Weddings are such personal events, so feel free to take everything I say in this post with a pinch of salt, and always go with your own gut feeling. This is just how I see it from my point of view, and of course with the added knowledge that now I can look back at this time with added hindsight!



This might seem a little strange to add as the first step, but it’s something I wish we had done more. Of course we had an engagement party which was wonderful, but I wish we had really made the most of the time being an engaged couple with all the excitement that it brings, without getting overwhelmed planning the big day. Even if you want to get married fairly soon, there’s no harm spending the first few weeks in engagement bliss- it’s a one off and something you won’t experience again.


With this, I’d recommend speaking to your partner and working out together what’s important to you both. For us, well, me in particular, that was having an outside ceremony. I knew it was what I’d always wanted and it wasn’t something I was able to comprimise on (luckily for me I didn’t have to). We had to really settle on certain elements though, as I think orginally Dan wanted a bigger wedding, whereas I preferred something much smaller (we met in the middle and ended up at around 60 day guests). If there are things you really are passionate about, voice them and see if there’s a way you can come to an agreement that works for you both. And try not to argue too much, it is a nice thing you’re planning afterall!


Weddings are HUGE. The amount of things included in one day still blows my mind, from the big stuff like the -actual getting married business- to the background music you want while dinner is being served, and the colour theme you want to go for for the decor. And while you’re researching, have a think about how much money you realistically want to spend on the wedding. They are extremely expensive, so you really need to consider numbers and try and keep on budget as much as possible. If you want to spend less than £5,000 and your venue cost is £2,500, realisitically, that might not be feasible.


There’s no way I could of done it alone, in fact Dan probably did just as much preparation in wedding planning as I did, if not more on occassion. My sister and mum were happy to help with whatever we asked them too, aswell as both families helping out financially. No-one expects you to do it alone, and you shouldn’t have to either. When people ask if theres anything they can do to help, let them.

I hope this has helped you in putting together the first steps to planning a wedding, I know how overwhelming it can sometimes feel. In a few weeks I’ll be posting my advice for future brides, so stay tuned to read that post if it sounds interesting to you!


Ever since I saw Amy do this post after her wonderful wedding a few months ago, I knew when the time came for me to start wedding post planning, this one would be high on the ‘to-write’ list!

It goes without saying that every wedding is completely individual, we all have different priorities and choices of interest, but here’s what we chose to spend, and save on for our wedding…



Transport: As I was staying at the venue the night before, and we live nearby, we didn’t have any transport costs. Dan did look at hiring a nice car for him to drive on the morning of, but it was too expensive to justify for less than an hours use.

Music: Neither me or Dan envisaged having a band at our wedding, it just wasn’t really something we were super interested in, so we had the venue’s DJ (we did have to pay for him though) who ended up being such a lovely man, and I don’t regret it one bit. Plus, we had a great time dancing all night anyway!

Favours/gifts: I know this might sound a bit controversial, but I have quite the strong dislike to favours. I’m sure in some instances they are lovely pieces for guests to take home, but I knew I wasn’t going to make anything by hand (my sister did that and she said she regretted it), and for 60 people it was going to add up for a couple of love-heart chocolates. In our eyes (hopefully) us choosing them to join us on our day was enough! I don’t think anyone noticed them missing.



Flowers: I LOVE flowers, and I knew from the start that I wanted them to be a main focus in our venue styling. I don’t think we spent a ridiculous amount, and I think they looked amazing so I would still make the same decision. We had some around the garden folly too, which I think made a difference in how nice the outside looked too.

Photography: As I’ve said previously, photography was a big cost for us but once I saw Emily’s portfolio, I knew there was no going back! A few family members offered to help out but I really had my mind set on the whimsical, fairy-tale style Emily specialises in. I think I would of really regretted it if I ended up choosing someone else where I didn’t love their work as much.

Venue: When we first got engaged, we originally wrote our venue off as too expensive, but after looking around it soon became apparent that 1) wedding venue pricing is ridiculous and 2) if it’s important to you, you just have to spend it, unfortunately. We did save a bit on this by getting married on a Sunday, but I think what we saved there was also the extra cost of getting married outside, which was something that was really important to me particular. We did get the food provided though which everyone said was delicious, and we had the whole of the outside venue for people to sit down in the sunshine after the ceremony was over too which worked out great.


I hope you enjoyed reading a bit more into our personal wedding decisions and maybe if you are planning you’re own wedding, you found it interesting.

If there’s any more wedding specific blog posts you would like please let me know 🙂





It’s a few weeks since I posted our wedding posts, so I asked on Instagram if any of you had questions, and thankfully some of you got in touch (along with my mum!). I thought this would be a great way to talk about the day more informally, so let’s start shall we?


What was your favourite moment of the day? This one was asked a number of times by different people!

I’d have to say my favourite moment of the day was probably before I walked down the aisle. I had a moment when I was stood with my Dad, where I just felt overcome with happiness and emotion, it was quite magical and I’m sure I’ll always remember it. Walking down the aisle itself was a favourite moment too, I was so happy to see Dan.


Did you keep your veil and fancy shoes on all day, or did you get changed into something comfy?

I actually wore flat shoes on the wedding day, because I’m not a heels person and I wanted to be feel like myself. So I ended up keeping them on all day and night, and I think I did the same with my veil too! I didn’t want to take none of it off!


