Now that we’re back from holiday, I’m ready to start getting myself prepared for Autumnal and all the cosy weather it brings. It definitely is the homiest season of all I think, so I’ve made myself a little bunch of notes about how I want to make the most of it going forward.


I’m sure that I’m not the only one obsessed with Mrs Hinch’s Instagram stories, and it’s definitely made me want to start thoroughly cleaning everywhere. I’d like to think I’m a pretty clean person and I can’t live in a messy house, but there’s also those jobs you avoid because you know you can’t be bothered with it. Like the back of the cabinets, eeesh. We’re actually headed to B&M this weekend to stock up on supplies which I’m excited about. Is this what it means being an adult? Plus, cleaning always makes me feel better for some reason, I pop on a podcast and find it really therapeutic (don’t tell Dan this or he’ll never clean anything again!)


I’m planning on doing another slow living post soon, because it’s something that’s been on my mind lately, but this Autumn I really want to embrace rest and a slow lifestyle. That doesn’t mean I don’t have any plans and stay at home all day, but more that the plans I do have, making the most of them and approaching them with a sense of calm. Not rushing from destinations, and using that 2 hour train journey as a place for some ‘me-time’ where I read and rest, instead of it just being another commute.


Christmas is my favourite holiday, and as it will be our first as a married couple, it’s got me thinking about different options that we can do. Last Christmas was far too stressful for me personally, and I’m learning that seeing 4 different families in one day is just a bit too much, so this year I want to do it a bit differently, and enjoy the day as much as possible. I also really want to start sending out personalised Christmas cards as a little tradition!

I think around this time of year it’s always a good option to have a sit down and a good think about how far you’ve come, and what goals you still want to achieve. Maybe I’ll do another post on this talking about mine?


Yep, I’m going there! In my opinion, we never treat ourselves enough. Whether that’s picking ourselves up a bunch of flowers and not feeling lame about it, or giving ourselves the pleasure of an early night or a restful morning. Autumn is the perfect season to incorporate an extra bit of self-care.

I’m booking myself a massage which I like to try and get every 3 months, and I treated myself to my nails doing on holiday which was lovely too. I also want to get a few cosy things for the house to embrace this Autumnal period, like new candles, new loungewear, and maybe a throw for the sofa. My bank balance won’t be happy but I definitely will be!

How are you embracing Autumn?

It’s been a few weeks since I did my first 10 things so I decided I’d do another one, as I love writing them and hopefully you like reading them too! They always feel like chatting to a friend, you know?



Whenever I head anywhere with a decent magazine range (i.e not in my neighbourhood) I make sure to pick up a bunch of my favourite mags, including Breathe and Planet Mindful. They are filled to the brim with such important articles and it’s always such a joy to relax on an evening with one and a cup of tea.


I’m a massive fan of everything Deliciously Ella is about, so when she announced they were launching a podcast, I couldn’t wait to download it! It definitely hasn’t disappointed, and I feel like I’m learning more about health & wellness without the preachyness you sometimes get with other people.

#3 COUCH TO 5k

I’m about to start week 4 of Couch to 5k and I’ve surprised myself with just how much I’ve enjoyed it! We go as a family round the neighbourhood so we get some fresh air in at the same time too which is a bonus. My stamina has really improved and it’s the perfect amount of challenging but not too outrageous at the same time.


It’s only been 2 weeks, but I am thoroughly loving the return of the Bake Off. By complete coincidence I always happen to bake on the same day too so I can enjoy a little treat whilst I settle down to watch it. I’ve made flapjacks and brownies so far, so stay tuned for what else is to come!


After being off for the Summer, my local yoga class is back and it feels glorious to switch off for a full hour every Monday evening.


I can’t share a lot about this as it’s a secret at the minute, but something so exciting is happening family related, and I’m sure when I’m able to, I will be sharing a lot more about it!


It’s our first full day here on holiday as I write this, but I wanted to have a little blog session before I head off to bed and snooze the night away. 10 of us have all come and it’s so nice to be away together. Plus I’m always so proud of myself whenever I’ve had a successful flight too which is a great feeling.


This past week I’ve been doing Annie Clark’s yoga challenge on Youtube, and I’m really enjoying it. Some days are meditations, a journal prompt, or 30 minute yoga sessions. I always love trying new things in my yoga practice as a little change in routine and it makes me fall in love with it all over again.


I’m not officially on the Autumn hype until we get back from holiday, but I’ve got a whole bunch of ideas in my head of how I’m getting all prepared for the fall season. Expect a blog post about this soon!


I know, I feel about 5 writing this, but after ages I’ve finally bought a paint palette (so I don’t have to use our plates, sorry Dan) and a painting pad, and I had the best afternoon! It is hands down, the most theraeputic thing, even if I’m not amazing at it. Who cares, right?


What has made you happy lately?


