Investing in myself isn’t a concept I’d even thought of before until last year. I thought you could only invest in, say a business in monetary terms, or invest in a relationship by making long term plans together. When I realised that you could invest in yourself, by giving yourself time, space, and kindness, it was something I really wanted to have a go at.

Something I still struggle with at times is the notion that investing in ourselves is selfish, but it truly isn’t. We can only take the best care of others, when we’ve cared for ourselves, and it’s something that can really enhance our lives and well-being.



Self-care is something we can all let slip, especially in the busy periods when we actually need it the most. It’s totally different for everyone. For me, self-care is making time for yoga and meditation, hot baths with my favourite playlist, and making sure I’m eating good food and sleeping well. When those things happen, I feel balanced and ready to be my best self to the world.


Every few months I like to treat myself to a full body massage, and I’ve recently had crystal therapy which I loved, and will be adding into my routine too. A full body massage looks after my physical body and makes sure it gets the love and attention it needs, and crystal therapy helps my mental well-being stay on top and connected. Sure, some people might think this is a bit extreme, but we’ve only got one life, and I want to live mine with all the positive energy I could possibly have.


Whether that’s learning a new skill, or setting new boundaries, give yourself time to learn and process. Nothing needs to be done in one day, and having patience with yourself along the way is crucial. You’re doing the best you can. Even if today you slipped up, there’s always tomorrow.


That could be an Instagram course (I loved doing my first one last spring and it’s definitely something I’d do again), looking into night courses at your local college, or even buying yourself that new camera that you’ve been looking at for the last six months. The time is now! This little action could end up creating your future.


A hard one to end on, right? But I’m going there! Now I don’t mean this in an arrogant, screw you to everyone kind of way, but more in sitting down and accessing your own needs, working out what things your happy with at the moment, and what you’d like to leave behind. I think it’s something so valuable and necessary for us all to do to end up being truly happy. It’s all in your hands, remember. You’re the only person who can look after you the best.


How do you invest in yourself? Is it something you’ve never thought about before?


In my opinion, everybody should have their own well-being toolkit. Each tool can provide a different thing in supporting you. They are things that you can reach for when you feel out of balance, or even just a little down in the dumps. I reach for mine when I feel like I’m flagging or need a bit of restoration, kind of like a manual restart that you’d do to your computer.

What’s in my toolkit?

Yoga and meditation practice. This is something I’ve been working on for years, with its ups and downs. It definitely isn’t something you can get straight away, but with patience and regular practice it can become such a great, calm force in your life. Even just a 10 minute meditation can make me instantly feel more grounded. Yoga makes me feel more connected to myself than I ever have, and with that it encourages me to be a little kinder to myself too.

Nature. Going outside and getting fresh air has always been something that’s worked wonders for me. I remember as a teenager going through a bad break-up and the only thing I looked forward to was my daily walks with my family. Nature reminds me of something greater than ourselves, and that we all are on the same journey in the end anyway.

A support system. I feel very lucky to have a great support system, and people who can help guide me, and give me advice when I need it. Plus a great puppy who is always up for cuddles and kisses!

Journalling. Writing down things I’m grateful for every evening has become part of my daily routine, and it honestly does make such a difference. Especially when I make an effort to look for the super simple stuff, like a phonecall to my dad or making myself a cup of tea.

Creative play: Life without this wouldn’t be the same for me. I need time to draw, colour, paint, photograph to be happy.


How to work out what you should put in yours:

  • Things that make you feel happy.
  • What calms you down and makes you feel chilled?
  • What’s your favourite thing to do in your spare time?
  • Are these things that involve other people, or can you do them alone?



Whats in your well-being toolkit?


In my life, I’ve told myself countless stories. I’m a born worrier. I’ll never get a boyfriend. I’ll always be a size _

And even worse that assigning myself to that negative outlook, I’ve held on to it for dear life. Like a sense of belonging, something I can claim for definite to be true for me.

I’ve replayed it over in my head, that that would just be how my life turned out. No ifs or buts, and certainly not something that I could do about it. I didn’t have any power.

But then, I woke up. Granted, it’s took me 25 years, so this definitely didn’t happen overnight.

I realised that I can be exactly who I want. And the best part is that that could change everyday if I wanted it to, too.

I can travel. I can meet new people. I can be ever-evolving.

I can live. In every sense of the word. 

And yes, maybe there are some traits we are born with. But we can break free from them, with enough willpower. We don’t have to be the person who has a story.

We can be our wonderful, magical, happy, sometimes lonely, confused, sad selves.

Every day is a new opportunity to show our best, most authentic us to the world. So let’s do it, and see what life says back. YOU are in control, promise.


I think we’ve all been there, we take day off work for some self-care, yet we end up feeling just a little bit, well, bored really. I guess it’s human, and it isn’t until we just STOP, that we end up a bit dumb-struck and needing to feel stimulated.

Todays post is about how I relax, without being super bored…



We become bored when we aren’t present. That may not be an actual fact, but I think it’s true. When we are mindful of our environment, our senses and especially our thoughts, there’s no time to let the mind wander off into boredom.

Try focusing on what you can see, hear and feel. Appreciate the moment you are in for what it is. Not what it could be.



You guys know I love a calming activity, so of course this was going to be mentioned!

Whether that’s painting, embroidery, doing some yoga or just getting outside, when you do things that feel very calming, you instantly become more relaxed.

Relaxing doesn’t just mean you have to sit on the sofa all day, although sometimes that sounds great too!


I know that planning to relax seems a bit extreme, but if you are sometime who likes routine, I would recommend it as it always works for me.

I like to know when I can fit in a relaxing yoga session, and when I need to be doing other stuff that keeps the wheels of everyday life going. Plus, for some reason it also makes me feel less guilty, as I’m not spending the whole weekend doing what I want and I am doing worthwhile ‘adult’ things- this is probably another post in itself!


If all else fails, just be productive! Instead of stressing out about why you can’t shut off, give yourself a few hours to get the job done and then you can file it away again.

Some days you just want to feel more productive than others, and that’s nothing to shy away from.

Work when it feels right. Relax when you want to.

How do you relax without getting bored?

I think sometimes we all get the idea that self-care is a lot of bubble baths and meditating, which of course in some ways it can be, but to me, self-care is also doing the things you need to do, not the ones you necessarily want to.

I loved this post by Emma on self-discipline which I think definitely comes into play here. Even something as simple as giving myself a manicure even though I feel super lazy and want nothing more than to sit on the sofa eating biscuits, can be an act of self-care that I don’t really feel like doing at that moment, but I do it because I know it will help me feel better. And it ALWAYS DOES.

Learning to sit with my thoughts and not act immediately on them, is self-care that isn’t easy.

Going to the gym when I feel bloated and sluggish, but I know I need it, is self-care that isn’t easy.

Having a tough conversation with someone that you’ve been putting off, is self-care that isn’t easy.

Resisting 3 kitkats because you feel crappy, but you know it won’t end well, is self-care that isn’t easy.

Basically this whole post is just to say that not everything we do to better ourselves and our life, is easy. But it is so so worth it.

And remember, we’re all in it together anyway. You are not alone <3