I spoke previously about my wind-down routine in this post, but I thought it deserved a post of its own as it’s genuinely something I look forward to each day.

To me, it signifies the start of a peaceful evening, to which will continue into the next day and so-on. It’s time for me to just relax and let the motions of the day be.

I start by (of course) getting into loungewear as soon as possible, there’s no way I could sit around and do things around the house in my jeans. Instead of usually running a bath about 7pm, I make it so I’m having a bath straight before I go to bed to doze off at 9-10pm.

I like to use Empsom salts in my bath as it really relaxes my muscles after a day of work, play, and some yoga. I also take my time doing my skincare routine and if I feel like it, a face mask while I’m in the tub.

I usually save some of my favourite people to watch on Youtube for while I soak in the bath, and once I’m out I use LOADS of the Lush Sleepy Body Lotion before I get into my pyjamas.

When I get into bed I leave my phone elsewhere to charge, apply some hand cream, spritz some pillow spray and spend a good half hour reading whatever book I’m currently reaching for.

Like I said previously, it’s definitely one of the highlights of my day and I sleep so much better than I did before I incorporated this calming ritual.


Do you have a wind-down routine for the end of the day?

flatlay of makeup

I find beauty posts the easiest to whip up when I’m not sure what to write, so that’s a back-story of how today’s post came about!

For this post I wanted to have a little chat about the products in my makeup bag I’m loving lately, incase a) you were interested and b) you needed enabling for a trip to Boots..

Lets start with the foundation, Rimmel Match Perfection. I’m sure I’m extremely late to the band-wagon with this one, but I feel like it’s worth mentioning incase there’s anyone out there who hasn’t tried it yet. It’s my go-to for when I want lots of coverage if my skin is misbehaving and I want to not stare at it every time I look in the mirror. It doesn’t look cake-y or heavy on the skin at all, but it stays around a long time.

I’ve been using Glossier Stretch Concealer for a few months now and I really like the sheer, natural but build-able coverage it gives. You can always go in with more depending on how many hours you managed to sleep. It’s quite an oily texture which might take a while getting used to but that means it’s super hydrating under the eyes and doesn’t crease whatsoever.

Along with the concealer I’ve also been picking up the Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk for my cheeks. I still find this product a bit messy to use, and I can never manage to squeeze out the right amount of product, but I keep going back to it for the lovely flush it gives and the fact that it blends into the skin so easily, no brushes or sponges needed. It has the most natural finish which means I don’t mind the mess it makes as much.

I bought the L’oreal True Match Highlight before Christmas and over the last couple of weeks it’s become a firm favourite in my makeup bag. I even use it as a eyeshadow! Even though it can look a bit intimidating (it is basically silver) on the skin it just gives a subtle glow that isn’t ~wham bam in your face I’m a disco ball~. Plus I’m pretty sure it’s going to last me ages too.

After hearing all the hype about the Tanya Burr Selfie Lash I decided to give it a go and see what I thought. Honestly, it was a pleasant surprise because this stuff lives up to ALL the claims. You only need one coat for amazing length but applying two definitely makes it look like you have false lashes on, in a good way of course. Definitely worth a try.


Have you used any of these products?




glossier makeup flatlay


As soon as I saw all the Glossier makeup goodies that people had raved about, I knew I had to jump straight on that bandwagon. To be honest I wanted the dust to settle down a little so I wasn’t too swayed by everyone and their dog’s opinions so this is why the post is only happening now. I also did a video version of this post which I’ll link HERE if you want something to watch!

I was pretty skeptical about the Skin Tint as I’m fussy with my base products, but it is probably my favourite thing out of all of the makeup products. I use Light and I apply it on the face and rub it in with my hands. It definitely needs a bit of bronzer after as it’s quite pale, but I love the sheer finish it has. Basically, it looks like your skin but a little better. If you like lightweight barely there foundations then definitely give this a try, even if you only use it for the no ‘makeup makeup look’. I’m loving this.

