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Well what a strange time we’re having in the world at the moment? I haven’t been blogging this week, purely for the fact like I’ve felt like I’ve had nothing valuable to say. I’m just muddling along with this like you are. But I know reading how others feel, makes me feel better, like I’m not alone, so I wanted to come on today and do a little mid-week check in, and how I’m currently feeling. Of course this goes to say, I’m following all the government guidelines to stay safe and help the rest of the world stay that way too. Please do the same, as I’m sure you lovely lot already are!

What’s working this week:

  • Making the most of those once a day walks. The weather we’ve had recently has been amazing, gorgeous blue skies with sunshine, and I know for sure it’s been really helping me feel better. Yesterday I went out for a run, and I’ve been walking Harvey on the other days. Thankfully we live in a quiet town so we haven’t seen many people, and when we do we of course keep our distance.
  • Having small rituals to rely on. Such as sitting outside for a cup of tea, doing a face mask and evening pamper, making sure I’m having a few hours completely off my phone. Those little things that keep me feeling uplifted are even more important now.
  • Staying positive. I feel really lucky that I can still spend time with my mum, stepdad and Dan, and that we have Harvey too. Gratitude lists are really key at this moment in time, I feel so fortunate that none of us currently have any symptoms.
  • Staying connected. I’ve definitely been relying on social media this week, and it definitely does help. Staying connected to my family on Facetime is also a great pick-me-up and something I’ve been doing a lot of. (Although don’t go on Twitter, it’s far too much for me on there!)
  • Keeping busy. Luckily I can still go into work because there’s only my mum and stepdad in the office (who I’m with at home) on some days of the week, which I feel fortunate about. I don’t really have any ‘work’ that I can do at home, so when I am home, I’ve been keeping myself very busy around the house doing bits and bobs.

What to improve for next week:

  • Less news. Ideally, I’d only like to watch the daily updates from our prime minister, but of course some days go astray and you end up on all sorts of websites in a spiral of doom. Definitely want to do less of this, next week.
  • Worry less. This probably won’t happen, but I’m adding it on here anyway. In such a strange time, it’s bound to make us worry, but I know that it affects my sleep, so I’d like to try and switch it off a little bit, especially before bed.
  • Lists. I’ve started doing to-do lists for each day (which is something I’ve always done to be honest) but I want to stick to them a bit more next week and also, try and find new things to add so it doesn’t get boring and I don’t get demotivated.


How are you feeling this week?

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I know that it’s currently a bit of a weird time for us all. A lot of people are working from home, and most of us in general will be spending more time at home than usual too. With that in mind, I really wanted to share some ideas of what we can all do to stay positive during this season. I think staying positive is so so important, even in the midst of chaos. It makes such a difference, I promise!

Focus on the little daily joys
Your morning cup of tea. Snuggles with your pet. A hot bath. The blue skies outside. Eating an Easter egg (yep, that’s one I did last night). Counting these small joys and even better, writing a list of them every day will help your mindset feel lighter, and you’ll realise how much you still have to be grateful for.

Create an escape
Whether that’s starting a new exercise program, finding a funny podcast, going on a long walk or escaping into a good book, find an escape. Sometimes we all need to put our phones away and log offline (now more than ever, I think) and have a distraction. Don’t feel guilty about it, a few hours looking after your mental health and not reading the news, will keep you feeling more positive.

Work on projects you usually don’t have time for
With more time at home, that means we have more time to priortise the things that we’ve let go of recently. For me, I want to work on my cross stitch project, and also do some more mindful colouring. I picked up a copy of one of my favourite magazines the other day too so I’m looking forward to digging into that with a cup of tea.

Connect with others
Whether that’s facetiming your siblings, uploading onto Instagram or writing more blog posts than you usually do, using this time to connect with other people who will be feeling the same as you is a great way to distract yourself, and also not feel alone either. I’ve really been enjoying using Instagram as an escape, and checking in with other people there who provide light hearted relief.

Take it a day at a time
Schedule your current day, and try not to think too far in advance. Having a plan for the day will be so important in making you feel organised and that somethings are still somewhat normal, but try not to look too far ahead because that’s when it might feel overwhelming. Taking it one day at a time can be harder than it sounds, but when you do it it really does minimise panic and worry that is so prevelant in these current times.

Will you be doing any of these things this week?

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I don’t know about you, but I know for sure that I always put my ‘best self’ online. Well, most of the time anyway. I do like to always share the behind the scenes and the reality over on my Instagram stories, and on this blog too, but more often than not I try to show up being my usual, positive, happy self. That’s just how I like to live my life on the whole.

But sometimes, it’s in sharing those more real moments that make you connect more to other people. You realise you’re not as alone as you thought you was, people do have and experience the same things you do, and that there is always support out there if you need it.

