I’ve made a few different lifestyle changes recently, and I realised that I haven’t really mentioned them on the blog. So that’s exactly what this post will be, an informal chat about things I’ve been doing recently to improve my life.


I’ve been working on a better sleep routine and it’s making a massive difference to my mental health. I’ve been putting my phone away for at least an hour before bed to stop the scrolling and read instead, and I’m loving the downtime and mental space it gives me. I’m definitely somewhat addicted to my phone (like I’m sure most of us are) so having those scheduled hours away from it are really needed. I’ve also been having a smoothie most afternoons as one of my snacks, and the added fruit intake has made SUCH a difference to my energy, I can’t recommend it enough!


There are certain types of activities that I class as self-care, even though sometimes I don’t want to do them. Writing a blog post because I know I’ll feel better, even though it’s been a busy week. Making sure I meditate enough times a week, even though I’d rather sit in bed and watch Youtube. I’ve been using the Habit Tracker on my phone where I can tick off activities on certain days and it means I’m checking in on myself, noticing when I’ve slipped up on some habits, and making the effort to keep going.


I’ve only just started my Christmas shopping and buying little pieces here and there, but I’m really focusing on buying from smaller businesses this year, and only buying things I’m 100% sure will get used. The odd joke present here and there are okay, but in reality I’d rather spend a little more money supporting a small business and getting something that I can’t wait to give someone.

I feel like my views on sustainability have really changed these past few months and I’ve realised how much money I used to spend on things that were totally un-necessary. I went through my makeup collection the other day and was pretty appalled at how much stuff I had that I didn’t ever use. Now I only buy things I need and I like it better that way. Skincare is my favourite thing, and even though I might have a lot of it, it’s all products that I adore and know I’ll finish using. Dan also has a super massive clothes collection so I convinced him to go through it together and give some jumpers away to a local homeless shelter. I think 2020 is going to be a big year for me in terms of living with better, but less.

Wow, that was quite the ramble but hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading these little lifestyle changes I’ve been making recently, I have a few ideas up my sleeve of new things I want to start incorporating, but I’ll leave that for another time!

Have you made any new lifestyle changes recently?

I’m back this fine Wednesday with another mid-week check in. I find these really handy as they let me sit and think about how this week is really going so far, and any improvements/things I want to take notice of for the next few days.

What’s going well this week?

  • I’ve been doing lots of early mornings lately and I actually get so much more done in a day (I mean, thats obvious) but it does feel good.
  • I had a stressful time yesterday and I was really starting to feel overwhelmed and tired. I ended up having a nap and then I felt so much better after, and I was able to carry on what the stuff I wanted to do after.
  • We are headed to Richmond for the weekend and I’m looking forward to it so much!
  • The house is looking tidy and I feel organised.
  • I’ve got loads done at work so far this week too.
  • This weekend I went through my wardrobe and donated some clothes I don’t wear anymore to charity.

What improvements do I want to make for the rest of the week?

  • More down-time when I do nothing! And by doing nothing I mean, zilch. I always feel like I should be doing more of everything, and it’s just not necessary. Listening to that narrative is so exhausting at times.
  •  Try and shut my mind off more, especially at night when I’m falling asleep!
  • Focus on the positives and how far I’ve come.

    How’s your week going?

This is your midweek reminder to be easy with yourself. Nothing blooms all year long.
This is your midweek reminder to take the pressure off. You are doing your best.
This is your midweek reminder that you can smash your goals for the rest of the year.
This is your midweek reminder that self care isn’t all bubble baths and face masks, sometimes it’s doing the hard stuff that will feel good in the end.
This is your midweek reminder that sometimes a cup of tea can help. Some days all you need is an afternoon off on the sofa.
This is your midweek reminder of how far you’ve come this year. Appreciate and take note.
This is your midweek reminder that you can do anything you put your mind to.
How’s your week going?

I’ve been meaning to do another mid-week check in for a while, and since I’m up earlier today before my alarm, and I’m not at work today, I thought I’d open my laptop and chat to you all, while enjoying my morning cup of tea.

What’s going well so far?

  • I’ve been posting everyday this month on Instagram, which I secretly challenged myself to and I’m really happy with how it’s going so far!
  • I’ve nearly finished a really great book.
  • I went to my Monday night yoga class which was a nice switch-off.
  • I’ve slowly started to fall asleep earlier and faster, I’m obviously having a tired week I think!
  • My sister and nephew is down for a few days so I’ve been spending lots of time with them.
  • I’m fitting in short meditations whenever I can and they are really helping.

What improvements do I want to make for the rest of the week?

  • My hormones are really high this week and I’ve snapped a few times at people, which really disappoints me and is upsetting, but we are only human after all I suppose.
  • It’s felt like a really busy week and like I have a lot of stuff to do and for someone who is easily overwhelmed like me, can make me feel stressed. I want to try and rush a lot less, and slow down, even if there’s stuff going on.
  • Put less pressure on myself. This is almost something I do automatically, which obviously isn’t the best thing. For the rest of this week I want to remind myself that sometimes DONE is better than perfect.


How is your week going?


Something new here, I wanted to do a mid-week check in. I thought it would be quite handy for me to write and think about, plus you might be interested in reading it (hopefully?) and it might inspire you to check in with how you are feeling mid-week.

What’s going well so far?

  • I’ve made more time for creativity this week. I’ve enjoyed some time in the afternoons working on my cross-stitch and I even got my paints out today for the first time in ages, for some playtime. It felt so good to put my phone away for a while and do something different.
  • I’ve had the motivation to blog, which I’m really happy about. I’ve took the pressure off myself and thought about what I personally wanted to write, and followed on from there. I feel like I’m slowly getting my blog motivation back, yippee!
  • I’ve made some better choices for my snacks and meals lately, and I’m really trying to eat more sources of vegan protein because as a vegetarian who eats little dairy, it’s something I feel I’m missing. Plus, as a result of that I’ve got more energy, win win.

What improvements do you want to make for the rest of the week?

  • I’d like to fall to sleep earlier. It’s something I’m working on!
  • Take these chilled vibes I’m feeling into the rest of the working week and weekend. I have a few things planned I’m really looking forward to, we have a local gala in my town and then I’m going to the cinema too.
  • I want to bake! I have my eye on a cookie recipe and I have some dark chocolate chips that need using.



How’s your week going?