It feels like absolutely ages since I last did a Happy Things post, so I’m excited to have a little bit of a catch up with you lot today! Please let me know if you enjoy these sorts of posts and I can try and do them more regularly 🙂

#1 Banana Bread! I made this banana bread the other day and it was hands down, the best recipe I’ve tried. I cannot stop eating it so I’m sure I’ll make another one soon. It’s just too good to be without.

#2 A good bedtime routine. Over the last few weeks I’ve got a really good bedtime routine down, at a time that doesn’t feel too late for me and it’s actually making me sleep so much better too. I seem to wind down a lot easier than before, would you like an in-depth post on it?

#3 Marvellous Mrs Maisel. I’ve just watched the first series on Amazon Prime and I had to mention it as a recommendation. I completely loved everything about it and I can’t wait to crack in to the next season!

#4 My new swishy skirt. I’ve never worn a long skirt before, so this is quite a novelty to me but I’m loving this spotty number. It’s a style I haven’t considered before so it feels all fresh and new. I’m the worst at clothes shopping and don’t have a major interest in fashion but I do like to feel and look nice.

#5 Being more productive. I feel like my productivity levels have really upped recently, and instead of sitting there scrolling when I have a free 10 minutes, I either go for a walk to re-energise myself or read that chapter of the book I’ve been loving. It makes me happy because I feel like I’m getting more done in my day, and I’m doing the stuff I want to do too.

#6 Weekend pancakes! I never have special breakfasts, usually because I’m so hungry in the morning I reach for my usual Weetabix, but this weekend I had buttermilk pancakes with fruit and honey on both days, and it was the perfect start to the day!

#7 My fit-bit. I realise I haven’t mentioned this on here before even though I picked it up a few weeks ago. I got the Fit-bit Flex in purple, and I’m obsessed with tracking how many steps I’ve done and the sleep I had the night before. It’s a great insight into how much you actually move, versus how much you think you have.

#8 Bohemian Rhapsody. I just had to mention this. I didn’t know how much I’d love it at the beginning, but it totally surprised me and weeks later I still cannot believe just how great it is. I’d watch it again immediately!

#9 Eve of Man. I’ve literally just finished this book and next month I’m sure I’ll still talking about how good it is. You must pick it up and read it, it’s so good!

#10 Posting everyday on Instagram. I’m posting every single day this month on Instagram and it’s been so much fun so far. My profile is here if you want to follow along and join the gang, I’d love to see you over there!


What’s made you happy lately?


It’s time to check in! Wow, I can’t believe it’s March already. It’s hard to believe we’re in the 3rd month of 2019, time is flying by. Anyway, let’s see how I did with my goals..


Walk more. It’s safe to say I definitely did this one! Whilst we were on holiday we walked loads, even if that was just getting to and from places on the ship, and I’ve also managed to carry that on back on UK soil too whilst making the most of this amazing Spring weather. I’ve started running again too which I’m super happy about, using the Couch to 5k app like I did last year.

Be more present. Quite a tough goal to track, but looking back over the month I feel like I really did stay present, and practice mindfulness. I completed my first two long haul flights successfully (and even ended up enjoying them a little) and really lived in the moment, especially on our honeymoon.

Put together our wedding album. Oops. This one hasn’t even got off the starting blocks unfortunately (I haven’t even ordered the album yet!) But I’m determined to do it this month so I’m carrying it on as a goal. I really don’t want to get to our first anniversary in July and still not have it completed.



See above! 

Re-do Sara Tasker’s Bloom & Grow e-course. It’s been nearly a year since I did the Bloom & Grow course, and I absolutely loved it. It completely changed my outlook on Instagram and helped me find my own style, so I’m really excited to do it again and see if anything changes this time. Plus Spring is the perfect time for this, I think, so expect to see some more florals on my Instagram in the next few weeks!

Finish the Dream Life book. I got the book ‘Your Dream Life Starts Here’ by the founder of Kikki K for Christmas, and I’ve been working through it slowly the past few months. I’m getting to the juicy parts where it’s all about manifesting and dreaming big which is really exciting, so this month I want to hopefully finish the book by spending a few afternoons with my journal, thinking about the future and countless cups of tea. Would you like a post on this?


It turns out March is going to be quite a creative month for me, which of course is something I’m super happy with! Check in next month to see how I got on.


Have you got any goals for this month?




To me, it feels like spring is truly on its way. The buds are coming back to life, and the sun is finally returning to its rightful place. Spring is one of my favourite seasons, I love the feeling of inspiration and the fact that everything seems to be refreshed and renewed, so with that in mind I want to talk about how I’m getting ready for it, both in the house, and mentally too.



Since we’ve got back from holiday, my bedtimes have got so much better (a positive of jet-lag) I’ve been getting into bed and falling to sleep much earlier, which means I wake up earlier too. I definitely hibernated a little during Winter, but now the mornings are brighter I don’t mind embracing it and rising that bit earlier. Plus it means I get so much more done in a day that I don’t feel as overwhelmed either.


You knew this one was coming right? I’ve always liked to keep the house clean and (relatively) tidy, but there’s just something about Spring that makes me want to make sure the place is in the best shape possible. That means getting into all those little corners I try to avoid looking at, and doing daily whip rounds so I can keep on top of everything. Overflowing laundry basket, I’m looking at you.


