Something new here, I wanted to do a mid-week check in. I thought it would be quite handy for me to write and think about, plus you might be interested in reading it (hopefully?) and it might inspire you to check in with how you are feeling mid-week.

What’s going well so far?

  • I’ve made more time for creativity this week. I’ve enjoyed some time in the afternoons working on my cross-stitch and I even got my paints out today for the first time in ages, for some playtime. It felt so good to put my phone away for a while and do something different.
  • I’ve had the motivation to blog, which I’m really happy about. I’ve took the pressure off myself and thought about what I personally wanted to write, and followed on from there. I feel like I’m slowly getting my blog motivation back, yippee!
  • I’ve made some better choices for my snacks and meals lately, and I’m really trying to eat more sources of vegan protein because as a vegetarian who eats little dairy, it’s something I feel I’m missing. Plus, as a result of that I’ve got more energy, win win.

What improvements do you want to make for the rest of the week?

  • I’d like to fall to sleep earlier. It’s something I’m working on!
  • Take these chilled vibes I’m feeling into the rest of the working week and weekend. I have a few things planned I’m really looking forward to, we have a local gala in my town and then I’m going to the cinema too.
  • I want to bake! I have my eye on a cookie recipe and I have some dark chocolate chips that need using.



How’s your week going?


I promised to post on here at least once a week, and since it’s now 7 days since I last published anything, I wanted to come on today and do an honest check-in/chat about life.

As you will have noticed since my last few posts, life definitely hasn’t been easy lately. I’m very much still processing and working through grief. I don’t want to chat about that too much on todays post, because I want to write more about my journey with grief at a later date. It’s a feeling I’ve never experienced as an adult before, and I feel like I’ve had my eyes woken up to how many layers there is to it. It’s not a linear process and you can have 500 different feelings in just one day. But as I said, that’s for another time.

I’m writing this on a Monday afternoon (so you really are getting it freshly squeezed) and I’ve had a really good weekend with family celebrating my sisters birthday. Although now I am feeling super tired due to all the social occasions. I mentioned this on my Instagram last night (link here by the way if you want to follow me over there), but something I do constantly struggle with is making sure I am interacting with enough other humans and making sure I still get my alone quiet time. It’s a balance I’m yet to work out, but some days I do have it nailed which feels good. I’ve got a chilled day planned for today though which I know will do me well and I’m working tomorrow which always makes me feel nice and productive!

I’m posting less online this summer, purely for the reason that I don’t have that much to say or put out there. I feel like I’m having kind of a little summer break, and when Autumn comes I know I’ll feel refreshed and renewed, ready to post more and put myself out there (hopefully)

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, I hope you liked this honest check-in post and let me know if you’d like me to keep them coming every now and again.

How’s life with you?


Does the world need another blog post on self-care? Probably not. Am I going to write one anyway? Heck yeah.

Because to me, in my life, self-care is so, so important. In fact, I’d go as far as to say pretty vital. Without it, things can soon start to go downwards and you can get to a point where it can feel tough everyday to pick yourself up.

Self-care can also come in so many forms. Both physical, and mental. And also those things that you might not even associate it with either.

Self care can be more than early nights and bubble baths, but it can also be those things too.

Self care can be more than an exercise routine and eating healthily, but they do matter.

Sometimes self-care is making that appointment you’ve been putting off for months, or making yourself go interact with other humans even though you might not feel like it, but you know you’ll feel better after you do.

Self care can be choosing your battles, and self-care can be knowing that they’re sometimes not yours to face.

I make self-care a priority by choice. You can bet at some point in every day, there will be a bit of self-care included. I organise it in my diary like I do everything else.

Do I ever feel selfish by giving myself so much valuable time? Of course, and writing that sentence out sounds ridiculous. Surely I can give myself as much time as I want? Who knows, maybe that’s another blog post in itself.

I hope this post encourages you to think a little bit about your own self-care journey, and maybe you’ll realise how valuable that could be. I think it’s something everyone has struggles with, we’re definitely not alone here.


