I won’t follow it up with a similar one for the day after.


One of the important parts I think! I make sure I post on Instagram once the post is live, using the same picture as the post has. I also show it live on my Instagram Stories too. Over the past few months I’ve been making Pinterest Graphics on Canva that I then pin to my Pinterest page with a link to the post, along with adding it on the Pinterest boards I’m a member of.

Did you find this helpful, and do you do any of the same things as me for your posts?


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I really loved putting together the first post of this series, which you can read here, so I thought it was about time to do round two!

These are all blog posts that I’ve truly connected with, and I think you should definitely have a look at.


What posts have you loved recently? 

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We all know we should be proud of ourselves but sometimes, it takes thinking about certain situations you’ve handled or what you’re working on that can make you realise how good you should be feeling right now. I hope this blog post makes you realise how awesome you already are.

  1. For the work-out you did this morning. Nobody forced you to do it, but you did.
  2. That promotion you recently got at work. You worked hard for that girl!
  3. For holding up a blog, even if you can’t do it as a job yet. You do it because you love it.
  4. You have a body that you’ve looked after for however many years, it breathes every day thanks to how you treat it.
  5. You have great relationships in your life. Okay, some aren’t all great, but you have some awesome people around you.
  6. You know how to look after yourself, and more importantly, what not to do.
  7. You manage to face the day however bad you’re feeling.
  8. You fit in the time to do things that make you feel good.
  9. Being self-sufficient.
  10. Reading books even though you don’t technically have to.
  11. For always working towards your goals, and not giving up.
  12. Getting the jobs done that you need to do, every single day.
  13. The anxieties you constantly overcome.
  14. For brushing your teeth and getting dressed. Simple things matter.
  15. Not spending all your wage on ASOS. Just 50%.
  16. For smiling at mean people, and killing it with kindness.
  17. For knowing that mental health is important.
  18. Setting boundaries, whether that’s with yourself or others.
  19. Eating a diet that isn’t just cereal bars and cups of tea.
  20. For coming out of that bad time you went through feeling stronger than ever.

What are you proud of yourself for today?