I know it’s only been a few months since the New Year, but with one season under our belt, I want to re-evaluate my attitude and see if I’m still on track with how I want my year to go. For 2019 I want to focus on living a fun filled life, and not underestimating myself. So far, I think I’ve done that pretty well. Making plans for the rest of the year is also something I’m keen to work on, as I always enjoy having something to look forward to. Even if it’s just  making sure me and Dan have a movie night at home once a month with our phones off, it really benefits our relationship and I need to remember that.


I’m planning on a few small wardrobe changes, incorporating florals back into my clothes AND Instagram, and (hopefully) cooking some new veggie dishes too. I ate so so well and such a vegetarian balanced diet whilst we were on holiday, that coming home and eating ginger nuts isn’t really cutting it anymore. It’s something I’m still working out as cooking for one can feel a bit of a struggle, but in the next few weeks maybe I’ll have it sorted out.


How are you getting ready for Spring?


I go in waves with creativity. Sometimes I find that the more I use, the more I have. And then other times, I panic and feel self-doubt that maybe all my good ideas have been done, and there’s nothing left in the tank.

I think it’s so unique to everyone, but today I wanted to share some tips incase you feel in a creativity rut like I’ve been in many times before (it sucks, I know) but hopefully these might help you in a way.


Look at your past work. You’ve done it before, you can do it again. Take a moment out and look at what you’ve already achieved, whether that’s how many blog posts you’ve published, the pictures you’ve taken, or the wonderful comments you’ve received.

Reframe your mindset. Maybe it’s not creative block, maybe it’s a little bit of boredom? Doing the same thing over and over again can feel tiring, so mixing things up can leave you feeling so much better, and re-ignite that passion you already have.

Inspire yourself. Search out new people to follow online, listen to that podcast you seem interested in, or finally buy that book you’ve been wanting. I’m giving you permission, do it!

Try something different. It’s time to pick up that new hobby you’ve been dreaming about! Interested in painting but haven’t touched a brush since year 8? Now is the time. Get out of your creative comfort zone and realise how much there is left for you to gain.

Take the pressure off. Okay, you’ve tried everything else on this list and it’s still not working. Go hit the brakes and take a day off, or several. Putting pressure on something only makes it feel worse, so quit the negative self-talk, and put it out of your mind. Go for a walk, spend time with the family, or chill on the sofa with Netflix and chocolate.


Personal recommendations from me:

  • Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic is an amazing book in my eyes, and I’d recommend it to everyone who likes to live a creative lifestyle too. Her podcast is also so so good too.
  • Some of my favourite Instagram creatives are @allthatisshe @siennaandi @kerryvillers @kutovkika @misskatyenglish and many many more. Go check out their feeds and be inspired.
  • Going for a walk in nature always helps me and clears my head, making me feel refreshed and reset.
  • Sometimes you just need to get your bake on! I can go weeks, even months without baking if I’m really busy, but once I do it again I realise just how much I enjoy it, and how great it feels to make something with your own hands.



How do you re-ignite your creativity?


Hello guys! It’s been over a week since I’ve checked in with you lot, and incase you didn’t see it on my Instagram we’ve been on honeymoon! We went on a cruise around Dubai, and for this happy things post, I thought I’d tell you a bit more about it…

#1 My first ever long haul flights. Previously I’ve only ever done a 4 hour flight and it’s been quite the journey for me and flying, but I successfully did my first ever long haul flights! I honestly feel so proud of myself for coming this far, I never thought I’d be able to manage it so it feels great to conquer that battle. Plus I watched loads of stuff on the plane and ended up thinking it wasn’t too bad after all.

#2 Getting some much-needed sunshine! It’s felt like ages since I had any sunshine, so it was long awaited to sunbathe for the next week and let’s be honest, it was heavenly. Chilling out listening to music, podcasts and reading was just what I needed.



#3 Spending time on the ship. I’ve never been on a cruise before, so I literally had no idea what to expect. It was even better than I could imagine, with so much different stuff to do. Jacuzzi’s, spa, casinos, theatre and so much more. Although this isn’t to say I spent the two days at sea without feeling any seasick, I definitely don’t have sea-legs after all!

#4 Hot stone massage. On holiday, I had the best massage I’ve ever had in my 25 years. It was the perfect way to chill out and have a bit of a pamper after a long day travelling.


#5 Breakfast! The food on the ship was just up my street, lots of vegetarian breakfasts and amazing breakfast stuff. Pancakes, waffles, and fresh fruit was what I started practically every day with, and it was perfect.

#6 Exploring Dubai. We spent our last day exploring Dubai for a few hours and it was completely different than what I expected, and I liked it so much better than I thought I would. A lot more chilled than I had presumed, and definitely not as intimidating.


#7 Quality time. Life is full of distractions as I’m sure you’ll all know, so spending time together was really nice, and I can’t count how many games of cards we ended up having..

#8 Free ice-cream. The package we had on the ship meant we got a lot of benefits, one of which is free ice cream! And yes, I tried a lotttt of different flavours. When on holiday, right?

#9 Coming home. To me, there’s no better feeling than the airplane landing back on UK soil, I just love it. After such a long day travelling, it felt amazing to come home, and have a nap of course! We were so so tired, and you can’t beat your own bed.

#10 Reunited with Harvey. The most happiest thing. My harvey boy! Being reunited with him is just heaven on earth, he’s my best friend and I’m so happy we are back together again!


What’s made you happy lately?