What’s your version of self-care?



Rewind to last December, I was very happily in what I’d call, a season of rest. Hibernation. Peace.

I was happy to stay at home every evening, enjoy shrinking back a little bit, and spending time by myself (something I am still doing, obviously! I am an introvert after all)

But something feels different lately. After much deliberation, I think what I’m in right now is a season of growth.

IN WHAT WAY YOU ASK? Well, let me explain.

I’m currently uploading every day on my Instagram for the whole of March, which isn’t something I’ve done in years, especially not creative photography. It’s really taking me out of my comfort zone in many ways, and I feel like I’m putting myself out there online in a way I haven’t done before. Of course at times this feels pretty terrifying, but I feel like I’m on a cusp on something quite exciting. And hopefully, something I can start building more of my life around.

I’m also working through the Dream Life book by the founder of Kikki K, and let me tell you, there’s nothing quite as overwhelming as thinking about what your dreams are. No boundaries. No limits. Dreaming without restriction. Things are cropping up that I never even realised I truly wanted, but it feels so good, and extremely cathartic. Kind of like positive therapy! I’m planning a whole post on this once I’ve finished it, so keep your eyes peeled if it sounds up your street.

The last thing that really has truly opened my eyes and somewhat, world, is completing my first long haul flights. I’ve never been an amazing traveller, and never in a million years did I think I could do an 8 hour flight, and even somewhat enjoy it. I feel so excited now to think of where we could go in the future. Places far away like New York & Canada, and also places I want to visit in Europe such as Italy and Paris. It really has opened up my universe, and I feel proud of how far I’ve come.

So yes, that’s it basically. I’m in a season of growth. Which in summary, sometimes feels horrendous and so vulnerable, but is also a place that feels important for me to find comfort in. And thank you for always following me along the way.


Are you in a season of growth like me too?



I go in waves with creativity. Sometimes I find that the more I use, the more I have. And then other times, I panic and feel self-doubt that maybe all my good ideas have been done, and there’s nothing left in the tank.

I think it’s so unique to everyone, but today I wanted to share some tips incase you feel in a creativity rut like I’ve been in many times before (it sucks, I know) but hopefully these might help you in a way.


Look at your past work. You’ve done it before, you can do it again. Take a moment out and look at what you’ve already achieved, whether that’s how many blog posts you’ve published, the pictures you’ve taken, or the wonderful comments you’ve received.

Reframe your mindset. Maybe it’s not creative block, maybe it’s a little bit of boredom? Doing the same thing over and over again can feel tiring, so mixing things up can leave you feeling so much better, and re-ignite that passion you already have.

Inspire yourself. Search out new people to follow online, listen to that podcast you seem interested in, or finally buy that book you’ve been wanting. I’m giving you permission, do it!

Try something different. It’s time to pick up that new hobby you’ve been dreaming about! Interested in painting but haven’t touched a brush since year 8? Now is the time. Get out of your creative comfort zone and realise how much there is left for you to gain.

Take the pressure off. Okay, you’ve tried everything else on this list and it’s still not working. Go hit the brakes and take a day off, or several. Putting pressure on something only makes it feel worse, so quit the negative self-talk, and put it out of your mind. Go for a walk, spend time with the family, or chill on the sofa with Netflix and chocolate.


Personal recommendations from me:

  • Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic is an amazing book in my eyes, and I’d recommend it to everyone who likes to live a creative lifestyle too. Her podcast is also so so good too.
  • Some of my favourite Instagram creatives are @allthatisshe @siennaandi @kerryvillers @kutovkika @misskatyenglish and many many more. Go check out their feeds and be inspired.
  • Going for a walk in nature always helps me and clears my head, making me feel refreshed and reset.
  • Sometimes you just need to get your bake on! I can go weeks, even months without baking if I’m really busy, but once I do it again I realise just how much I enjoy it, and how great it feels to make something with your own hands.



How do you re-ignite your creativity?