I’ve read so many blog posts lately that I’ve absolutely loved, so I really felt the need to share them with you, just incase you didn’t manage to catch them the first time around.


I hope you found the inspiration that I did when I read these posts, and let me know if you’ve read any other great ones recently!


Sit down guys, I feel like this is going to be a long one.

I’ll start by saying that I definitely was one of those little girls who dreamed of the big white weddings when I was younger. I wanted Prince Charming, horse and carriages, and the biggest dress I could find. I wanted all the attention of the day to be mine, and I of course would be relishing in it.

Now fast forward 24 years later, and I’m a lot different with my approach to our wedding. I don’t want a particularly poofy dress, I don’t want lavish celebrations, and most definitely for everyone’s attention to NOT be on me. Maybe other introverts feel me on this?

I’m not an outgoing person, and much prefer being by the sidelines. Thats why we are opting for a small, intimate ceremony, and a bigger party afterwards. I feel like the most important part is where you actually get married, and I don’t want a list of extended relatives I never see (nor really know me as an adult) to be the faces I glance when I’m walking down the aisle. It’s such a personal moment to me and Dan, and I don’t want to involve people who don’t need to necessarily be there to see it.

I will only have my sister as my maid of honour, plus little cousins as bridesmaids. I’m doing my own makeup. I’m not paying thousands of pounds for a dress I will wear once, (but I’m looking forward to trying them all on that’s for sure!). We sent a ‘save the date’ TEXT (how 2017 of us) and our invitations are from Paperchase.

We have quite a fancy venue, but will be cutting the costs down (don’t start me on favours- do we *need* to have them?), and we primarily chose it because I really want to get married outside next summer. There are definitely some things we still need to finalise as we are quite picky about spending our money on tat. (This is mostly me to be honest).

I guess what I’m saying is that I want to be a low-key bride. We’re not doing things the ‘traditional’ way that you may expect, and that’s how we like it. And if people have a problem with that? Pah, not your wedding 😉


Whats your thoughts on being a low-key bride? Tell me your thoughts!


I would say I’m definitely a lot more productive now than I was a few years ago, and that combined with now having a blog means I feel like I’ve got a few tips that I think are actually quite useful up my sleeve..



This is probably the biggest tip I have and thats to really make the most of all the time you have. A prime example of this is at the weekend I knew I was going to be on a long car journey, so I spent the morning taking a few flat-lays that I knew I could edit on the way there.

Scheduling tweets while your having your lunch break is always a good idea too, as its surprising how quickly they seem to run out and its always a task to be ahead in. I am usually reading other people’s blogs whilst having my breakfast, as its something I really like to prioritise and find the time to do. Plus, I feel it in turn benefits my blog in many ways, whether thats leaving a comment to something I connected to, or seeing how other people do it on the Blogosphere.



If I have a few jobs around the house I need to get done such as cleaning, tidying, I always make sure I’m either listening to a new podcast episode or watching a Youtube video I’m interested in. That way, it makes the chores so much less painful, and before you know it the place is looking sparkling again and it didn’t feel so bad.

I always find having a tidy household makes me work better and feel a lot more clearheaded. I struggle to get anything productive done when I’m surrounded by mess and clutter!



Theres nothing worse than desperately trying to be productive, when in reality all you want to do is lay in bed, eat biscuits and scroll Instagram. I like to schedule ‘mini breaks’ along the day where I can have a little rest, with a cup of tea, and take the load off for a few minutes. If I’ve had a really productive morning, I’ll take a more chilled out lunch break, so I’m restored for the afternoon.

Doing it that way, I’m much more likely to have the energy to do a bit more than I thought originally. Be sure not to beat yourself up mentally if you don’t manage to complete all the things you thought. Life is for enjoyment at the end of the day, not for ticking off to-do lists.

In terms of my blog, If I can’t think of content, I try not to worry about it. Luckily I make sure I’m quite ahead of my posting, so if I don’t manage to post for a week it’s okay. I’m not one of those people who can force out blog posts. If it’s not working for me, I leave it be for a while. Chances are after a few days off, your creativity comes back and you’re raring to write again.


How do you stay productive?





I don’t think I’ve done one of these posts before, and I’m all about blogger positivity. I figured that if I love these blogs, you might do too.




I feel like if theres any product I’m wondering whether to get, I’ll head to Sally’s blog and she’ll have a review on it. For me, The Makeup Directory is the ultimate beauty blog. I’m sure I’m always one of the first to read when a new post goes up! I must add, she also seems like the loveliest person ever!



Jaye blogs 3-4 times a week, and I love the variety of things she talks about. One day it might be home decor, the next its all about beauty products she’s used up. I always keep coming back to it to see what her next post is about. Jaye also has a kick-ass Youtube channel where she vlogs regularly and I’m a huge fan. She just seems so real and down to earth, which is something I always appreciate when reading content.



I’ve been reading Sophie’s blog for quite some time now, and I adore it. I feel like its the blog you sit down to read with a nice cup of tea and a snack and its all so *comforting*. She is definitely one of my lifestyle blogging inspirations as she blogs about a mix of everything, but her 10 favourites of the week are some of my favourites!



I can’t possibly do a post on my favourite blogs without mentioning my gal, Chelsea. Her blog posts speak to me on another level, I swear. They make me feel inspired when I feel hopeless, happier when I feel down, and reassuring when I feel like I’m such a long way from where I want to be. If you feel like you want to read something that just seems to have a bit more substance, head over to Chelsea’s blog.



I would love it if you would leave your recommendations for blogs you’ve been loving lately and I’ll be sure to check them out!



Forgive me for sounding like the ending of a One Tree Hill episode, but I believe we all have defining moments in life.

Moments that shape us, that cause us to grow, moments that seem like pinnacle parts of our lives that were supposed to happen.

One of those defining moments for me, was definitely not being able to enter the room where I signed up for university.

That might sound strange, but if you have anxiety issues, you should get where I’m coming from. When I couldn’t force myself to walk in, sit down, and start a brand new life of alone, already having panic attacks and commuting 1 hour away from home, I knew it would be a moment in my life that I would look back on, and hopefully not regret.

And I truly don’t. I got help with my anxiety, and a degree in Accountancy to follow. I knew deep down university life wasn’t for me, but I followed the crowd, and fortunately, backed out at the very last minute (my student loan had even gone through at this point I think, don’t worry they got it all back.).

Another moment that stands out so far in my life, was the first time I tried meditation.

It was something that I was interested in as soon as I heard about it, and I can recall the feeling of absolute peace I felt after I connected with my body, mind and soul for only 10 minutes.

I knew it was going to be a huge part of my life and something that strengthens me, calms me, and is there when I need it. I’ve meditated every day for about 2 years now.

The last moment I want to chat about is, rather soppy.

Its when I first met my boyfriend (well, fiancé). It’s not me being dramatic when I really did think I would be single forever. I was burnt badly from a previous relationship and didn’t want history to repeat itself. But like in all the books and movies say, it came out of nowhere, and when we met I just knew he would be in my life for a reason. It would drive me crazy when people said ‘you will just know’ when you meet The One. But its actually so true, and the best way of putting it.


Do you have any defining moments? If you don’t feel like sharing private details if the comments, just put ‘Yes!’ 🙂 xxx