The idea of this post came to me while I was walking, and once it did I knew I couldn’t let it go. 3 mistakes I’ve made in 2020 so far.

Not listening to my gut instinct

This is really something that I try to work on all the time, letting my gut instincts guide me. But in certain instances, I’ve tried to ignore it and it didn’t do me any good. I really do think your body knows best, and it will always try to lead you on the right path. It’s probably just a normal part of life and the ups and downs we go through that sometimes, plans don’t work out exactly like you envisaged. But guess what, that’s okay. You can always try again tomorrow, I promise.

Spending too much time on my phone

We all do it don’t we? I’m trying to really put a cap on it this month and it’s going well. Some days I end up at the end of the day feeling so headachey, and just kind of urgh. That’s how I know I’ve spent too long on my phone. Sometimes I reach for it almost like a habit, for no reason whatsoever. Instead I want to read more magazines, be more productive with my time, and enjoy the company of who I’m with. I know that I’m a happier person and can create better things when I have a balanced life.

Not being mindful

I’ve rushed around the house, I’ve made clumsy mistakes, I’ve spoken out of tune and probably hurt a few feelings. Yep, I’m not perfect in any shape or form. But none of us are really. I’ve been really trying to listen more and talk less recently, which I can tell you is a lot harder than it sounds. Not making a quick judgement and try to see situations from a neutral stance. All of these things are not easy and most definitely don’t come natural to me, but I’m trying and that’s the most important thing.

What mistake have you made so far this year?

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Dear Diary, it’s time to slow down.

I always think you never quite realise how much you’re doing until you’re forced to stop.

Especially with this generation, busy is so glorified, and if you’re not crawling into bed at 1am after a 16 hour day, you quite simply are not doing enough. I find it so problematic, and even though I completely disagree with the whole thing, it even makes me feel like I’m never doing enough.

I work, blog, post creative images online, run, do yoga, meditate, organise, have our own home to clean, tidy and provide with food. I’m a daughter, sister, auntie, wife, grand-daughter, colleague. There are so many things we do without even realising, and I know that I for one always add pressure onto myself that I need to see x, organise y and complete x.

After a busy week (busy for me, might I add) my body sent me a sign to slow down.

And I’m listening to it. (Full disclosure: I’ve got the day off work today for rest, and I tried to be ‘productive’ this morning and clean the house, until my body AGAIN reminded me, hey you’re supposed to be resting? Let me pump up your heart rate and make you lie down to remind you).

This week I’m going to prioritise being less busy. I’m not even going to use the word ‘try’ because I’m really adamant about it. I AM GOING TO.

Here’s to a week of meaningful activity, listening to my body and my intuition, and learning that I am enough and I do enough, exactly as I am.

I’ve made a few different lifestyle changes recently, and I realised that I haven’t really mentioned them on the blog. So that’s exactly what this post will be, an informal chat about things I’ve been doing recently to improve my life.


I’ve been working on a better sleep routine and it’s making a massive difference to my mental health. I’ve been putting my phone away for at least an hour before bed to stop the scrolling and read instead, and I’m loving the downtime and mental space it gives me. I’m definitely somewhat addicted to my phone (like I’m sure most of us are) so having those scheduled hours away from it are really needed. I’ve also been having a smoothie most afternoons as one of my snacks, and the added fruit intake has made SUCH a difference to my energy, I can’t recommend it enough!


There are certain types of activities that I class as self-care, even though sometimes I don’t want to do them. Writing a blog post because I know I’ll feel better, even though it’s been a busy week. Making sure I meditate enough times a week, even though I’d rather sit in bed and watch Youtube. I’ve been using the Habit Tracker on my phone where I can tick off activities on certain days and it means I’m checking in on myself, noticing when I’ve slipped up on some habits, and making the effort to keep going.


I’ve only just started my Christmas shopping and buying little pieces here and there, but I’m really focusing on buying from smaller businesses this year, and only buying things I’m 100% sure will get used. The odd joke present here and there are okay, but in reality I’d rather spend a little more money supporting a small business and getting something that I can’t wait to give someone.

I feel like my views on sustainability have really changed these past few months and I’ve realised how much money I used to spend on things that were totally un-necessary. I went through my makeup collection the other day and was pretty appalled at how much stuff I had that I didn’t ever use. Now I only buy things I need and I like it better that way. Skincare is my favourite thing, and even though I might have a lot of it, it’s all products that I adore and know I’ll finish using. Dan also has a super massive clothes collection so I convinced him to go through it together and give some jumpers away to a local homeless shelter. I think 2020 is going to be a big year for me in terms of living with better, but less.

Wow, that was quite the ramble but hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading these little lifestyle changes I’ve been making recently, I have a few ideas up my sleeve of new things I want to start incorporating, but I’ll leave that for another time!

Have you made any new lifestyle changes recently?