I’ve had the idea to document what my perfect weekend would look like, and because it will obviously be filled with my favourite things, I’m so excited to write it! 🙂


I would definitely start my perfect weekend with a lazy Saturday morning! Maybe treating myself to a pastry and a cup of tea in bed, followed by some stretchy yoga and an Instagram scroll. I love the feeling of there being nothing to rush around for and I can take my time doing what I please.


The other weekend we went for a long walk at a local lakeside property, (along with an ice cream, of course) and I have to say, being surrounded by green is one of my favourite things. It just instantly makes me feel calmer and I love hearing all the wildlife outside.


Yep, I’m adding an afternoon nap to my list! Over the recent weeks I’ve become such a fan of napping, I don’t even need that long. Just half an hour and it makes me feel so refreshed and like a new person again!


I find baking so therapeutic, and I love spending time making healthy treats that I can enjoy throughout the week. It’s an activity where my mind completely shuts off and I go into a really meditate state, just enjoying the process. Plus, I get to eat one with a cup of tea afterwards so it’s a total win-win situation.


Whether that’s painting (on my legs, naturally, then taking a photo), creating a photo for the weekend hashtag project on Instagram, or starting a new embroidery, fitting in some time on a weekend to be creative will be high on my list.

Spending time to be creative really makes me feel happy and my cup re-filled 🙂


How would you spend your perfect weekend? I would love to know!


August has felt like a weirdly long month, and when I looked back on my goals it kind of felt like a different person writing them! Maybe I’ve just learned a lot about myself this month, so let’s check in..


Publish wedding posts. I for sure definitely didn’t do this one, but that’s because our photos don’t actually arrive until a few days time, but I’m planning on getting them all out before September ends! I did post a sneak peek of our wedding though, so maybe that’s half a goal?

Relish time at home. I absolutely made the most of a quiet(ish) month at home, and I loved every moment! Lots of reading, meditating, Crash bandicoot playing and baking, it was so lovely and very much needed. For some reason I also feel like I did a LOT of cleaning this month! I just can’t stand a messy house…anyone else?

Be more experimental with food. August was a month where I definitely tried lots of different foods. I had my Grandad’s homemade beetroot, different Indian dishes and whipped up a few smoothies thanks to my amazing £20 bargain of a juicer. Hopefully this will continue as I definitely get in a bit of a funk with food.



Don’t be as hard on myself. Something I think we’re all pretty good at right? This month I really want to watch how I talk to myself, and be as kind and loving as possible as I would to a friend or family member. I find it so bizzare how mean and unforgiving we can be to ourselves, when we can be openly compassionate for others. I want to use more positive affirmations in getting my self-talk a lot more positive than it is currently. I’ll keep you updated!

Keep up running. This month I started ‘Couch to 5k’ with the family and honestly, I’ve loved it. It feels totally achievable, and an actual fun way to run instead of just hopping on a treadmill and trying to look at the timer for 30 minutes. I think the stopping/starting method has really upped my stamina, and it means we spend time together as a family AND get some well-needed fresh air at the same time. We are currently on week 3 so hopefully September will involve more running for us!

Spend more time on my blog. I feel like I’ve really neglected the blog recently, but thanks to my post about bringing my blog back to basics, I’m ready to spend more time than ever on this little website, and get to a place where I feel happy and content with it. I want to write more posts, look at my layout and fix any niggles, and have a brainstorm about future ideas too.


Do you have any goals for September?



I know I don’t usually post on a Saturday afternoon, but this weekend is proving to be very busy and I really wanted to get this up for you! The lovely team at Charlotte Tilbury sent me a few of her new products to try, and after much playing for the past week or so I’ve been dying to tell you all about them and give you the low-down on my first impressions..

First up is the Magic Away concealer. Let me start by saying this is absolutely perfect for the under eye area. I can get dark circles if I’m not getting as much sleep as I need, and I’m not exaggerating when I say this erases them immediately! It’s a twist-up sponge applicator and comes in the most gorgeous packaging, as all of Charlotte’s products usually do. On blemishes it can be a bit drying, so I think I would stick to using it for under my eyes only, or if I get a very bad breakout that needs heavily concealing.
Try this one if: you want something that makes you look like you’ve definitely had your 8 hours, if not more!


I’m not an expert to powder, but I was really excited to try the Magic Powder, as I do have oily-prone skin and I hate that feeling of looking greasy. This is super finely milled, meaning it doesn’t clog the skin whatsoever, but just gives a lovely, healthy, semi-matte finish that truly does look natural. I’ve actually surprised myself with how much I love this product, as I usually skip powder on my makeup days but now I’m reaching for this every time. Plus I must add it makes my makeup (which usually disappears after a good 2 hours) last for so much longer, and when I get home from work, I actually look the same as when I left, which let me assure you is a revelation in itself.
Try this one if: you’re in the market for a new powder that looks natural and barely detectable on the skin. I’m pretty positive this would work for any skin types.


Have you tried any of these two products yet?