I’m categorically only a morning person on Christmas Day. I know that’s a popular phrase on t-shirts around the end of the year, but for me, it’s always been true. This girl just loves her sleep, and bed!

I feel like I must say that I don’t have the earliest wake up call for work every weekday, just before half past 8, but for me, that’s acceptable, and I do it every day without much moaning. So don’t judge me too much please? Anyway, I’ve got my morning routine down to a fine art these days, so I thought I’d share with you my time saving tips…



I do this every morning and when I wake up, I’m so thankful for past me! I really don’t have the energy or patience to be faffing around cutting up a bread loaf when I’ve just got out of bed (first world problems, eh) so I throw everything, including snacks, obviously, in a tote bag ready on the worktop for me to grab when I’m ready.



I’ve never been a massive alarm snoozer anyway, but I remember reading a few years ago that it’s so much harder for your body to wake up if you fall back asleep for a few minutes, so now I never, ever do it. Once I’m awake, my body tends to energise quite naturally for the day, so I use that snooze time for something else instead… Leading on to my next point!



I could easily while away 20 minutes while eating breakfast refreshing social media, but instead I wake up 10 minutes earlier to do it from the comfort of my own bed, and once that’s time up, I get up and get ready for the day, leaving my phone in my bag. I feel like it definitely saves me time, plus I actually focus on enjoying my first cup of tea of the day without being otherwise engaged! Plus, I can always check it later when I’m on a break at work, with my second cuppa of the day ūüėČ



I keep both my makeup and skincare routine super simple on a morning, the less products the better! For skincare I just usually cleanse, then let a face oil sink in while I brush my teeth. Once that’s out the way, I apply concealer, bronzer, blusher, and a bit of mascara (maybe eyeshadow too) and all that takes me about 6 or 7 minutes, max. It’s enough to make me look more awake than I feel, and I know I’m not going to be spending extra time making sure my eyeliner looks passable or if I have the right lipstick on. Just throw a lipbalm in your bag and you can do it on your commute I say!


How do you save time in the morning?





I’m sure if your a regular reader of this blog or my Instagram, you’ll know how much I love being creative. To me, being creative can be loads of different things. No longer does it mean you have to be good at painting or a fantastic drawer, I spent so many years thinking I was such an uncreative person simply because I didn’t do well in Art at school.

But it’s so much more than that!

Here’s what being creative means to me…

  • Having an idea pop in my head¬†completely random, and spending the afternoon creating it, with no time restraints or limits. Posting it on Instagram and beaming with happiness that the image in my head turned out as I hoped in real life!
  • The feeling of calm as I use my paints to create different colours and shapes. Brush strokes that feel therapeutic and settle my mind.
  • Letting my thoughts and imagination wander on a walk and enjoying the great outside.
  • Feeling like the possibilities of creativity are endless, and loving¬†every part of it. Yes, even if it means the stuff you didn’t end up happy with and¬†angrily threw in the bin!
  • Marvelling at something that has come from ME, and the pride that comes with that.
  • Spending a few hours in the kitchen baking, and getting lost in my own world.
  • Making up my own yoga flows, dependant on what my body and mind needs on that particular day.
  • Falling to sleep and a blog post idea magically enters your mind! I always hope I remember it in the morning.
  • Painting my nails. Yes, that’s creative to me! Of course, who else is going to choose the colour I want to go for?


What does being creative mean to you?

Is it just me or did July absolutely fly by? I suppose a lot of the time that month was in the build up to the wedding, so lets see how I did with my goals.



Get back in the gym at least once a week.¬†At the beginning of the month I really did well with this one, I was going to the gym at least once, sometimes even twice a week! However in the last two weeks of July I didn’t go at all. I’m hoping to get back on the gym train this weekend as I write this, I really would like to fall back in love with it again, but I’m not quite there yet.

Cut down on sugar.¬†I feel like I definitely achieved this one, and it was quite a learning curve for me. I definitely have kicked my biscuit habit into touch, and I don’t seem to miss them either which is great news! I did a post about my first week cutting down on sugar here. Preparing and making my own healthy snacks makes such a difference, so that’s something I will be taking with me from this month.

Live slower.¬†I can safely say I lived a lot slower in July, and really made the most of the build-up to the wedding. I savoured every slow morning, every afternoon nap (there was a LOT of them as I wasn’t sleeping well), and I read so much too. It was blissful!




Publish wedding posts.¬†Incase you missed it, we got married!¬†When we get the photos back from the photographer I’m planning on doing a whole full week of wedding posts, from the morning to the evening, what makeup I wore, the facial I gave myself the night before… basically, everything! I hope you’re as excited as I am!

Relish time at home. August is looking like a quiet month for us, apart from the odd family day out, so I really want to relish spending time at home. We need to do some major spring (well, summer) cleans, definitely have another weekend BBQ if the weather holds out, and maybe mix things around interior wise in the house too.

Be more experimental with food.¬†I can easily get in a routine with food, eating the same things everyday. Sometimes, it can get a tad boring, so this month I want to try new things. Make different meals, eat new vegetables I don’t normally, and mix up my lunches, especially for work.


Do you have any goals for August?

When the lovely Jaye whipped up a post on her favourite face masks for summer, I knew immediately I had to throw my own recommendations in the mix. Thankfully, I did ask her and she let me steal her post idea, what a gem.

Lets get cracking then, shall we?



I feel like this guy has lasted me so long, and I bloody love it! (Although I probably should throw mine away and buy a new one by now). It’s around ¬£6.00, kind of grainy in texture, but it dries really quickly. My skin always looks super glowy and healthy afterwards, which is definitely what I’m looking for this summer.

I really want to try more of L’oreal’s other face masks, so I’d love to hear your recommendations!


Whenever my skin¬†has broken out, this is the face mask I reach for. I’d go as close to say it’s a miracle worker. It leaves your skin feeling so much less congested than it was previously, and spots¬†have always shrunk down massively too.

If I had to choose my favourite out of these three, I’d probably pick this one! It’s more pricey than a drugstore option, but it honestly can last you so long and there’s nothing quite like the feeling it leaves you when you’re skin just feels… happy. Even writing about it is making me want to run to the bathroom to put it on!



I’ve had this face mask for ages, but I’ve only really start loving these past few months. I use it after my evening moisturiser personally, and in the morning my skin feels so much more plump and hydrated. It can be a bit sticky at first, but it soon sinks into the skin leaving it baby soft!

Most of my skin problems seem to be linked to dehydration, which is funny as I’m forever drinking water, but this is my go-to for most nights of the week and it does a great job. Highly recommend!


What face masks have you been using this summer?


You are not your past.

You are not your mistakes, the second chances you gave that didn’t work out, the gut feelings you decided to ignore.

You are not your failures, the life changes that didn’t make it through and the dreams that you didn’t reach.

You are whatever you want to be, today. You can choose it.

You can decide to let the past be, and write yourself a new story. One where YOU are the author. And you can give yourself permission to fuck up, accept it, heck, even own it! Then move on.

And turn it into a positive. Make it a stepping stone to your success. Because you can do it, you know? It’s all out there waiting for you, ready to take it.

Be brave.

It’s all going to work out, I promise.