Next up for base is the Stretch Concealer for those eye bags. This is (again) a super lightweight concealer that gives you a little bit of freshness under the eyes, and makes you look significantly more awake. Granted it isn’t heavy duty so it doesn’t crease (yippee) but if you don’t like the cake-y look, you’ll probably love this. I feel like this is going to last me ages too, which is always a good thing for my bank balance.

I’ve raved about the Haloscope before so I’ll keep it short and sweet here, but I have it in Moonstone and it gives the perfect glow that actually looks REAL. I know, shocker. Anything that makes my face look as healthy as Megan Markle’s is a winner in my book.

I have the cloud paint in Dusk which is a gorgeous peachy tone, and I was excited to see if this was going to live up to the hype. I must say it’s a bit easy to go overboard on this, like I did on first application. A LOT comes out quickly and I’ve learned you really don’t need too much. It blends in beautifully and ends up looking super natural, just giving you a nice wash of colour on the cheeks.

I’m no Cara, but I like to think I have a decent pair of brows and what Boy Brow does is accentuate that a little more for me. It’s *very* similar to the Benefit one but I do like it. It also is a nice shade in Blonde, as usually I find it tricky to get one that isn’t too dull or orange.


Have you tried any of these Glossier products?




It’s been a while since my last beauty post (do I literally say that every time?) and in the same style as my favourite moisturisers I wanted to do a post on my favourite makeup bases.

Before we get into the good stuff, I don’t like anything that is heavy coverage, and prefer dewy bases. I break out easily so thankfully none of these bring me any blemishes!

The newest addition to my bases is Glossier Skin Tint. This is perfect for when you don’t want to wear much on your skin, but you do want a little bit of something, just incase you end up going out. It’s quite sheer, but because I’m not a fan of heavy bases this is amazing for me. I think this is going to be a long lived favourite of mine.

The next base is marketed as a hybrid skincare-makeup product, and it’s the Dr Jart BB Cream. This as more coverage than you might expect, although for obvious reasons it doesn’t last the longest, nor would I really expect it to. It’s a great lightweight base that’s super easy to blend in.

Two of my favourite base products are foundations. I love the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation because it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin but gives you great coverage and a dewy fresh base, it has pretty good staying power too and I’m not a massive powder-er I must admit.

I also really enjoy the L’oreal Cushion foundation, and every time I use it I berate the fact that I haven’t used it more! It really leaves my skin looking its best, definitely one to have a peak at the next time you’re at the shops.

Another new pick is the Rimmel Match Perfection. I’ve heard such good things about this I just *had* to pick it up, and I’m so happy with it. I’ve been using it every time I wear makeup for the last couple of weeks and it’s a becoming a bit of a love-fest to be honest. It gives really good coverage but just looks like skin. I know, I don’t know how they do it either.


What’s your favourite base? I would love to hear your recommendations!


I’m always thinking about beauty ideas for blog posts, and I do still enjoy writing and reading them. Today I thought I’d share what’s in my current makeup bag (I could call this the Winter edition but lets be honest, it doesn’t change that much all too often.)

I use The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA as a primer, it leaves my skin feeling super smooth and quite tacky, ready to apply a base.

The base product I’ve been using at the moment is Bourjois Healthy Mix, and I love this foundation because it’s very light but still has really good coverage that gives me a bit of confidence.

I’ve been using my Sleek Contour palette, and using the ‘contour’ shade as a bronzer, which works super well. I love this little palette and its lasted me so long. It’s very affordable too so it gets a major thumbs up from me. Then I go in with my Glossier Haloscope in Moonstone which I apply with my fingers, this stuff is dreamy. It just gives you a lit from within glow.

For eyeshadow I am obsessed with my Urban Decay Naked Heat palette. I didn’t like my Naked 3, but this palette is everything to me right now. The copper colours really suit my blue eyes and make them pop. There’s so many beautiful shades in this too, and it’s very pigmented. I’m always using my favourite ever mascara too, the Maybelline Push Up Angel.

On my lips I’m using the Glossier balm dot com in Birthday Cake, which yep, you guessed it, it’s the dream. I feel like I need 50 back-ups incase I suddenly run out. I’ve started popping the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk over the top to line my lips and it’s becoming the perfect combo.

Have you tried any of these products?