I find that whenever I’m having more of the sugary stuff, it really makes a difference to how my skin’s looking. I’m not talking about those little bits here and there, because I’m all for treating yo’self. But when you’re reaching for a little bit of something sweet after every meal, thats when it starts to become too much of a habit. I find reaching for fruit and nuts throughout the day much better, and helps keeps the spots at bay too.



This is something I just keep forgetting to do, but I try to wash my makeup brushes and sponges at least once a week. Its such a boring chore, right? I don’t wear makeup every single day but it always feels much better using clean ones, rather than those that might have icky bateria on, even the thought makes me shudder a little.



When we are sleeping a lot, making sure we drink enough water, and have less ‘life stresses’, our skin always looks its best. Unfortunately, its not always as simple as that, but we can control some things. Aiming to drink 2 litres of water a day, and getting your 8 hours a night are goals we can always aim for. After all, they benefit much more than our skin.



Whenever I have a breakout looming, I either go all in with the masks, toners, facial sprays, or completely strip it all back and only use a number of products that I know won’t do further damage. Usually, I found the latter works the best. Not giving my skin too many products to contend with, and especially leaving it alone and not messing with it, always makes it clear up and be back to normal much quicker.


Do you have any tips for breakouts?




After reading a few reviews (particularly Ruth’s from A Model Recommends), this little guy sounded just up my street.

The hylamide glow serum is described as a ‘radiance booster’ and is supposed to give a self tan, whilst banishing dullness and uneven skin tone.

Packaging says to apply twice a day until you get the desired colour. I didn’t want to go *all in* straight away, so I mixed three drops with rosehip oil in my evening skincare routine, and hoped I didn’t wake up with a massive break-out in the morning.

Good news guys, I didn’t. To be brutally honest, I didn’t notice *that* much of a tan. But because I only did one application, I wanted to test it again the following evening doing the same routine. When I checked the next morning, my skin definitely had a lot more natural colour to it. It didn’t look like fake tan at all, just like I’d had a bit of sun.

The only downside is that it does smell quite like fake tan on your face, but to be fair I don’t mind that at all, as I quite like the smell! Am I the only one?

It’s priced at £20 which is decent, and overall I’m super impressed with this product! I’m so glad I’ve found a facial tanner that doesn’t break me out or irritate my skin in any way.


Have you ever tried this?



I totally meant to do a blog post on my empties collection, but I completely forgot about it and its been sitting in my wardrobe for about 3 months! I dug all the products back out & I’m here to tell you what I’ll be repurchasing…


I really like using eye makeup removers that have a dual effect and you can shake to activate it! They seem to remove my eye makeup SO well, although that being said, I don’t use *that* much on my eyes, only a bit of nude eyeshadow and mascara, so I’m not sure how good it is on getting winged liner off. All that being said, it’s kind to my sensitive eyes and doesn’t sting! Plus, its super cheap.
REPURCHASE? Most definitely at some point.



I’ve only ever used this cleanser in the mini version, simply because it’s £40 for the full size, which for me is a bit expensive. I adore this though, and it feels so luxury to use, and smells so lovely! It’s like a little pot of heaven.
REPURCHASE? In the mini version? Yup. Not sure I would go for the full size, maybe as a treat.



I’ve classed this as skincare, because I used it as a facial spray aswell as a primer. (It works great for both, BTW). I think this lasted me the longest any product ever has, it was literally months on end. I’m definitely not complaining though because it was £20 and you got a lot out of your pennies. I found it really hydrating on the skin and I liked using it every day.
REPURCHASE? I think I would, yes.



This is a cult classic isn’t it? Did it bring the glow? Yes it did! Again, I had the mini version which didn’t seem to last that long, but I’m glad I got to experience the popular product. It didn’t break me out or wasn’t too drying, which a lot of toners can be, but sometimes on sensitive days it can feel a bit harsh.
REPURCHASE? I can’t see myself buying it again anytime soon, I’ve got other toners I enjoy using.



After having a bad experience with REN cleansing milk, I didn’t have high hopes for this moisturiser. Fortunately, I didn’t have another bad reaction and I feel like we got on quite well. Its quite calming on the skin, and a little goes a long way. I enjoyed using it, but it wasn’t anything amazing to me.
REPURCHASE? No, I don’t think I would as I didn’t love it, and I’ve found better moisturisers I like.


Have you tried any of these products?


I saw this new Estee Lauder range launch on the web and spotted it in a few Youtube videos.  I love trying out new products, and was in need of a new toner anyway.

For some reason, with it being Estee Lauder, I thought it would be much more expensive. The other product in the range is a bit more pricey, but for £21 I don’t think a big ol’ bottle of toner is that bad. I don’t mind spending a bit more sometimes because a) I love beauty products and b) they last a long time too. (Have I justified myself enough?)

Anyway, lets get on to the most important stuff.


It reminds me a lot of the Pixi Glow Tonic, but just a *bit* better. It doesn’t feel as harsh and squeaky clean as that one, but it still gives all the glow. In my opinion it also has much better packaging too. It seems to clear up problem areas too.

I’ve reached for it pretty much every PM for the last three weeks, and I’m about a third of the way through, so its lasting me a reasonable amount of time. I really want to repurchase it again when its all gone.

On the website it describes it as giving a ‘healthy natural looking glow’ which is what it definitely gives. All in all, I’m really enjoying using it, plus it also feels a bit of luxury in my routine, which is great! I’m now tempted to try out the moisturiser at £36, so stay tuned…


Have you ever tried Estee Lauder skincare? And what are your thoughts on this latest range?


I had this idea for a little while now, about doing a ‘save or splurge’ series on my blog, testing out similar products and seeing which ones seem the best and my reaction. And realistically, I’m all about saving money but still getting your pennies worth out of your purchases (who doesn’t want that?)

I’m starting with these two face masks as they seem to offer the same benefits and look practically the same, but there is still quite a significant difference in price (nearly £20!)

In terms of quantity, the Origins face mask is double the ml at 100ml, whilst L’oreal is only half that.


I found the L’oreal face mask very drying, and once applied on the skin it feels really tight. However once removed it definitely firms the skin and makes you look rather glowy, whilst smoothing out the texture.

The Origins mask is *very* similar, it just feels like a much more gentler version and isn’t too drying or harsh on the skin. In terms of texture, its not as thick as the L’oreal one and you tend to need to apply a bit more to cover your face.


There’s really not a massive difference between them. If you have sensitive skin, the Origins might be your best bet, just to be on the safe side. If you have normal/combination skin, the L’oreal face mask would work perfect for you, plus its the cheaper option too!


Have you tried these two? If so, what did you think and which did you prefer?

Any recommendations on what to test next?