Its great that theres so many beauty blogs out there these days. However, you only need to go on your Bloglovin feed to see an abudance of expensive products, that may not be in your budget! Especially if you’re saving for something (like a wedding!) With all this in mind I had a brain-wave and wanted to compile a few tips…



If theres one particular product you’re lusting after, I think its totally fine to treat yo’self! I just try not to buy too much ‘meaningless’ stuff that I really DON’T need, then when I treat myself I feel like I’ve actually earned it, and deserve it. Plus, when you buy a luxury product it always feels so good! That packaging though, right?! Even if you can save £5 a week, in only a few weeks or so you’ll have enough to buy what your after. It will feel SO good when you get it too, and definitely be worth the wait.


I don’t think just because your a blogger, that means you have to buy new stuff ALL THE TIME. We have SO many products that we love, but because we’ve had them for ages, we have never spoken about them on our blogs before. As long as they are still available for other people to buy when they read your post, I think its such a good idea!


If you think you’ve got a good dupe for an expensive product that seems to be everywhere right now, why not blog about it? If you see certain trends that seem to be cropping up, see what you’ve already got in your stash to create your own version of the post. And of course, you could always mix it up with lifestyle and skincare posts too! I love writing about ALL sorts on my blog, as I see it as an extension of myself, which isn’t ALL about dreamy makeup 🙂 as pretty as they may be!

I really hope you liked this post guys! I would love to know how you blog if you’re on a budget?

This isn’t a post on about to be positive DURING tough times. I don’t think such a thing exists, well not for me anyway! This is meant to be for when the dust has settled, and you feel like you might be able to get back to your old self in the not so distant future.


When I still don’t feel 100% after a hard time, I crave comfort. I let myself have it in any form I desire. Whether thats ditching my usual healthy food choices for extra chocolate, or indulging in heartier dishes, if it comforts me, I’m gonna have it. If its reading in bed for a few hours on an evening to take your mind off things, do it. Anything that makes you feel like a warm hug from the inside, is SO worth it.


I think that sometimes people expect us to be back to our best selves, much quicker than is actually realistic. Don’t try to complete everything you used to do in one day like your best self, its okay to have a few ‘off’ hours and let yourself digest that down time to recuperate. Take it easy. Your body (and your mind!) will most likely be a bit frazzled and not working on full steam, so try to be a bit gentler than you would usually be to yourself.


If treating yourself to some new beauty bits brings back that feeling of excitement, I 100% recommend. (This definitely works for me 🙂 ) Maybe you want to plan a day trip to somewhere new with your friend, or arrange a cinema date with the BF, having little plans to look forward to are so great and makes you feel a lot more positive.

I hope this helped you if you needed it! Love <3 xxx

Be warned: this post is going to be very picture heavy! But as well as looking at the pics, I wanted to share a few of my tips and tricks about our trip to Edinburgh so be sure to check them out below!



We kind of went to Edinburgh on a whim, so we didn’t have any ‘proper’ time to actually plan out our visit and decide what we wanted to do on each day. That being said, we did manage to do a fair few things. The lovely people over at my Instagram recommended a few places and things to do which was uuuuber helpful!

Places we visited and loved:

-Camera Obscura (worth the £15 each, definitely!)
-Calton Hill (the view is amazing!)
-Mamma Roma (italian)
-Hadrain’s (this place is expensive, but it was a nice treat just to eat in a mega fancy restaurant where they actually put the napkin on your lap for you!)
-Princes Street (this is where all the shops are!)

We stayed at Cairns hotel which was the most perfect location, about a 5 minute walk from the bustling city centre, but not noisy or loud at all and was off a lovely side street. Sidenote: it had free wifi which ACTUALLY WORKED! That’s a thumbs up in my book, fo’ sure.


Get the weather app! Pronto. (Spoiler, but theres like a 50% chance of rain). I ended up bringing about 4 different coats with me, because we packed in a hurry. Also, with expensive restaurants like Hadrian’s mentioned above, it is worth booking in a reservation as it is quite popular. We ended up driving there which was around 4 hours, but it was so much cheaper than getting the train!


Like I said earlier, make sure you bring the right attire. Edinburgh is very hilly if you want to get the best views, so trainers are DEFINITELY advised! It doesn’t take long to get your bearings around the place, so we didn’t really need to use any maps. I also panicked before we got there thinking we needed Scottish money.. alas, we didn’t. LOL. With it being a very rainy place, make sure you plan a few things to do that are indoor. We ended up watching Wonder Women at the local cinema (side note: loved it), because it was torrential rain that day!

Have you guys ever been to Edinburgh? If not, is it on your list of places to go?



I was totally inspired by a recent video from The Anna Edit, but I thought I would do my own take on it as me and the BF have completely different diets, but still buy our food and make it together!

The FIRST thing we do, is plan 5 meals for the week. These are just ‘dinner’ or ‘tea’ meals, those you have after work on an evening! We usually have a few items that we can both have (such as potatoes and fish, lol). My meals usually look like this:

Monday- Pasta with roasted vegetables
Tuesday- Jacket potato with lightly dusted haddock
Wednesday- Veggie stir fry
Thursday- Stuffed peppers and mushrooms, salad
Friday- Vegetable lasagne

As my other half doesn’t eat vegetables, I know how much of them I need to add on the food shopping list for one person. By planning out my meals and adding the ingredients onto the list, I know I have AT LEAST 5 main meals for the week (this might include leftovers). The other two nights I leave free incase we eat out or elsewhere.

I then do the same with Dan’s (he doesn’t mind me doing this BTW) and plan 5 meals for him to have. These all usually include meat, so I then add these onto the shopping list, knowing how much I need for one person. He also eats rice and other things from the freezer, so I check what we’ve got left from the week before and add any, if needed.

I also put all the things we’ve run out of for breakfast and lunches on the shopping list, such as cereals, porridge, bread, fruit etc. Of course, we go heavy on the snack section and pick up a few treats for us too! Dan’s not a huge snacker but I definitely am, so I like to make sure I have some healthy ones too (e.g., loads of fruit, nuts, medjool dates etc).

We’ve only been moved in together for a few months so this might change, but I doubt it incase either of us has a appetite transplant!


I would love to know if you and your other half have completely different eating habits or is it just us?




Instagram Stories.



Bloggers (myself included), spend so much time sharing their life on social media that it is easy to feel like we’ve over-shared.

I can easily feel like I’ve over-shared just by tweeting a few more times or doing a lot of Instagram stories. (I did my makeup on there the other day and thats what brought on this blog post.. which I know is ridiculous!!)

It’s such a vulnerable, stripped back feeling that I don’t really like, even though it’s easy disproportionate. Like you’re opening yourself up to be judged. Its not like I’m telling the world my deepest darkest secrets (I don’t really have any, FYI!). I don’t go into great detail about my private life, apart from my mental health, which I am more than happy to share, as I feel I have a duty to.

I never want to seem that I’m attention seeking or thinking that I’m more important than others. The ‘ooh look at me’ kinda vibe. I’m not about that! I never want people to think ‘oh here she goes again’.

I post on Instagram twice a day, because I enjoy it and love the platform, not because I feel like I have to or that I’m sharing too much of myself.

At the moment, I’m really toying with the idea of upping my blogging ~game~ and maybe trying to post *5 days a week* instead of 3. I want to do this FOR ME. As kind of a challenge to see how long I can last. Doing the same ‘lifestyle’ type of posts as usual. I just don’t want to bombard people with content if they’re not interested!


How do you feel about over-sharing? Do you ever feel like you have?