Was there anything you spent money on that in hindsight you wouldn’t do again? 

Ooh this one made me think! I’m not actually sure that there was. The most expensive part of the wedding (apart from the venue) was probably the photography. But I really did choose Emily to do our photos for a reason because I am so in love with her style, and because I knew these pictures would be ones we would cherish forever, I was happy to spend it.


What’s your advice on choosing a venue?

I’d say definitely have a tick-list in mind of what you already want. Whether that’s an outside space for the ceremony, or a place that provides its own food. In terms of budget, it is important but I think depending on certain days/seasons it can make it more affordable. Look around and make sure you’ve visited all potential venues before you make a decision!


How did you stick to a budget without getting caught up in wedding planning?

This was definitely something we both had to be careful of. We were in a very fortunate position where we did have help from our parents, but we really wanted to pay a large majority of the costs ourselves as it felt more comfortable, it was our wedding afterall. I think we did pretty well in that we didn’t go overboard, and cut down the costs by not including certain traditions, which I’m planning on speaking about in a blog post soon! I would say definitely have an overall figure in mind that you want to stick to, and work from there.


Were you nervous?

I actually wasn’t nervous at all on the day! The week before and especially the morning of I felt quite nervous, but nothing too extreme and more excitement really.


I hope you enjoyed this wedding post, and as I said earlier I do have another one planned, so hopefully I’ll see you back here for that!


Before we knew it the sun started to set and everyone went from enjoying the evening light to slowly making their way inside for the evening party.


We hired a Magic Mirror which is very similar to a photo-booth, but seemed better in our opinion. It wasn’t too expensive to hire for a couple of hours either and it went down a treat! People loved it. Plus we also got a spare copy of all the photos and people used them to sign our guest book with, which I thought was a really good idea and something we can look back on in years to come.

We cut the cake and then had our first dance, where we chose ‘Hey There Deliah’.

We found it hard to pick a song we both liked for a first dance song, as we both have different music tastes, and all the romantic songs I loved, Dan didn’t really like. I’m super glad with our choice though as it just felt like us. Everyone ended up joining us on the dance floor and it was flooded with happy couples.

We had a hot evening buffet fills with different types of baguettes and chunky chips, plus the wedding cake for afterwards too.

I spend most of the night dancing, and by 12am was totally shattered and this Cinderella needed her sleep.




I can’t quite believe we are at the end of wedding week, it feels like such a long time coming and I’ve loved sitting down to reminise and relive it all over again with you. If you’ve followed along, or just read the odd post here and there, then thank you. I absolutely love this little community and hope to never be without it.

Thank you thank you, for reading and joining us.



Choosing a wedding dress was one of the most exciting parts (if not, the most exciting) in the build-up to planning a wedding. To be honest, I still can’t believe a couple like us pulled the wedding off! But I think all the help I had from my mum and sister made such a difference, and they really took the pressure off me by lending a hand to sort things out.

It’s quite unbelievable how many things go into planning a wedding, even if you have a relatively small, relaxed one like ours! We had 60 guests who were all family, opted out of a few traditions (post to come on that one I’m sure), but it was still extremely time-consuming, as you can imagine.



Anyway, lets talk about the dress…

I got my beautiful dress and veil from the Harrogate Wedding Lounge, and it was purchased for me by my sister as a gift, which was such a kind and extremely generous thing to do, and something I’ll never forget.

I tried lots of different styles of dress on, and originally wanted something the opposite of this. I wanted something relatively plain, not fussy or show-stopping, loose and simple. But as soon as I tried those types of dresses on, they didn’t feel like my wedding dress. They didn’t make me feel the way I wanted to feel.



This was the second to last dress I tried on (I think I tried 8 in total) and I just knew it was the one. I imagined our wedding day with me wearing this dress and now I can say it was a dream come true. Cheesy but it did feel like the stars had all aligned when I tried this on.

It was romantic, it was elegant, and I felt like a real life princess. Like I was ready for my happy ending.


My shoes I actually got super cheap from Amazon as you couldn’t see them, but they were just some flat shoes with a bit of sparkle on, and were really comfy to wear all day too.

I wore my sisters earrings as my something borrowed, my late Grandma’s brooch on my bag as something old, the dress shop gave me a personalised garter that had a blue heart on, and my parents got me a diamond Swarovski bracelet as something new.



I told my hairdresser I wanted loose curls and my hair to feel very natural, and I kept my makeup low key too. I was really focused on the fact that I still wanted to look like myself, just the best version of me to ever exist! Which I think I managed.

The only makeup items I bought that I didn’t already have to use were a fancy YSL lipstick in a peach shade, a makeup setting spray so it would last, and a primer.



Dan rented his suit with the majority of the male wedding party and we chose a grey with a pale pink tie to match the rest of the decor and flowers.



As you can see, it was a lovely afternoon for me and Dan to get a bit of quality time together while having some photos taken by Emily Hannah Photography. We had Ryan from Riff Raff Photography  for our wedding video, we haven’t received it yet but I can’t wait until we do! They were both so amazing to work with, and gave such a relaxed, calming presence.

Tomorrow’s post is the last one of wedding week (I know right!) for the evening reception. BUT, in the next few weeks I’m planning to do a lot more wedding content giving different tips and tricks that we picked up along the way.

See you tomorrow!