This year seems to involve lots of changes for me, both personally and creatively.

You might of noticed the change online if you follow me on Instagram, I’m really focusing my energies lately into my prints and somewhat, trying to level up everything a little bit. This is something that is really special to me, and it’s important that I take it seriously because I truly do believe in it.

I believe in my art, and I want to share it with the world.

What this blog post is actually about though, is my new newsletter!

I’ve always loved reading newsletters from my favourite creators, and I had the idea to create one probably about a year ago, but I couldn’t decide how or what I wanted to include into it.

After lots of brainstorming, researching and thinking, I’ve decided on a format that feels right to me.

It will go out every month, and heres what it will include;

  • a short personal letter from me
  • behind the images
  • before and after’s
  • monthly recommendations
  • pictures of my prints in customers homes
  • the first month will have an EXCLUSIVE Etsy discount code…
  • ….and each month will have something secret in it too which I haven’t mentioned anywhere yet! (if you remember my vlogs on youtube years ago you might like it- hint hint)

If you’d like to sign up before the first one goes live, theres a little box at the bottom of this website where you can pop your email. See you there!


Both prints available on my Etsy shop!

I’m not sure if the last time I spoke I mentioned that I had set up my own Etsy shop for my prints, the link is above if you’d like to go take a look. I decided to add two new animal prints to my shop, with hopefully more to come one day too.

The story behind adding two new animal prints was because I figured that although I personally would want a picture of someone I didn’t know on my wall, not everyone else would! The two new prints feel more suitable to an office or nursery, whereas the original ones feel more bedroom, living room vibes to me. I think the five in total go really well together as a first collection. If you want to keep in touch with other prints that might be available, the best way is to follow me on Instagram which I update regularly.

In other news, things are pretty busy at home! I’m really happy with the goals I’m achieving at the moment, and I’ve just started a new qualification! I don’t feel that comfortable sharing too much about it at the moment because its still very in its early stages, but I will share soon I’m sure. And in short, a few things that are making me happy these days are as follows:

  • Married at First Sight Australia- We’re on season 6!
  • Reading Grown Ups by Marian Keyes
  • Trying out different yoga teachers online
  • Dying my hair pink (not permanent unfortunately!)
  • Taylor’s re-recording of Love Story
  • Podcasts
  • Going on two runs a week

I hope you all are doing well and having a great February!


A dream I never thought would of come true.

My print shop is officially OPEN!

I won’t talk about the why in this blog post, I’ll save that for a later date, but I just wanted to do a quick blog post to let you guys know that they are available on the ‘shop’ section of my blog.

I’m super happy with them so I hope you are too.


It’s time for the last instalment of my photography alphabet challenge!

R… is for Reverse
S… is for Stopping Time
T… is for Take Off
U… is for Use Your Vote
V… is for Vulnerability
W… is for Wings
X… is for X-Ray
Y… is for Yearn
Z… is for Zzz

Which has been your favourite of this installment?


I… is for Imagination
J… is for Jumping
K… is for Key
L… is for Levitation
M… is for Magic
N… is for Nature
O… is for Open
P… is for Pen and Paper
Q… is for Quiet

Which one is your favourite of this bunch?

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